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Saki is a character exist within the continuity of the Soul series. She makes her debut in Soulcalibur: Undead as one of its central character. Saki is a descendant of an ancient tribe known as "The Shamen" that seal & guard an ancient demon of evil. She is the current possesor of the Teishutsu no Tanken, the holy dagger that has the ability to seal the soul of anyone who's heart is pierce by it by chanting a certain spell. 

What lies in her soul is "Sacrifice"

She is also refer as "The Maiden of Ephemeral Heaven"


Saki wears a what appear to be a dark blue sleeveless gi that is secure with a black belt on her waist. Over it, she wear a protective breastplate. She wears an indigo pants that extend to her calves. She also wear a pair of protective grieve sandals that have the same colors as her gi. Saki wear a pair of green pauldrons with fur that attach to her shoulders. She also wear a head protector that extend to her cheeks, an earring on her left ear, and a grey stude collar that is identical to his brother's.

Saki has a reddish-brown hair that she tied into a braid. She also has light skin.



Fighting Style

Saki's fighting style is called "Dai kesho" which translate into "Large inheritance". Her fighting style involve the use of a long lance and a short dagger in unison and a variety of moves. Her lance has a long reach & deal a quite large amount of damage. It is very usefull should opponents are trying to keep their distance from her. The drawback of the lance however, is that it's weight makes it attacks slow. Should an opponent manage to dodge an attack, Saki is vulnerable to counter attacks. Contradicting with the lance, the dagger has a very short range and deal only a small amount of damage, but the speed pf the attacks are lightning fast. She also has charge attacks that are hard to perform, but deal a large amount of damage. Most of Saki's moves also have high chances to do ring outs.

Overall, she is considered as a high-to-top tier characters.


Jōshōmaru & Teishutsu no Tanken

"Jōshō" means "Ascension" and "Teishutsu" means "Submission". Joshomaru is a long, dark blue lance. The tip of the lance has three edges, and the symbol of the Shamen tribe is drawn on a flag attached to the lance's handle. The Teishutsu dagger looks like a normal dagger with carved writtings on it, but it is actually a sacred treasure of the Shamen tribe. It has the ability to seal the soul of anyone whose heart is stab by the dagger by chanting a certain spell. The said spell is the writting that were carved to the blade and only a member of the Shamen tribe can read it.




Saki - Scars of The Legacy-002:14

Saki - Scars of The Legacy-0

Scars of The Legacy

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