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Desmond Knight
Desmond knight
Desmond knight
Birthdate April 3, 1575
Birthplace Great Britain, Holy British Empire
Age 16,(Soulcalibur IIl-SoulcaliburlV)23 stopped aging since(Soulcalibur V)33 chronologically
Height  (Soulcalibur lll-Soulcalibur V)
Weight unknown
Blood Type O
Weapon Zweihander
Weapon name Glam (soulcalibur lll ) Soulcalibur ( soulcalibur lV ) Soulcalibur hidden (soulcalibur V )
Fighting style self taught

Father: Dumas ( the new Nightmare )

Mother: Marianne

Brothers: Dameon, Kaeyser, Kallen

First game Soulcalibur lll
English voice actor
Japanese voice actor

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