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"Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna!"
— Ana Lei Kelly, when she is healing her opponent after she wins a battle

Ana Lei Kelly (Latvian: Ana Lei Kellijs; Chinese: 安娜雷凱利, Ānnà Léi Kǎilì; Japanese: ケリーアナレイ, Kerī Anarei) (formerly Delano) is a character who guest appeared in Soulcalibur V and Soulcalibur V Hawaii Five-0. She is originally from the Hawaii Five-0 manga.


Ana Lei had biracial features. She was Half-Latvian, Half-Filipino descent. Ana Lei had suffered tragedy throughout her life, starting at age 3 when her parents went to New York on September 11, 2001, and never came back. The uncomprehending child learned that her parents went missing and may not be coming back, they might have been dead. At age 7, in 1st grade, she showed teachers, and her grandmother intelligence above a fourth grade level. She was bumped up to fifth grade in 2006, age 8.

Of course, tragedy did not occur again until Ana Lei was 13, when her 14-year-old brother, O'ahe was in a love triangle with his pregnant girlfriend and a Latvian foreign exchange student, Hajan Anan. O'ahe and Hajan shot each other simultaneously and both died on impact.

Ana Lei was devastated by the loss of her loving, protective, older brother, and became secluded for the rest of her junior year of High School. In August 2012, just a couple weeks before Ana Lei turned 14, her cousin, Malia, died of her injuries, and her Uncle Frank died the same week of gunshot wounds to his head, caused by Chin Ho Kelly, out of revenge for Malia. her grandmother died a month previous of a heart attack, to Malia's murder and Frank's death.

Two of the three deaths had took it's emotional toll on Ana Lei. She had already dyed her hair black and became Emo after O'ahe's death, while in mourning. She severely secluded herself after her grandmother and cousin's deaths.

Then, Ana Lei was at her breaking point. She learned that she would be moving to Hawaii to live with her cousin Johnny. She didn't know Johnny that well, and if she saw him, he would be abusing illegal or harmful drugs and be aggressive. He was so aggressive, when Ana Lei was 11, that Johnny's visit was cut short.

During her short-tenured stay with Johnny, he was aggressive and abusive to her and that point was what grew her Pagan abilities stronger, but she didn't know it until Johnny tried attacking her again.

She ran away and ended up finding Five-0 headquarters, and threatened to Danny Williams to kill herself if nothing was done about Johnny. The Five-0 and police kept a perimeter of Waincroft Port. A gunfight between the Five-0, Johnny and a decoy of Malia, left Chin shot in the stomach. When Ana Lei awoke after being knocked unconscious by Johnny, she immediately rushed to Chin's side.

Three months later, Chin adopted Ana Lei, in order to protect her from Johnny and Wo Fat.

Soulcalibur V

Ana Lei and her father, Chin, were intruded in the middle of the night. But not only were they intruded, but Chin was kidnapped. Ana Lei tried her best to fight the kidnappers off, but it wasn't until Ana Lei woke up from unconsciousness that she realized it was her Uncle Paul who did this. She found a metal fragment that cut her fingertip. She was dizzy, and found herself back in Dark European Times. There she found Chin, unconscious, beside a tree. "Something Is wrong..." Ana Lei thought. She noticed a glowing red shard on his back.

"Excuse me... are you a malfested?" A girl voice asked. Ana Lei turned around to see who it was. "What's your name?" Ana Lei asked the girl. "I'm Pyrrha." She introduced herself. Ana Lei quickly explained the situation, and Pyrrha completely understood. Vice versa. "Pyrrha, this is my father. He might have the same power as you. Mostly evil. I've seen it through his spirit. Please take care of him while I'm gone." Ana Lei pleaded with Pyrrha. She agreed to watch over Chin while Ana Lei was going for a cure to Chin's injury.

Through any cost, the love for her father was stronger than the red moon at Lammas Night.


Ana Lei is often silent, and alike Tira she has two personalities, but they're called Enthusiastic Side and Pessimistic Side. During Story Mode in the spinoff game, she has a third side, Valiant Side

Enthusiastic Side

The Enthusiastic Side, Ana Lei wears any different color that Black, and uses nonsensical phrases and words. Her fighting style seems to affect her personality, as well, when she uses Pagan burst, Pink Lightning shoots out and is very powerful.

Pessimistic Side

The Pessimistic Side, Ana Lei wears all black, and gets angered at the opponent trying to fight her, wishing for them to die. When using Pagan burst, Black Lightning shoots out and this attack is much more powerful.


