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"See you in hell."
— Danryl

Danryl Altec is a character in Soul series. He is making his first appearance is Soulcalibur V. Danryl is a member of Schwarzwind. A soldier who avenges his family and his fallen comrades.

What lies in his soul is Justice.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred to as The Knight Who Fights for Freedom.


As a young boy, he discovered a crystal shard from Soul Calibur, and saw the Evil Seed that driving them insane. He pierced it with a shard and destroy the Evil Seed. As a boy got home, he saw the corpses of his parents until he saw a girl who murdered his parents. He cried of his loss of his family. In 1600 A.D., he was adopted by the Princess of Wolfkrone. In 1607 A.D., he was trained by Siegfried and Hilde, getting prepare for the toughest challenge. He asked Siegfried, "I know your loss of your comrades, I will save them all." After the conversation, he walked away thanking his mentor. He looked down at the grave of his parents, along with a few people who died from the malfested. Then he says a few words, "Tira's gonna pay for this. I'm gonna find that sick little bastard."


For Danryl, he felt confident. He was man with a pure heart to help his men. However, if he encounters Tira, his rage boils and angers for revenge similar to Maxi.

Physical Appearance

Danryl is a young man with brown hair (similar to Raphael's) and blue eyes.

Fighting Style

His fighting style is Cervantes.

Critical Edge

Freedom Strike: He fires a pistol.


  • Styx
  • Avenger
  • Archeon & Nirvana
  • Seax
  • Gurgitator
  • Firangi
  • The Master



  • You will die.
  • Your time has come.
  • See you in hell! (as he performing Critical Edge)
  • It can't be! (ring out)
  • How dare you! (ring out)
  • This is... your grave!
  • Is that all?
  • Just a scratch.
  • Fool.
  • Just... die.
  • Your life... ends here.
  • Are you... scared? (taunt)
  • Impossible! (guard burst)
  • What the?! (caught by tremor)
  • What?! I failed?! (time's up)
  • I won't go easy on ya. (taunt on Hilde, Siegfried, Viola, or Z.W.E.I.)
  • Wanna try your best against me? (quote against Hilde)
  • Come on. Show me what you got. (quote against Siegfried)
  • Who's the best swordmaster again? (victory against Hilde or Siegfried)
  • I'll kill you every damn time! (quote against Tira)
  • Annoying wench! (taunt on Tira)
  • Damn you! (KOed by Tira)
  • Now you'll burn in hell. (victory against Tira)


  • Enemy of Tira.
  • Adopted by Hilde.
  • Student of Siegfried and Hilde.
  • Friend of Z.W.E.I. and Viola.
  • Travel companion of Luke Scott.
  • Helps Pyrrha follows her true path.


  • He was voiced by Kyle Hebert, who is current voice actor for Ryu in Street Fighter IV series, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, and Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • The quote: "Tira's gonna pay for this. I'm gonna find that sick little bastard." is similar to Cole's in inFamous when Cole saved six doctors instead of Trish, then he wants retribution against Kessler.

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