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The Harley Quinns are a trio of harley quinns they debut in Soulcalibur IV as bonus characters that must be made in Create-A-Soul. They all fight for liberty and justice.


All three in the trio wear different colors of the Jester outfit, Spy Mask, and Leggings. Maria and Becca wear the Huayin Socks, while Tiana does not.


Maria is the leader of the trio. She is often head-strong and fearless, although she does have her weaknesses. Her version of the Jester outfit is blue and black, as well as having a black Spy Mask and Huayin Socks, while her leggings are blue. She fights using Kilik's style and the Iron Rod, called the Bojutsu. Her hair is in Cat Tails.


Physique/Muscularity: +50/+45

Female Voice 5 Pitch: +30

Hair: Cat Tails (9:10, 04), (9:10, 04), (9:01, 32)

Female Face 1

Eyebrow and Facial Hair Color: (3:06, 24)

Eye Color: (3:06, 24)

Skin Color: (0:08, 13)

Head: Jester's Hat (9:01, 32), (5:36, 21)

Face: Spy Mask (9:01, 32)

Undergarments: Leggings (5:36, 21)

Upper Body: Jester's Clothes (9:01, 32), (5:36, 21)

Lower Body: Jester's Breeches (9:01, 32), (5:36, 21), (9:01, 32), (5:36, 21)

Ankle: Huayin Socks (1:01, 32), (1:01, 32), (1:01, 32)

Leg: Jester's Boots (5:36, 21), (9:01, 02), (5:10, 26)


HP Recovery B (Preset)

Hysterical Strength

Soul Gauge Damage C

Nullify Ring Out C






Soulcalibur IV

Solcalibur V

All three will be placed into Soulcalibur V as reated fighters again with more updated appearances eventually.

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