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Dea is a characters made by DeathNyx for the Fan Universe: Sword of Liberty

According to the Fan Universe Sword of Liberty, it's the main deity who created the universe and the creator of the Soul Calibur and Soul Edge.

Deity Info

Other names: The Creator, The Goddess

Worship: Holy Kingdom of Hillenia, Kingdom of Asylia

Role: Creator of the Universe, Goddess of Light and Darkness

Character's History

During the events of Sword of Liberty she will always watch the events of the history but without intervene and leaves everything in the hands of the Two Swords. She will appear at the end of Episode III where she will seal the power of the Two Swords in order to prevent another chaos.


It's hard to define her personality. She's a deity who preserve the natural order of the universe and she has no a particular alignment but she doesn't show mercy to anyone who tries to defy her will.

Fighting Style

No one has ever seen her fighting style and no one actually want to see it. According to the legend she has a legendary sword made with divine materials and powerful magics.


Stage and Bgm

Stage 1: Utopia of the Blessed

Stage 2: Astral Chaos

Bgm: Sacred Dawn

See also


  • Dea is the Latin word for "Goddess".


  • The true aspect of this deity is unknown but it always shows itself as a female.


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