jason before fighting death

"heh. at least you have the guts to face me, girl. now then, let's dance!"


jason mcfiorren is the brother to eric mcfiorren and a member of the order, a religious group dedicated to destroying demons everywhere. he also is a member of Siegfried Schtauffen's mercenary group Schwarzwind. he was given his blade, evil angel by the legendary warrior known only as "he who walks the road to dawn."

early life

jason and eric were born into a very rich Scottish family, the mcfiorrens. jason was the youngest of his  brothers, arius, eric, and himself. he was given swordsmanship lessons by his fater leonardo mcfiorren, and by age seven he was the most skilled swordsman in his family. he and his brothers lived a happy life full of fun, girls, and money. that lifestyle came to an end on his birthday when his evil brother arius found Broken Destiny which corrupted him and caused arius to murder the entire family. eric attempted to flee but jason drew his family heirloom sword Faust and proceeded to engage arius in a swordfight.  the greuling battle ended with jason's victory feuling arius' hatred for his youngest brother.


jason's moveset is largely similar to that of siegfried.

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