"whoa! I won!, oh wait, youre okey?"
— Tahimik

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Tahimik is a character of the soul series making his debut appearence in soul calibur V. He is the littlebrother of Talim.

in soul calibur V Tahimik is referred to as he who is guided by faith.


Early Life:

Despite the age gap between Tahimik and his sister Talim they still had a great childhood together. Talim often told Tahimik about the wind and how it guided her in the past asl well as all about her journeys around the world. Tahimik often wondered why he couldn't understand the wind as his sister and he often listened to the sweeping wind but without hearing anything more than the sound rustling leaves. It remained his deepest wish to hear the wind like his elder sister.

Soul Calibur V:

When Tahimik turned 16 Talim got sick. And nothing the villagers of
the Wind Diety Village did could cure her. Talim told Tahimik about an
evil arua in the wind like the one she had felt when she was young and that it probably was what caused her sickness.
Tahimik tried to wait for the sickness to pass but soon he couldn't
stand seeing his sister in pain anymore.  Talims weakness also made her
unable to read the wind properly, which made other willagers worried.

So Tahimik told his sister and the people of his village he was going to find the source of the evil
aura and destroy it. The last thing Talim said to him was "may the
wind follow you on your path" And with faith to those words he started
his journey to the west to find the source of evil.

On his journey he met a young lady named Leixia who soon    
introduce him to her friends. Leixia asked Maxi if Tahimik could stay and so Tahimik now travels alongside the four from the east.

After Soul Calibur V

After that Pyrrha and Patroklos had destroyed the evil sword Tahimik could sense the purity in the wind. He realised then that it was time for him to return home. But he didnt want to leave. He had grown such a great liking of Leixia he did not want to leave her. But he wanted to go back home to check on his sister and spend time with his family, he knew that Leixia was in good hands so he did not have to worry for her. After a few days he had made up his mind.

One afternoon he took farwell of Leixia but he made her a promis. That in two years time, on the very day he left, she could expect him on her doorstep. And with that promis never leaving his mind nor his heart Tahimik headed back home.

Physical appearence

generally Tahimiks design recalls to both Talim's and Yun-Seoung's. He got brown eyes, black hair and tan skin. in compairing to most other Soul Calibur male character Tahimik doesn't have very muscular built body.


Tahimik is very alike his sister. He is friendly and kind and shows a lot of respect twoards the people he meet. Though he's more joyful. He also shows a cheerfulness that he tries to hide. Otherwise he is very peacefull and gentle.
Another difference between Tahimik and Talim is that Talim seem to worry a lot more than Tahimik does. This might be as a result of her having the ability to read the wind


Tahimiks fightingstyle is a more powerful version of Talims.

Critical Edge

thousand blowing hits.
Tahimik spins around his opponent at the same time he hits him/her several times. He finishes by twisting around and hits the opponent from the side, while blue lines of energy comes from right side, and nocks down the opponent. He ends his critical edge by saying  "I'm sorry that I caused you all this pain"


  • Silent Hills (SCV) [[1]]


  •  whoa! I won!, no wait, youre okey? --- spoken when winning with an ring out.
  •  Hit that!
  •  sorry
  •  Im not the only one to blame on this.
  •  litsen, Im not here to fight as long as you don't insist
  •  wind! can you hear me?
  •  Im here to help, please don't stand in my way
  •  Talim, hold on!
  •  If it helped you, it should help me, Wind guid me!
  •  I'm sorry that I caused you all this pain --- spoken in critical edge
  •  are you still suffering
  •  Maxi, you better watch your students instad of fighting me. --- spoken when engaging battle agains Maxi.
  •  I got no other choice.
  •  I... lost....
  •  no
  •  I don't think pain will solve this.
  •  Rest in peace
  •  Is this the evil energy that causes you all this pain? --- spoken when engaging battle against Nighmare.
  •  youre good.
  •  you fought well. --- spoken after winning against Leixia, Natsu, Xiba or Maxi.
  •  aw, Leixia, I can't fight you, your to pretty! (soken when engaging battle against Leixia)
  •  you tell me not to steal your food and now you want mine? (spoken when engaging battle against Xiba)
  •  hmm, Im not sure I can win this, but I'll give it a try.
  •  Im not sure on this.
  •  You did your best, I respect that.*
  • Karma, is that really so hard?
  •  Sige Ramon handa na akong lumaban (Yes I'm ready to fight you Ramon) (spoken when engaging battle against Ramon)
  •  Its for Talim, so please don't you stay mad at me. (spoken after deafting Ramon)
  •  Its such a peaceful day, do we really have to destroy it?
  •  The wind stands on my side.
  •  a battle can't be won by hatred. (spoken in winning screeen)
  • This is ridiculous, you should not be fighting if you don't really need to.
  • The wind is by my side, that is why you can not win.
  • I dont need to worry, I already know I´ll win this.
  • Do we need to fight? cant we take a walk instead? (spoken when taunting Leixia)
  • the food is mine! you aint getting anything! (spoken when taunting Xiba)


  • Even though traveling with Leixia, Xiba, Natsu and Maxi Tahimik takes a grown up distance from the group. For example he makes his own food and doesnt want Maxi to act as a mentor for him.
  • The name of Tahimik's weapon "tapat talim" means "faithful blade" and refers to the blessing Talim gaved him before he lefted her.
  • Tahimiks tonfa blades are generally bigger than Talims.


Tahimik means silent or peaceful in Philippine.



Soul Calibur V

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