Real Name: Anthony

Birthplace: Somewhere in Australia

Birthdate: Unknown

Age: 16 (Soulcalibur V)

Weight: Unknown

Height: Approx, 170 cm

Weapons: CQC Laser Eye Contacts Double-bladed sword (formerly) Short Sword

Fighting style: Self Taught

Family: Mother, Father and two sisters (all unknown)

Cousins: Sharkman/Caleb, Rex/Ethan

Alignment: Good

Appears in: Soulcalibur V

First Game: Soulcalibur V

"Back off, you. It's not that easy to take me."


Leaf is a fan made character by Anthony is Muso.

He is a main protagonist from his universe, as he is known as a super hero.



Years Before Leaf

Anthony was a young child from the twenty-first century. A fan of video games, he soon grew close to fighting games like Tekken Tag 2 and Soulcalibur V. After playing these games many times, he discovered an art of fighting. He came up with a self made style based from these video games and made up from his own mind. He was prepared to battle almost anyone in real life. He and his cousins, who were also fighters at that very time, came up with an idea of being heroes. However, an interruption from a mysterious being known as 'Kalatimy' was set on finding new representatives of Team Kalatimy. As four passing heroes grew old, it needed new ones to form. The boys were it's best shot, so, giving them the mark of Kalatimy, they grew super strength and resistance.

The Young Trio

At the age of twelve, Leaf and his cousins were popular with their simple ways of fighting crime: surrender, fight, or a battle against the Australian police force. The community decided them as heroes, and even shook hands with the Australian Prime Minister. At thirteen, Leaf had aquirred his first weapon: a double bladed sword. He learned effective techniques and had only lost fourteen fights: All of which were sparring matches. However, he felt that he needed a weapon change, thus changing to a longer, singular-bladed sword. He and Sharkman later also got their hands on special contact lenses which could fire small lasers. Leaf's were made specialy to go through his sunglasses which he wore to cover his eyes. By age fourteen, Leaf, Sharkman and Rex were national heroes.

The Survival Tournament

As his popularity had risen, Joel Janiguaur had invited him to the Survival fighting tournament in Newcastle, Australia. While none of the Kalamity members won, their main goal was still accomplished. However, they were invited to another one. Not knowing the true nature behind the tournament led to an assassination attempt. It failed, as and his Kalamity were about to throw the first punch each in the second tournament, when there was an interruption in the time-space continum, sending Leaf and others in the tournament into the world of Soulcalibur.

Soulcalibur V

Leaf was in some city. A city. He couldn't recognise it, and tried to ask around, until he realised that no one spoke English. Except for one fine hero of the city, who challenged Leaf, claiming him to be a malfested. He lost, and Leaf realised he was not in his world anymore.


Leaf uses hand to hand combat plus his laser contact lenses, and his sword style. However, due to the nature of the Soul Universes' warriors, he only uses his sword to engage combat in these times.


"Prepare for battle!" 1P Intro quote

"Let's have some fun!" 1P Intro quote

"I'm ready." 1P/2P Intro qupte

"It's time to battle." 2P Intro quote

"Game on."2P Intro quote

"Let's fight like hounorable men." Intro quote sometimes said to male characters

"After you, madam. I am a gentleman, even in battle." Intro quote sometimes said to female characters, Voldo (rarely)

"My fists are clearly better than that sword, Joel." Intro quote against Joel

"Break a leg. I mean it literaly." 1P Intro quote against Joel

"Yeah, I know it's big." 2P Intro quote against Joel

"Quit with the monolouge and fight me already!" 2P Introl quote against Joel

"May this be a gentlemanly duel of gentlemen." Intro quote againt Siegfried

"You desperate for battle or something?" Intro quote against Sharkman, Rex, Caleb and Ethan

"Let's spar, Caleb, so we will become strong enough to fight aganst the Soul Edge." Intro quote against Sharkman and Caleb

"Ethan, now isn't really the time."  Intro quote against Rex and Ethan

"Why must you remain silent as Rex? Even when we are not surrounded by people?" 2P Quote against Rex and Ethan in stages without spectators

"No more!"

"This is it!"

"He... yeah..." After combos

"This is how it's done." After combos

"Sorry Caleb!" After combos against Sharkman and Caleb

"My apologies!" After combos on Siegfried, Sharkman, Caleb, Rex and Ethan

"I will never give up against you." During battle after Joel says "Give up", "Prepare to die", or "Die".

"This is..." Apon starting a critical edge

"your..." During critical edge

"finest moment!" On final hit of critical edge.

"Yeah, I talk to myself." after critical edge

"Sorry, madam." After critical edge on female characters.

"You fight worse than a woman! *laughs* That was out of character..." After critical edge or win quote against Nightmare

"Your timing was off..." Apon striking a character when they just enable a critical edge

"NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!" when KO'd

"Ow!" when KO'd

"Nice moves... argh!" when KO'd

"You..." when KO'd by Joel

"I... argh." when KO'd by Joel

"You were an hounourable fighter." win quote

"Great fight." win quoter

"I applaud your spectacular performance." win quote

"Go home, Joel. It's over. I know you don't want to admit but..." win quote against Joel

"Great. Time to take down Joel!" win quote against Sharkman, Caleb, Rex and Ethan

"You did well, Caleb." Win quote against Sharkman or Caleb

"Good job, Ethan!" Win quote against Rex or Ethan

(Side note: these quotes aren't said in game.)

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