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Claude "Excalibur" Johnson is a created character that made his first appearance in Soul Calibur V.


Born in London, England, Excalibur was bron into a wealthy family. His father was Arthur Johnson, while his mother was Martha Johnson. Arthur worked as a knight for the tsar, Vladamir Marx, of a kingdom in Russia. Excalibur saw his father as a hero, and idolized him. However, at the age of thirteen, he witnessed his father and mother hanged for treason and harboring a criminal respectivley by order of then-king George Elderon IV. Excalibur decided that if his family considered traitorous in his home country, he would move elsewhere. In his father's will he left to his son his personal armor, swords, and five hundred British pounds. Excalibur packed the armour, weapons, and any extra clothes he could find and hired a guide with fourty ponds to help him travel to Russia.

More will come in the future.


Excalibur is very malicious when in battle, and shows very little to no mercy. When interacting with his allies, he looses some of the malice and gains seriousness as a repercussion.

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