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Note: You're viewing a Non-Canon version. For the Original Soulcalibur III character go here.

Abelia is a characters made by DeathNyx for the Fan Universe: Sword of Liberty

Abelia (Asylia, 3074 AOTD – Hillenia, 3098 AOTD) was the main protagonist of Episode I. Captain of the Royal Knights of Asylia first and Commander of the Asylian Army after her exile. During most of her military career she fought in order to free Asylia from the occupation of Hillenia.

Character's History

Pre-Episode I

Episode I


Fighting Style

Spells and Final Strike


Final Strike:


Stage and Bgm

Stage 1: Romanian Valley: Castle Siege

Stage 2: Ancient Citadel: Peacetime

Stage 3: Ancient Citadel: Under Siege

Bgm 1: Endless Warfare

Bgm 2: Confrontation

Bgm 3: Raise Thy Sword

See also

  • Laurentius
  • Peter
  • Marko
  • Boris
  • Georg
  • Johanna



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