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Convict, as his name would suggest, is a very ruthless and coldhearted person, not doing anything unless it provides his own personal gain. He is very greedy, as he wants to obtain both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge to assist him in ruling the world.


Convict, while in his original form, has a gray skull for a head, with a tan underside, where the jawbone would be. He wears a black suit with a white undershirt, with a red tie, and black dress shoes.


Template:WriterHe was once a person whom was wanted as a mass murder and impersonator, but had managed to outwit and kill anyone who attempted to capture him. He was eventually caught by Kilik, Xianghua, and Rock, but he was able to escape after he shapeshifted into Kilik to trick Xianghua and Rock into believing that Convict had "Locked him inside and was impersonating him." Rock, after hearing such a story, was doubting this was true, while Xianghua insisted they release him. After the door had swung open, he knocked both of them back, and shifted back into his original form, and laughed, claiming that the idiotic nature of the human mind had no bounds. He then escaped, and was on his way to obtain the spirit sword and unholy blade. Xianghua, Rock, and Kilik set off to find him and return him to the cell.

Powers and Abilities

Convict, being a shapeshifter, is able to take the form of any person who he wants, and commonly uses this to confuse people during battle with his rapidly-changing weaponstyle. While in his original form, he is able to change his arms into sharp daggers, for thrusting and slicing attacks. He can change his foot into an axe-like weapon, for kicking and slicing. He can shift both of his legs into a saw, which is used to trip and create a combo.

Powers Gained Through Soul Calibur

After Convict obtained Soul Calibur from Siegfried Schtauffen, he was able to move more quickly and silently, as well as turn into a puddle and move from one place to another in a short amount of time. However, after this had occurred, he lost all ability to control his form, and randomly shifts from character to character.


Convict, after defeating Nightmare, grabs Soul Edge. As the blade shakes violently and glows red and orange in attempt to rule over him, Convict watches the unholy sword fail. Soul Edge gives a loud growl, before demanding a reason for Convict to be unaffected by Soul Edge's corruption. As Convict laughs, he lifts Soul Calibur with his other hand. He grins, and says that not only was it because of Soul Calibur for preventing him from corruption, that it was because his heart was already too unpure for any item to corrupt him. As Convict walks away, Nightmare rises to his feet. Convict turns towards him. He uses Soul Edge to slice a nearby tower, the large building falling on top of him. As he grins, he looks into the air and says that the world is his. The screen turns to black, and the text-only ending says: "A dark day for the earth, Convict had realized his dream to obtain the two swords and slay all the foes. This tragedy ushered in an evil era, leaving all to cry out for a new hero."

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