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 Chad Striker is a character that appears on the Soul series of fighting games. He first appeared on Soulcalibur III, and also appears on Soulcalibur IV under the alias Sungotsu, and reappears on Soulcalibur V. He is the leader of a family of Chinese pirates that was ordered by the shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur and is also the former leader of the Arthias Rebels that killed Grandall Emperor Strife.

In Soul Calibur III, what lies in his soul is Enlightenment.

In Soul Calibur IV, what lies in his soul is Freedom

In Soul Calibur V's Promotionl Material, he is referred as The Swashbuckler of Truth.


Chad Striker is a euro-Chinese pirate who was born of Japanese descent, his
Chad striker

Chad Striker in Soulcalibur V

family are a band of half European, half Chinese pirates that works for the Tokugawa clan and protects the borders of China, Korea, and Japan from bandits and other invading armies. They also rescue merchant ships and trade ships when they are being attacked by other pirates and maruders. One day the warlord Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered Chad and his family to search and destroy the cursed sword Soul Edge before it causes calamity in countries of Asia, Chad accepts the job and the Striker pirates heads out to destroy Soul Edge.

Soul Calibur III

The Striker pirate family heads out on a long journey to destroy Soul Edge, but their adventure was cut short when the Dalkia army attack them while they were finding a place to rest. Chad and his siblings were separated during the confusion, causing him to blackout in the process. One day, Chad wakes up in a castle on a bed with a man in knight's armor standing right next to him, the young man introduces himself as Aeneas as he helps Chad from his bed and tells him that his sisters and brother are safe and sound in the Grandall city of Parousia but the whereabouts of his aunt and cousins are unknown. Later on, Chad is reunited with his younger sisters Gail and Arie as well as his younger brother Cory and are approached by a middle aged man wearing silver armor. The man introduces himself as Girardot and he put the Striker siblings through training in order to prove if their older brother worthy enough to lead the Grandall army in battle. After thirteen months of training, Chad Striker was ready to lead the Grandall army as commander as he defeated Girardot in the final test. Emperor Strife orders Chad to attack the Dalkia army when their leader Luna approaches the castle, she tries to attack him but his Japanese swordfighting skills were too much for her and Luna retreats. Sooner than later, the Grandall army led by the Striker Pirates headed out rescue the Halteese remnant soldiers from the rampaging Maletta army which leads Chad to befriend Kanon, Leraje, and Ailian. One year has passed after the fall of the Dalkia and Maletta countries, Girardot has rebelled against the Grandall Empire and vows to crush Strife free the world from its tyranny. In order to stop him, Strife appointed Chad as the leader of the anti-rebellion force and ordered him to eradicate the rebel army. After the battles lasted for three months, Chad finally encounters Girardot and a fight ensues, in the end he manages to defeat him out of regret. As Chad engages in a happy moment with his former commander and friend, Strife arrives and kills him with Soul Edge, causing Chad to burst into tears and he shouted: Emperor Strife...... YOU BASTARD!!!!

One month later, Chad and his brother and sisters rebels against Strife by forming the Arthias Rebels army. They marched out to attacked the Grandall army which caused Chad and Cory to viciously kill Kagami and rescue their brainwashed friends in the process. As they were about to reach the fortress city of Parousia, Chad has fallen afoul with Abelia, who was angry at him for his betrayal. Chad wasted no words as he nearly killed her with his soul calibur infused Zantetsuken blade but was stopped by Arie as she arrived to calm him down. Chad apologizes to Abelia and she apologized to him as well which led her to join the Arthias Rebels the final battle against Grandall empire. After defeating Chester, Chad rushes upstairs and defeats the Emperor personal knights one by one until he finally reaches Strife himself. The Grandall Emperor was angry at Chad for turning his back on him and he regretted not killing him when he had the chance, both men pulled out their weapons and chaotic battle ensues. The vicious battle lasted many chaotic blows until Chad malicious impales Strife numerous times in a fit of rage, he continued to stab at him violently until he begin to burst into tears and started sobbing, causing him to regain his sanity. The burning castle of Grandall begin to collapse and the Arthias Rebels and Striker Pirates begin to flee the collapsing palace except for Chad, who decided to stay behind as the entire structure exploded and he is presumed dead afterwards.

The screen fades to black and says: Amongst the flames of Parousia Castle, the leader of the Striker pirates has been swallowed in the fire.