Soulcalibur V

Enthusiastic Side

  • This is the greatest day of all freaking lives!
  • Oh, Pyrrha, the day I met you, I got put in a relieeeeved mooooood! - Before fighting Pyrrha
  • Heh, who's this crazy beotch? - Before fighting Tira
  • Really? Okay, you asked for it, you nonsensical penguin! - Before fighting Maxi, Natsu, Xiba, Leixia
  • Ooohhh, so that's who got my daddy... You are SO dumb! - Before fighting Nightmare
  • Hope you realize I had to, dad.... - Before fighting Chin Ho
  • Pyrrha, I'm sorry, lemme help you up. - After defeating Pyrrha
  • Stay away from Pyrrha and my dad, you really don't know when to stop barging in. - After defeating Tira
  • Penguins and Ponies, I'm a brony! - After defeating Maxi, Natsu, Xiba, and Leixia
  • Why are you so freakishly annoying? - After defeating Nightmare
  • Dad, I had to...only to save you... - After defeating Chin Ho

Pessimistic Side

  • Nobody enjoys being defeated.
  • Who...are you?
  • Dad, I won't lose.
  • I can't lose this battle. For the sake of my father!
  • Pyrrha, don't let Tira get to you. - Before fighting Pyrrha
  • Get away from my father, you bitch! - Before fighting Tira
  • What do you have in connection with my father? - Before fighting Maxi, Natsu, Xiba, Leixia
  • stay away from my father! - Before fighting Nightmare
  • Dad... I.... - Before fighting Chin Ho
  • Pyrrha! I didn't...? - After defeating Pyrrha
  • Dammit! Stay away from them, Tira! - After defeating Tira
  • To be honest, I'm devastated of your moves... - After defeating Maxi, Natsu, Xiba, and Leixia
  • Get away from me, you god damned freak! - After defeating Nightmare
  • Dad! No! I didn't....? No! - After defeating Chin Ho


  • Die!
  • Perish!
  • Get away from me!
  • No!
  • Get out of my sight!
  • Tiamat!
  • Diana...perish the foe! - During Critical Edge (Pessimistic Side)
  • Malia!
  • O' me! - During Critical Edge (Enthusiastic Side)
  • Dammit! - spoken when ring out
  • Aaaahaaah! - spoken when ring out
  • are not my cousin! - spoken when defeated by Elysium
  • I failed... - spoken when defeated in battle

Soulcalibur V Hawaii Five-0

Valiant Side

  • State your name, if you have any honor.
  • Righteousness is on my side, victory will soon follow.
  • You're challenging me to a duel? Very well. I accept.
  • For the victory of Honolulu!
  • My family...grant me strength!! For the Kellys!! - During Critical Edge
  • So mote it be! I shall stand representative for the Five-0!
  • Wiccans of Hawaii! I call upon you!
  • You disgusting thing! - Spoken to Astaroth and Aeon both before the battle and when she defeats them

A Teen's Cursed Journey (Ending)

  • So, If I destroy a sacred sword, my father will be cured? - To Danny
  • I'll have to research this first...
  • This research would be the end of mankind! - To Raphael
  • You're wrong! How can destroying two sacred swords, be a stroke of the future? - To Raphael
  • Have you forgotten where we were, Kono? - To Kono
  • Now I understand... - To Kono
  • Thank you, Malia... - at the end of the epilogue scene


  • The paragraph in which it was stated that Chin was kidnapped was based to Hawaii Five-0 season 3 episode 13, "Olelo Ho'opa'I Make".
  • Ana Lei, in game, most resembles Jun Kazama, in Soulcalibur V Hawaii Five-0, in the matter of fighting style. Most of the time, her regular side resembles Jin Kazama.
  • Ana Lei also states to Pyrrha that like her, she has had a tragic past, herself.
  • Like Jessie, Ana Lei has the same BGM, Ecological Fighter (Taken from the Tekken 2 Arcade OST.)
  • Like Sophitia, Ana Lei's mental strength is unbalanced, and in this case, it remains persistent that she grieves for her cousin, who died of gunshot wounds, and revenge for her old family.
  • Ana Lei has always hidden herself, as it was evident in Chapter 13-1 of A Teen's Cursed Journey in Soulcalibur V Hawaii Five-0, when it became clear that Chin was a malfested, attacked Danny, and she ran away.
  • The cameo of two adults in a family portrait, with a brother in Chapter 13-5, are Ana Lei's biological parents, and her deceased brother, and she also states to Max that this picture was taken in 2000, just a year before her parents went missing.
  • The abuse Ana Lei had with her cousin seems to be one of three factors for her emo nature.


  • Adoptive daughter of Lt. Chin Ho Kelly
  • Mortal Enemy of Tira
  • Only friend of Pyrrha
  • Ally of Natsu
    • It is unknown what relationship comes of her and Maxi, Xiba, or Leixia
  • Friend and Teammate of Danny, Kono, and Steve
  • In a relationship with Dr. Max Bergman

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