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"Stay out of my way."
— Emerald

Emerald is a character the debuted in Soulcalibur V. She is searching for her long lost sister, Jade, who is presumed to be dead. She uses Viola's moveset. Her weapon, the Crystal Skull is a black skull surrounded in green and orange flames.

What lies in her soul is Adventure


Being a ninja, Emerald wears a mask that covers the lower half of her face. She wears revealing clothes: a top that only covers her chest and panties that are only covered by her cloth wrap. Her color scheme is a light green color, with gold and black accents. As Emerald Omega, she wears green armor that covers most of her body, except her face, which is still covered by the mask, her eyes turn dark red, and her crystal skull turns dark red as well.


Soulcalibur V

The Resistance was once a group of elite female ninjas. When the princess had stepped down as leader and left the group, she appointed her longtime friend, Jade, as the new leader. Under Jade, the Resistance was successful and had remained a peaceful group that talked negotiations between their homeland and neighboring countries.

Eventually, the country came into conflict with the Ottoman Empire. Jade tried to negotiate, but the other leader was not willing to talk peace. Jade had not returned.

Emerald had grown worried of her sister's fate. The Resistance had asked Emerald to step up as the next leader, she refused.

Emerald had set out to find her sister and bring her home. She had to make several alliances to get herself further in her quest. She soon joined Maxi on his quest to find Kilik, after hearing from Viola that they are near the same location. As a member of Maxi's group, her sarcastic personality clashed with Natsu, and she found a friend and relationship with Xiba, and a close friend in Leixia. After a sparing session with Natsu, Emerald had lost. Overcome with shame, Emerald had left the group and had ended her relationship with Xiba.

Emerald had set off on her own. Wandering on her own, she had came into contact with Tira, who manipulated her into doing her bidding. Tira was plotting to use Emerald as the next vessel for Soul Edge.


Emerald is sassy and sarcastic, traits that she shares with her older sister, Jade. She is also quite cocky and energetic. She is capable of moving quietly from years of training as a ninja.

While she is cocky, she is also very insecure. She fled the Resistance when she was the next in line to step up as leader because she felt that she could never be as adored or successful as her older sister. When she lost a fight to Natsu, she fled the group and ended her relationship with Xiba.


Soulcalibur V

"Stay out of my way"

"Are you ready?"

"Give in!"

"This is it!"

"Stand down!"

"Take this!"

"Victory or defeat depends on one's training" - victory quote

"What a waste of my time" - victory quote

"Jade....where are you?" - victory quote

"There's no mercy in battle" - victory quote

"You were a good opponent" - victory quote when defeating Aeon Calcos

"I'm sorry!" - when defeating Xiba in a round

"Xiba..." - when defeating Xiba in a round

"Forgive me!" - when defeating Xiba in a round

"Go home!" - when defeating Natsu in a round

"I hate you." - when defeating Natsu in a round

"Bare witness to.....true power!" - when activating her Critical Edge

"Why?" - after losing a round to Xiba

"I can't!" - to the Resistance in story mode, moments before fleeing

"My sister, Jade, had disappeared." - Emerald explains to Maxi's group in story mode

"Who's Kilik?" - Emerald asks Maxi in story mode

"I'll help you find him" - to Maxi in story mode, joining his group

"I think I like him" - Emerald says to Leixia about Xiba in story mode

"Do you have any food?" - Emerald asks Xiba in story mode

"I love you" - to Xiba in story mode

"You are pathetic and weak!" - to Natsu in story mode

"I lost..." - Emerald after losing to Natsu in story mode

"Master..." - to Maxi in story mode, moments before fleeing

"I've abandoned everyone I ever knew and loved" - to Tira in story mode

"Yes, I will do it..." - to Tira in story mode, willing to become a vessel for Soul Edge

"You" - Emerald Omega to Xiba in story mode

"Xiba?..." - Emerald awakening from the curse of Soul Edge in story mode

"Why would you love someone who is pathetic and weak?" - to Xiba in story mode

"Maxi?..." - to Maxi in story mode, asking confirmation to rejoin his group


Xiba's lover

Jade's younger sister

Maxi's disciple

Leixia's close friend

Natsu's rival


  • A design was created for her sister, Jade, and was not used and became Emerald.
    • They are very similar, with differences being that Emerald wears a brighter green color, Emerald does not wear a headband, Emerald has Feminine Curls and Jade has a French Braid, Emerald wears different gloves and necklace (the Wesekh), Emerald's Thigh Highs are black while Jade's are green, and Emerald has a large bow on her right knee. They both have the same skin color.
  • Her icon shows her in front of a moon
  • Contrary to belief, Emerald is not a Mortal Kombat character. While her outfit is based on a character from that game series, Emerald's overall character is not.
    Emerald profile

Create-A-Soul Formula

Style: Viola
Weapon: Crystal Skull (0:61, 31), (9:20, 15)
Weapon Trail: (9:20, 15)
Skin Color: (2:6, 10)
Height: 3/Normal
Upper Arms: -16
Forearms: -16
Pectorals: 20
Hips: -19
Thighs: 6
Calves: -9
Stomach: -20
Chest: 20
Waist: -20
Muscle Mass: 1
Face: 8
Hair: Feminine Curls (9:0, 31)
Voice: Veteran Knight (Pitch: 11, Tone: 4, Malfestation Level: None)
Spy Mask: (9:20, 15)
Hunter’s Suit: (9:20, 15), (9:6, 18), (9:0, 31)
Cloth Wrap (Front and Back): (9:20, 15), (9:20, 15), (3:20, 15), (9:0, 31)
Wesekh: (9:6, 18), (9:0, 2), (9:20, 15)
Longpao Hualin: (9:20, 15), (0:0, 31)
Tiger Pauldrons: (9:20, 15), (9:6, 18)
Thigh Highs:(9:0, 31)
Back Laced Boots: (9:20, 15), (9:20, 25), (9:0, 31)
Specialized Equipment 1: Bow (9:20, 15)

Emerald weapon stance

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