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"I don't give a crap who your are! I will win!"
— Andrew, in Soulcalibur IV

Andrew Berger (雅也山下, Masaya Yamashita) is a fictional character whose first appearance was in Soulcalibur II. He has appeared in every game until Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. It was revealed that Andrew was killed in an auto accident while preparing for Huoyan's bachelor party (Huoyan was engaged to Jessie), 13 years before Soulcalibur V. But, one character, Iblis, has a strong resemblance of Andrew.

What Lies in his soul is Sanity


Soulcalibur II

Andrew was just a Middle School student at Cañon City Middle School when being called by his friend Jessie Parnell to fight. He found himself meeting a Man with a Nunchaku that seemed valuable. He came up with the idea to steal Soryuju and proceeded to do so. Unfortunately, Andrew lost consciousness for 2 hours after being defeated by Maxi.

When he awoke, he found out that he had lost the memory of his family, though he still had the memory of his friends. Although many tests were run on him, he had no luck of getting his memory back.

The Doctor who was appointed by Jessie's father, Scott, was called in to have Andrew in a prescribed cat-scan for 4 hours. Nothing... Now, a shard of a mysterious metal was in his body.

"What's this energy I feel?" Confused, Andrew set out to find out what it was....

Soulcalibur III

After defeating Maxi, alongside Jessie, Andrew's memory of his family failed to return... "What the hell happened for this to fail?" Unfortunately, Andrew still had amnesia about his family. But his limbs were hurting every step he took. He lost breath, lost consciousness for about 30 minutes.

"Why do you fight, Andrew..... To protect your family....for your sanity....To regain your memory....or is it to kill an innocent soul?" Andrew awoke from the nightmare in a hospital bed.

"There's that voice again! Who the hell is calling me?"

He rembered a familiar face, but...
Jessie went to check on Andrew, but she found that he left....again...

Soulcalibur IV

Finally confronting Maxi for the second time since being knocked unconscious by him, Andrew helped Jessie defeat him.

But, still unhappy, he went to visit Sophitia and Rothion, to get advice about aftermaths of memory loss.

"Andrew, if you are unable to remember your family, search for Soul Edge. The sword will help your memories of Family return..." Sophitia's words buzzed around in Andrew's head.

He headed out at dusk one night. Going back in the year, 1591, Andrew managed to take shelter for the night. While asleep, he awoke to find Tira approaching him.

"If you desire memory return, then you must obtain Soul Edge from your enemy."
"Come on, Not even Maxi could defeat me..."
"Perhaps the golem will partner with you so you both can destroy him."
"Okay...I'll pursue Soul defeat Maxi, and get my memory back..."

Andrew would get back what was his, and claim this victory for his friends.

Soulcalibur V

Andrew regained his memory after Soul Edge was destroyed and Tira was defeated. Andrew began to act out after he started High School at Harrison High School. He visited Cañon City High School in January. He was with Kylie when he unknowingly impregnated her. Due to the pregnancy, they were wed in August. the following two months, Kylie gave birth to Anthony Berger on October 22, 2014. He stayed in Cañon City to raise his son.

The following 7 months were hard. His wife dropped out of school. He had to finish high school with Morgan as the valedictorian on May 22, 2015. Disappointment washed over him.

One day, he was helping Neiko prepare for Huoyan's bachelor party, as he was marrying Jessie on December 4, 2015. On his way to a local Wal-Mart, while driving, alongside Neiko, to get supplies for Huoyan's bachelor party, Andrew lost control of his car at the steering wheel, ended up rolling over onto the edge of a ditch, Neiko was injured, but Andrew died 2 hours after arrival at St. Thomas More Hospital in Cañon City.

He was buried by his parents, his sisters and brother at Lakeside Cemetery. They were later murdered by Tira and malfesteds.

He appeared in Soulcalibur V as an entity speaking to Anthony, but he did not appear physically, but Iblis bears a resemblance to Andrew, except Iblis took the form of the 14-year-old Andrew, wears dark red, purple, and black clothing, having a devilish tattoo around his forehead and eyes and voice resembling that of a malfested.


Soulcalibur II

After gaining victory in the Name of Colorado, Andrew returned to his Friends, and realized the family whom he had turned his back on. The ordeal with "him" was over. He had come home to his family.

Soulcalibur III

Andrew questions the power inside the unconscious Maxi's body. As Andrew prepares to poke Maxi, Jessie arrives with the rest of the clan. Jessie is warning him to stop what he is doing and go back. Andrew, as he is walking to Jessie, notices Maxi, who is now possessed, awake, ready to attack Andrew.

No Input Ending

Andrew runs, screen fading to black. As Jessie, Andrew, and the others are on their way home, Andrew goes berserk on Jessie, and In self-defense, Jessie fatally stabs Andrew in the chest with her Rapier, screen fading to white, with Andrew's grave (reading "Here lies Andrew Berger 1996-2009"). Jessie is seen in black, putting a basketball on his grave, and walking away.

Input Ending

Andrew attacks Maxi, knocking him out, once more. Jessie visits him at his home, Andrew, relieved of his regained memory, finds that someone stole his breakfast. It was Maxi! They start arguing about food and Jessie rolls her eyes, laughing.

Soulcalibur IV

Andrew is seen picking up Soul Edge when Jessie knocks it out of his hand.

Andrew: Jessie, what are you doing? This is to get my revenge!
Jessie: Foolishness! Andrew, don't be foolish!
Andrew: I'm doing it anyway...

Andrew once again picks up Soul Edge, feels the power inside him. He attacks Jessie when she blocks his attack, because of her powers. Jessie transforms into Elysium and destroys Soul Edge without Hesitation. Jessie becomes herself again and Andrew returns to normal, regaining the memories of his family. Andrew apologizes to Jessie for Soul Edge, and he and her walk away. The text only epilogue states: He could no longer bear Soul Edge...

Soulcalibur V

Andrew appears as an dark red and orange entity speaking to Anthony that Soul Edge is the key to finding out his past...


Soulcalibur II

  • You're gonna regret this...
  • Ahh come on...rebound!
  • Basketball...oh yeah...Fighting...too damn lazy!
  • Provoke me...I dare you!
  • Huh....Really?
  • Dude....
  • What is this?
  • Ehh...I'll fight...if you want me.
  • You know you want me!
  • Regret Nothing...Unless you are me!
  • Uhh...I don't wanna! It makes me want some Gatorade!
  • If I win, give me some Powerade.
  • If...only...
  • Who is my family?...I'm so confused!

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