"Come Abelia... let us finish this!"
— Marko before the final battle

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Marko is a characters made by DeathNyx for the Fan Universe: Sword of Liberty

Marko (Hillenia, 3073 AOTD – Lost Cathedral, 3098 AOTD) was one of the main antagonists of the first episode and the powerful rival of Abelia. He confronted her many times: first, during the invasion of Hillenia in 3095 AOTD and then during Abelia's exile then in the final battle at the Lost Cathedral .

Character's History

Pre Episode I

Marko's story begins in 3073 AOTD. Born from a wealthy family in a small town of the Kingdom he was grown with a rigid education by his father a general of Hillenia Army who also served as High Commander for few years. During the early life Marko was always in conflict and rivalry with his oldest brother Simon who always seen a true potential in him and this reason was an obstacle for his ascent to become a member of the Holy Brotherhood. Marko was also a solitary person and he had not many friends, his only real friends were within the Brotherhood and most of them were middle-aged warriors like Demetrius that was also his mentor. The friendship between a girl of the same village, Giulia, was very strong but the time passed quickly and at age of 12 Marko was chosen to become a member of the Brotherhood also thank to Demetrius who asked for his promotion. With the disagreement of his mother but with the approve of his father, Marko leaves his town to reach the Brotherhood headquarters thinking if he would see his family again and especially Giulia, that at that time was a legendary member of the Brotherhood. Marko was unaware that Giulia was a member of the Brotherhood, maybe even more strong and he will never know this; in the future their love will be compromised by the Codex of the Brotherhood that doesn't allow relationships with other people for its members and much less between members of the same order but this wasn't a problem for Marko because the Brotherhood comes before everything.

Episode I

Marko will remain in his homeland fighting for the Brotherhood until 3093 AOTD where he received the order to reach Asylia together with Loden in preparation for the next Arxax invasion. (in update...)


One of the most strongest member of the Brotherhood is also the most arrogant and hateful, Marko is a very patriotic person and he thinks that Hillenia should conquer everything. Marko shows a gentle and respectful personality only with few people: all the members of the Brotherhood especially those who know him better than others like Giulia and his Partner of War Johanna, his best friend and mentor Loden and his parents but less with his oldest brother Simon who considers him like a rival; his brother Simon, always wanted to join the Brotherhood but destiny chosen Marko and this is probably the major reason of their rivalry. The only exception of Marko personality is showed during the final battle with Abelia where, before dying, he will confess his true respect for her and his sorry for all her losses by his hands.

Fighting Style

Marko was always known for his innate skills in war strategies, he is a good swordsman and a powerful magic knight with a combination of magic sword attacks based on wind and light elementals plus magic barriers. In battle Marko uses an elegant style: after dodged enemy attacks with mastery uses his sword with impressive smartness to inflict a single, mortal blow. Only few people have resisted for more than one of his attacks, Abelia, Laurentius and Peter are probably one of these. Marko's weapon is a sharp and thin sword excellent for quick attacks and designed for sever limbs.

Spells and Final Strike


  • Light Wave
  • Light Elemental Sword
  • Whirlwind Cut
  • Cyclon
  • Concentration (increase of speed and physical damage)
  • Magic Barrier (defense against magics)
  • Halo of the Saints (Marko's unique ability. The body is surrounded by a halo of light that protects from every attack)

Final Strike

  • Heavens Divide


Stage and Bgm

Stage 1: Ostrheinsburg Chapel

Stage 2: Lost Cathedral

Bgm 1: Raise Thy Sword

Bgm 2: If There Were Any Other Way

See also

  • Abelia (Sword of Liberty)
  • Loden
  • Johanna
  • Laurentius
  • Demetrius
  • Giulia


  • The name "Marko" is the Finnish/Russian or East European version of the Italian name "Marco".


  • Marko is the very first character created by DeathNyx and was originally made for the Chronicles of the Sword.
  • Marko's sword, Elexorien, is in reality a two-handed sword from Kit Rae and also a name of a Metal band.
  • Marko's unique ability "Halo of the Saints" grants him near immortality and is very similar to the halo that surrounds Margareth, the difference is that Marko's one must be used every time and is not permanent.


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