"The Gods feared the power of the newborn and was then that They decided to throw the child on Earth"
— from the Book of Legends

Margareth is a characters made by DeathNyx for the Fan Universe: Sword of Liberty

Margareth (Sanctum, 1270 AOTD – Asylian fields, 3105 AOTW) was the strongest member of the Holy Brotherhood and one of the main antagonist of the second episode. She's also called Margareth The Demigoddess due to her half divine nature.

Character's History

Pre Episode I

The story of Margareth is surrounded by mystery and it begins in 1270 Age of the Dragon. During a furious battle between Hillenia and an army of barbarians an unknown member of the Brotherhood noticed a child surrounded by a sparkling light in the middle of the battlefield that child was her, the Brotherhood knight named her: Margareth, like his dead daughter. Before dying for the many wounds, the Brotherhood knight entrusted Margareth to a friend telling him to warn the Nine Elders of this child and so Margareth was brought to the Brotherhood headquarters. During the early life, Margareth surprises everyone for her ability the Nine Elders themself were stunned, Margareth's destiny was decided: she becomes legendary member of the Brotherhood at age of 10. The most important battle for Margareth was in 1337 AOTD; an impressive army of barbarians invaded the country of Hillenia and even the king, Lucis I, was warried, so, the Nine Elders decided to send Margareth together with their personal army. For the barbarians that day was the most terrible, Margareth stabs her sword on the ground and an impressive wave of light killed almost all the enemy army; the battle was already finished. With the enemy army destroyed the Nine Elders have realized that Margareth was really a danger and a powerful ally, a gift from the Gods to the Brotherhood; for this reason Margareth was sent to the far East where the barbarian presence was still strong. She will remain in this far continent of the east for many many years fighting in many wars and she will return only at the end of Episode II.

Episode II

After the defeat of Gregor and Lucia the Brotherhood was seriusly threatened by Asylia resistance, awarned that Margareth was a dangerous person, the Nine Elders decided to play their last card against Asylia anyway. The most devastating battle between Asylia and Hillenia in 3105 AOTW was also Margareth's end; she will fight against Chris in possess of the Soul Calibur in a 1vs1 battle dominating the battle for all the time. Near to death and knowing that Margareth can't be defeated, Chris uses her pure soul to fill the sword and surprisingly another soul joined the Soul Calibur, was the soul of a dead friend: Laurentius' soul. With an upgraded Soul Calibur, Chris was able to damage Margareth killing her and putting an end to her sad life.


Due to her divine nature Margareth possess a strong pride. No one actually seen her walking around the city or something like that but only on the battlefield and those who seen her on the battlefield are all dead, she possess various names that soldiers from every army use to identify her like Margareth The Demigoddess or Goddess of War. In battle she doesn't show mercy and she's always ready to kill even children and women making the war as the only purpose of life. Plus her evil personality she's also immortal, this make her the most feared person to encounter on a battlefield.

Fighting Style

Margareth uses her personal sword and shield that were left near the place where she was found. The true nature and materials of these weapons are unknown even to the Nine Elders and the best smits from Hillenia. Margareth fights with an aggressive style that is aimed to crash the enemy and she also possess a great knowledge of light magics.

Spells and Final Strike


Final Strike:


Margareth is mute and doesn't possess particular quotes besides screams of war.

Stage and Bgm

Stage: Last Rites on the Battlefield

Bgm: Sacred Dawn

See also

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  • The name "Margareth" means daisy and it's used for pure and gentle women. This is a clearly contrast to Margareth's nature. Probably the old member of the Brotherhood thinking to her dead daughter decided to use this name.


  • Margareth is a female version of Achilles from Greek myth although it seems she has no weak points.


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