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Dafne is the daughter of Gwendolyn and the former assassin Hugo. This far not much is known about her.



Dafne's father was born in the wolfkrone Kingdom under the name of Edvin Varg but he has no record of his real family and first name due to him being kidnapped at a very young age and brought to the organization Bird of Passage where he was trained as an assassin and later put in the organisations first unit collecting information. His code name within the organisation became Schwarze Kräh (black crow) and it wasn't until the organisation fell appart and he managed to escape that he adopted the name Hugo after the first man he had ever killed.

Hugo started to grow a huge disgust and desire of revenge over the organisation and decided to silence it for all time. He started a search of all surviving members of the organisation in order to kill them. This sooner or later brought him to Eiserne Drossel. In his search of this well known assassin he met a female knight in the forests of Ostreinburgh. She held information about the woman Hugo was searching and the two of them made an agreement. Hugo searched for Tira in order to prevent her from finding a host for Soul Edge. and Gwendolyn gave Hugo all information about Tira that she knew, including her weakness, her mission, her new name Tira, etc.

Hugo tracked Tira down and trailed her every move. Every time Tira found a potential host for the power of soul edge Hugo killed that human before she had the chance to manipulate it. But when Tira found her way to Sophitia Hugo didnt have the heart to kill her. Tira had noticed she had been followed and made the conclution it must be one of her fellow assassins from the bird of passage she sent her watchers to find him. eventually the two assassins met each other in person. Tira knew she was facing an assassin of her own caliber. What happened thereafter is yet unkown but since that day Hugo was missing.


Dafne was born in 1603 and in the events of Soul Calibur V she is 5 years old.

In Soul Calibur V Story mode Dafne encounters Pyrrha traveling with her brother Patroklos. Pyrrha gently asks Dafne why she is all alone and Dafne says she isn't and then runs away futher into the forest. Soon her mother appears and a battle takes place.


Dafne has red thick and slightly curly hair that reaches her and her eyes are magenta coloured.


Dafne will grow up to be an exellent user of the Flail. Her weapon (named thistle) works in a similar way to Ivy's where it first has the form of a morningstar mace while it can be used as a flail with red chains that appears when used in sertain moves.


  • Dafne loves skating
  • Dafne is named after her grandmother but their names are spelled diffrently. Her grandmothers name was spelled: Daphne.


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