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"Has anyone seen Jessie? I am looking for my Dojo Master!"
— Lisa

Lisa Hwang (Hangul: 황 유 - 경"리사", Hwang Yoo-Gyeong "Lisa"; Japanese: ファンユ-京"リサ", Fan'yu - Kyō" Risa") is a fictional character from Soulcalibur IV. She has also appeared in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny in Chapter 31-1 along with Jessie, Taki, Maxi, Kilik, Xianghua, Andrew, Neiko, Morgan, Isabelle, Kara, Destiney, Lillian, Vincent, Cassandra, Alondra, Sulein, Alphoncine, Maria, and Cassandra.


Early life

Lisa was born in Seoul. She moved to the United States when she 10 years old with her mother, aunt, and older siblings. In 2010, Lisa was formally introduced to Jessie by a teacher at Carmel, under confusing circumstances, they actually met at her family's laundromat when she was working with Haley.

Soulcalibur IV

Haley talked to Jessie a few minutes after refusing an offer to help. She asked Jessie to teach Lisa and four others to teach them The Asian Parnell-ryu style Weaponry Martial Arts. Jessie agreed, and after two months, Lisa, Sulein, Alondra, Maria, and Alphoncine became impressive fighters. After a school tournament, Lisa won the fight against a seventh grader and Jessie disappeared. The only thing left of Jessie were these words, "Those resposible with Kyam's death, must pay, or die." Lisa snuck out of her family home at about midnight, bidding Haley and Kevin farewell. Her only lead, her journey to destroy Soul Edge, and purify her biological father's wounds.


Bul Kkoch and Mul Yumul

The sword and shield was mysteriously brought to life by Soul Calibur. Bul Kkoch means "Fire Flower" and Mul Yumul means "Water Relic". This sword and shield was passed on from generation to generation, starting from her great-great-great grandfather.

  • Pyongyang-ui Eol-eum
  • Hangug-ui Gippeohala
  • Sword of America
  • Seoul-ui Boseog
  • Soul Calibur
  • Satang Gwaja


Lisa wears her hair in a ponytail, she also wears a headband across her forehead. For the top, she wears a short sleeve, and a purple belly-button revealing shirt and for bottoms, she wears a purple hakama with a yellow belt and wears yellow fingerless gloves on her hands, with armbands on her biceps.


Soulcalibur IV

Lisa finds Sulein and Alphoncine tied with rope, screaming for help. Alondra and Maria run up to Lisa. Maria asks who had done this, Lisa cuts the rope on Sulein and Alphoncine. They run up to find Jessie and 13 others, unconscious. A few moments later in the next scene, Maria asks Jessie if she's okay. Jessie replies yes with a head-shake. Lisa asks Taki is she was really Jessie's biological mother, Taki replies, "Yes, Maxi and I have been searching for her, the day she returned to our time." A flashback appears of the time Jessie died. Taki adds, "Then, when we found her, we had the clues that led to you, Lisa Hwang. Maxi and I thank you for retrieving our only child. Now that everything has come to an end, I, Taki Komoto, declare you five, Lisa Hwang, Alondra Ortega, Alphoncine, Maria Alvarado, and Sulein Maldonado, are knights of Okinawa." Lisa smiles upon hearing her knighthood. The text only ending stated this; Now that Soul Edge was destroyed, Lisa led a happy life as a knight.


  • I must find my way to destroy that blade.
  • Would you like a fight? You got one!
  • Master, I will not betray you.
  • Haley...
  • Who are you? - Upon fighting Destiney in Lisa's Story Mode.
  • Are you okay?
  • Master, I will make it through! I swear it.
  • I can be a person of purity.
  • Haley, don't worry, I'll be home soon.
  • I am so eager to return.
  • Ha ha. You were found! - Upon defeating Alondra in Lisa's Story Mode.
  • If you will excuse me, I must rest.
  • Has anyone seen Jessie? I must find my Dojo Master!
  • So what happened to make Jessie disappear like this, Mrs. Komoto?
  • Really?
  • I see, so This happened to Jessie long ago.
  • I'm her student, nice to meet you.
  • My name is Lisa Hwang and I come from South Korea.


  • Lisa's family's laundromat is right across from where Jessie lives.
  • Lisa goes the same school as Jessie and Vincent.


  • Student and friend of Jessie.
  • Acquaintance of Taki and Maxi.
  • Friend of Alondra, Alphoncine, Sulein, and Maria.

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