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Donatello as he appears in Soul Calibur II

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Donatello in Soul Calibur IV

Donatello is a central character in the Soul series what lies in his soul is Power.He was born in Venice,Italy into the noble Veragost family taught by his father Roberte to never be weak and always be more powerful than your enemy.He was very neglected by his father but very loved and cared for by his mother Isabeta his mother died when he was very young and he was left with his cold and distant father.The only thing he took joy in were his Rapier training.His father eventually enrolled him into school where he met Maria and the two fell deeply in love.His father did not allow him to be distracted by a woman when power and riches were the only thing that mattered in the world.But still he went against his father's wishes and continued to see her.Donatello planned to run away with her and start a new life but his plan was unveiled by his father who berated him and forced him to enlist in the Italian army.Donatello was crushed and was forced to fight in the war against Wolfkrone.When he got back from war he found his beloved Maria dead and the only person he could turn to was the person he hated the most in the world.But while under his father's guidance he uncovered that his father was behind Maria's death it

Donatello in Soul Calibur III

shattered him.So he challenged his father to a duel he managed to hold his own his father taunted him during the fight blaming him for his mother's death and mocking that Donatello was just like him in every way he just didn't know it yet and that he could have never been happy with Maria as long as he was still breathing then Donatello slashed him across the chest and then stabbed him and told him he was right and while twisting the blade into his father's gut he told him that the Veragost estate was his now.He then putting on his father's necklace walked away and laughed

Soul Calibur II

10 years after taking over the Veragost estate Donatello moved all his efforts into maximizing his riches and power part of this would be to take over the crippled and broken Valentine estate.Which was relatively easy through his persuasion skills.After doing this he turned his attention to killing the last known Valentine family member Ivy he hunted her down and challenged her to a duel she accepted.Ivy was surprised that Donatello was more than capable of holding his own against her he even had the adavantage due to his speed and swift swordplay Ivy soon switched tactics switching from her sword to whip style she was surprised that he was still in control he eventually defeated her he mocked her saying that her family was crushed and now he had destroyed the last remnant of her rotting family.He soon felt a sharp racking pain move through his body and he slumped too the ground Ivy said she had tainted her blade with a special venom Donatello looked and smiled his eyes a gleaming red.

Soul Calibur III

Donatello quickly took advantage of the newfound power he had gained from Ivy's blade. He soon survived an assassination attempt which should have killed him he soon learned "This is going to be fun."Donatello soon heard the fuss over these Soul Weapons and quickly gained a keen feel for the presence of the Soul Edge. His attention though soon turned to the woman who had poisoned him Ivy,he had his servants track her down but they kept coming back unable to find her so Donatello went to find her on his own. He came upon a Wolfkrone reconaissance party who he soon quickly dispatched. He soon came upon Ivy in a duel with her father Cervantes he sat on a hill and watched until he himself was attacked by a new foe a man who called himself Alexander head of Wolfkrone's guard."Like this is supposed to mean something to the Lord Of The Knight" Donatello said maniaclly and the two dueled it was an even fight surprisingly until Donatello got the edge and drove his blade through the man's stomach killing him instantly he then sent his body as a message to Wolfkrone. And walked off into the sunset.

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