Soul Calibur IV

Three years have passed after Arthias Rebel leader Chad Striker has killed Emperor Strife and disappeared after Parousia Castle has collapsed. It turns out that Chad escaped the collapsing Grandall castle at the last minute and went into hiding at Jyurakudai Villa in Japan, he changed his brown hair to orange and wore an outcast outfit, he even changed his name to Sungotsu. Later that day, while Sungotsu was in town buying some food, he was listening to villagers talk about the cursed sword Soul Edge and that Nightmare is gathering more souls every day by defeating warriors. Sungotsu, having heard the information that he wanted to hear, heads out to Ostrheinsburg to do battle with Nightmare's minions. As soon as Sungotsu got inside the throne room of the castle, he was suddenly ambushed by two figures who introduced themselves as Azola and Tira and they started to attack him. Sungotsu waste no words as he charged forward and fended off their attacks with his Zantetsuken blade, Tira and Azola were deadly foes but they were no match for Sungotsu's powerful Kenjutsu skills which caused them to retreat from the throne room. But as he turned to leave Ostrheinsburg Castle, two ring blades suddenly charged at him but he dodged them as they stabbed the castle walls, Sungotsu quickly got up to see two young women and a young man standing before him. One of them has on a light blue frilled blouse with a light blue palseo skirt tied up around her waist and is wearing white thighhighs on her legs and vagrant's kote on her feet, and she also has a white bandana with a Chinese symbol on her head that has brown low braided pigtails. The other girl also has on a frilled blouse except it's black and she also has on a light green palseo skirt on her hips, she is wearing the same white thighhighs as the other girl and is also wearing vagrant's kote, and she sports brown pigtails with a green bandana that also has Chinese symbol on it. The young man has on white turban pants and is wearing a red vest with no shirt, he also has on brown shoes and sports spiky black hair with the same white colored bandana except the Chinese symbol on it is different. Sungotsu soon recognized them as his siblings and asked them what were they doing at Ostrheinsburg castle, but Arie pulled out her Blue Thunder Chinese sword and rushed to attack him alongside Gail and Cory. Sungotsu was left with no other choice but to defend himself from his attacking siblings, the confrontation lasted many blows but the four combatants were exhausted and fell to the ground. After the fight ended, Sungotsu wakes up to find himself in bed at a town's inn and sees the three familiar figures that attacked him sitting right next to him, the young lady apologized and introduced herself as Arie Striker and she introduced him to Cory and Gail Striker. She tells Sungotsu that ever since the Grandall empire has fallen, she and the striker pirates has been searching for their long lost brother Chad Striker. Sungotsu agreed to help them to find their missing brother and destroy Soul Edge, but as soon as the four travelers left the inn, the ground started to shake and the Tower of Rememberance emerged from the earth during the resulting chaos allowing Sungotsu, Arie, Gail, and Cory head inside. As they are heading to the top of the tower, Sungotsu and the Striker pirates soon encounters Tira and Azola as well as Sophitia and the battle ensues. Arie tells him to go on without them while she and her sister and brother will hold off Nightmare's troops, Sungotsu thanks them and he rushes upstairs. But as soon as he got there, a white haired man wearing armor and tattoo on his arms got up from his throne and introduce himself as Algol and charges forward to attack him but Sungotsu quickly flash stepped out of the way and unleashed a powerful kenjutsu technique that launched a fatal shockwave and was heading towards Algol. But instead of it killing him, the attack only empowered the hero king even further. Infuriated, both warriors charged forward and started to exchange blows to one another but Algol proved to be too much powerful for Sungotsu to handle which caused the hero king to deliver a fatal strike to him, the red haired warrior staggered and fell to the ground. Algol walked towards him and was about to finish him off but Arie came out of nowhere and deliver chaotic deathblow to the hero king, causing him to stagger and fall from the tower. Suddenly, the Tower of Rememberance started to crumble and was about to collapse which led Sungotsu and the striker pirates to escape from the tower before it was too late, the party soon jumped out of there just in time and watched the structure sink deep into the lava below. Sungotsu told the striker siblings that they were in his debt and turns to leave them, but Arie asked him if he was her brother Chad Striker, the red haired outcast tells them that he is their long lost big brother and that he survived the burning of Grandall castle which leads him to apologize to the three of them. Arie, Cory and Gail were able to forgive Chad and soon gives him a warm family hug. After that, all four striker siblings headed back to Wei Province.

The screen fades to black and says: Though he managed to reunite with his family, Sungotsu defeated a powerful threat and was erased from the pages of history.

Soul Calibur V

8 years has passed when Chad Striker (Sungotsu) defeated the hero king Algol in Soul Calibur IV, the striker pirates has resumed their journey to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. But along the way, they are attacked by the Schwarzwind led by Siegfried, Chad sees that the mercenaries have his aunt Noel Striker hostage and rushes to rescue her but is blocked by Z.W.E.I and Viola who starts to attack him head on. Chad tries to fend them off with his Zantestuken blade which caused Gail to rush to his aid and she managed to route Z.W.E.I and his werewolf minion E.I.N. Viola attacks Arie but she was no match for the pirate girl's footwork and tactics, causing her to flee. Now Siegfried was the only one standing and was surrounded by the Striker pirates, as he charges forward, Gail and Cory jumps out and delivers powerful double dropkick to his chest while Arie leaps forward and performs a Tornado DDT to his head, and finally Chad unleashes a powerful spin kick to Siegfried's skull, causing the mercenary captain to fall backwards and plunge into the river and Chad rescued his aunt in the process. 5 days later when the Schwarzwind lead an attack on Denevér Castle, the striker pirates decided to assist them to fight Graf Dumas' army. Soon after, Noel ordered her two nephews Chad and Cory to help Z.W.E.I. fight Nightmare and a 3 on 1 battle ensued which last many chaotic blows. Nightmare proved to be too powerful against his attackers and overwhelms them with a powerful slash that heavily injures Chad and kills Cory, causing Z.W.E.I. to finish off Nightmare once and for all.

