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"Sorry, cannot allow you to pass."
— Liv (SCV)

Liv (pronounced: Leev) is a fictionally playable guest character in Soul Calibur V originally from Unbreakable Blade series

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material she is referred to as --yet-not-decided--


Liv has short black curly hair, light green eyes, big golden ear rings and a purple rose in her hair.





Critical Edge



  • Sorry, cannot allow you to pass.
  • youre... that demon. (spoken when entering battle againts Pyrrha Omega)



The name Liv is a common scandinavian name, the name originally means protector but is often used today with the more common meaning of "life" that is the translation of the word liv in modern swedish and danish. Though in the universe where Liv comes from the name has a diffrent meanig.


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