"Prepare yourself!"
— Loden

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Loden is a characters made by DeathNyx for the Fan Universe: Sword of Liberty

Loden (3046 AOTD – Asylian fields, 3098 AOTD) was one of the three High Commanders of Hillenia. During the Hillenian-Asylian war he lead his army against Asylia playing an important role through all the first episode. Loden was a friend of many characters of this Fan Universe such as Marko, Victor, Gregor and Lucia.

Character's History

Pre Episode I

Episode I


Fighting Style

Loden is a powerful man who fights with a two-handed sword and fire elemental attacks combined with his sword. His great ability on the battlefield grants him a strong reputation between his soldiers and between enemies too.

Spells and Final Strike


  • Fire Strike
  • Fire Elemental Sword
  • Grand Strike
  • Firestorm
  • Pure Force (Loden's unique ability. Highly increase of strength and physical defense)

Final Strike

  • Inferno


Stage and Bgm

Stage 1: Romanian Valley: Castel Siege

Stage 2: Ancient Citadel: Under Siege

Bgm 1: Endless Warfare

Bgm 2: Till Fate Writes My Epitaph, Raise Thy Sword

See also

  • Marko
  • Gregor
  • Lucia
  • Giulia
  • Victor
  • Decimus
  • Lucretia


  • The name "Loden" came from a water-resistant material made from sheep's wool.


  • Loden was the second character created by DeathNyx in Soulcalibur III after Marko but was used with a different name. In origin, Loden was Marko's right-hand and was built to resemble a powerful man wielding a Two-Handed Sword.
  • Loden is the name used by DeathNyx for the main pawn in Dragon's Dogma.


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