After that chaotic battle, Chad was devastated and heartbroken to see his younger brother Cory get killed by Soul Edge that he started going berserk until he cries over his brother's dead body. One day after the funeral in Wei Province, Chad watched his cousins burry his brother's body in the river, he stares at it for a moment and throws Cory's ring blades into the sea and he leaves for Europe, never again to be seen.


  • Is the leader of the striker pirates
  • The older brother of Gail, Cory, and Arie Striker
  • the older cousin of Jake, Erin, and Mary Striker
  • the eldest nephew of Noel Striker
  • is ordered by Ieyasu Tokugawa to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur
  • Joins the Grandall army and later rebels against Strife to avenge Girardot's death
  • changes his name to Sungotsu and heads out to destroy Nightmare during Soulcalibur IV
  • Helps Z.W.E.I. defeat Nightmare
  • Goes into hiding after the fall of the Grandall Empire


Chad Striker is a benevolent and heroic young pirate who leads the Striker pirates to save innocent lives, he has a no nonsense attitude and always treats his opponents kindly when facing them and congratulates them when defeated. However, his personality has changed in Soulcalibur III because of Strife killing his mentor Girardot, he now has a twisted angry and vengeful personality and will show no regrets of murdering any Grandall soldiers that get in his way. In Soulcalibur V, he soon reverts to his gentle self and aids the Schwarzwind to fight Nightmare and destroy Soul Edge.


Soul Calibur III

  • Let's settle this.
  • Is there no other solution to this?
  • I'll take you on anytime you want.
  • This is over!!
  • Pathetic!!!
  • Give it Up!!
  • It's over!!
  • How about this!!
  • You should take better care of your life.
  • Get out of my way!!
  • Damn, I can't believe this!!
  • Stop whinning!!
  • Okay, that was easy.
  • That was pathetic, goodbye!!
  • Take heed, i cannot afford to lose.

Soul Calibur IV (as Sungotsu)

  • I love these do or die situations.
  • All right, bring it on!!
  • Hyah, Watch out!!
  • Sometimes the hardest battle is against yourself.
  • This is gonna hurt!!
  • Break!!!
  • Let's do this!!
  • Yes, i won!!
  • Don't hold back next time, okay?
  • Damn, i need to attack more (when defeated in battle.)
  • Arie! How did you find me?- Spoken when engaging in battle against Arie Striker in Story mode.
  • Cory, you haven't changed a bit i see?- Spoken when engaging in battle against Cory Striker in Story mode.
  • Gail, i'm sorry that i lied to you.- Spoken when engaging in battle against Gail Striker in Story mode.
  • I am going to kill you so i can destroy Soul Edge.- Spoken when engaging in battle against Algol in Story mode.

Soul Calibur V

  • I can't run away!
  • My turn!!- Spoken when performing a Critical Finish.
  • Here it comes- Spoken during Critical Finish.
  • I'm too young to die!!- Spoken during Ring Out.
  • we're done already?
  • You wanna fucking do this?!
  • Let's do it!
  • Come on!!
  • You're in my way!!
  • Disappear!!
  • Give me back my aunt, you ass!!!- Spoken when engaging in battle with Siegfried.
  • I don't give a damn about your Voodoo crap!- Spoken when engaging in battle with Viola .
  • Get the hell outta my way, you fucking werewolf!- Spoken when engaging in battle with Z.W.E.I.
  • You picked the wrong day to fuck with me!!- Spoken after defeating Siegfried.
  • Do any of that magic crap and you're dead, got it?- Spoken after defeating Viola.
  • You damn werewolves never learn, do you?- Spoken after defeating Z.W.E.I.


Chad has brown bowl cut hair that is covered up in green bandana with a Chinese symbol on it, he is also wearing blue hakama pants with Japanese sandals on his feet and has on a light blue ashigaru shirt. Chad also sports prayer beads around his neck.



this katana is Chad Striker's pride and joy and is also his primary weapon. He has carried the zantetsuken with him throughout numerous battles including his last stand against Strife.

Soul Calibur

After Chad rebelled against Emperor Strife and formed the Arthias Rebels, he used the spirit sword Soul Calibur and infused it with his Zantetsuken blade which caused him to almost kill Abelia, but he regained his sanity and headed to the final battle against Grandall. He also used his Soul Calibur infused Zantetsuken in his final battle against Strife.


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