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Alluid is a character in the Soulcalibur universe, made and used by the user Alluid. He first appeared in Soulcalibur III, and has appeared in all of the main Soulcalibur games since then.

What lies in his soul is Wrath.


Soulcalibur III

At the time of Soulcalibur III, Alluid's family had been slaughtered in his home, and while investigating their murders, arobed man with a scythe came up to him, and revealed that he had knowledge on what massacred Alluid's family. The man said that by following the trail of the Azure Knight, he would find his answers. Realizing that the murderer was a wielder Soul Edge, he set out to avenge his family. Upon seeing the atrocities that Soul Edge and Soul Calibur caused, he vowed to destroy those tainted by either sword and became feared as a pale demon, slaying all who coveted the twin swords or had been infected by one, and had proceeded to Ostrhiensburg.

Soulcalibur IV

When he finally arrived at Ostriensburg, the Tower of Lost Souls had appeared, as well as the Soul Weapon's creator, Algol. Algol's appearance gave him an idea, that if Algol was destroyed, Soul Calibur and Soul Edge would also be destroyed. And thus he ascended the tower, determined to execute the Hero-King.

Soulcalibur V

In the years since the last appearance of the Soul Weapons, Alluid had become something of a myth. A demon, filled with hate, had been slaughtering anybody who claimed to have knowledge of either sword. This uncontrollable wrath only grew when he heard that both still existed, and thus he started carving a crimson abyss wherever he tred, becoming more feared than Nightmare ever was, in search of both swords and their wielders.


Soulcalibur IV

Alluid stands over Algol with a sadistic grin, and then, in a bout of pure rage, grabs him by the neck and drags him to the edge of the tower. He lets go and then repeadedly stikes Algol with his sword. When he's done, he kicks Algol off of the edge and starts laughing insanely. The laughter continues during the text-epilogue, which says,

"His wrath had stayed and turned the self-declaired crusader to turn into a monster who ravaged the remaining world with his hate."

Physical Appearance

Alluid appearance changes dramaticly over the course of the series. In Soulcalibur III he has golden hair and light white skin. Over time, however, his hair starts turning white and his skin becomes almost completely white. He initially has blue eyes, but over time they start turning purple, ending up with whites turning slightly purple as well. Throughout the series, he has kept on upper-class clothing, but his armor gets larger and more savage over time.


At the time of Soulcalibur III, Alluid is shown to be more formal in speech than other characters, though he is already slightly deranged and sadistic. When Soulcalibur IV starts, he is somewhat more sinister in speech and mannerisms, and becomes cold and mercyless, as well as having insanity that rivals Tira and other characters at the start of Soulcalibur V.

Fighting Style

His fighting style resembles Raphael's and Amy's, however it incorporates slashing attacks that various other styles use, and are either weak and fast or strong and slow. His combos and grapples deal large amounts of damage, and he has a medium amount of range. Several attacks have ring out capabilities, especially his vertical attacks. However, if his slow attacks miss, he leaves a large opening to attack.

Critical Finish

He knocks down his opponent and sticks his sword in their abdomen and, while laughing picks them up, still skewered on the sword, and slams them on the ground so that the sword's blade sticks out the back. He grabs the blade of the sword and drags their body so the sword comes out and he picks it up and laughs.

Critical Edge

He charges at them, and if it connects, he knocks them over, stands on them and slashes multiple times, ending with him throwing the opponent across the ring.


Soulcalibur III

Water Mill Valley

Soulcalibur IV

Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden

Soulcalibur V

Unknown Forest


Soulcalibur III

  • I will avenge my family!
  • The chaos shall end!
  • Cursed fool, you're in my way!
  • Poor whelp...
  • Make your peace.
  • Good, evil, none of that matters.
  • Thats... bizarre...
  • I shall end you, sir/madam.
  • I'm sorry, but I had to kill you.
  • You helpless fool...
  • You were outmatched... in many ways.
  • That was too close.
  • On one shall stop me!
  • Fool!
  • Perish!
  • Die!
  • What the..?
  • Damn!
  • Feel the pain!
  • Bask... in sorrow!
  • Go... to Hell!
  • How... is this possible?

Soulcalibur IV

  • Wielder of the sword, Prepair to die! (Said when fighting a character using any form of Soul Calibur or Soul Edge)
  • Time to die, Villan King! (Said when fighting Algol)
  • You... will die.
  • Feel my pain.
  • You fool, prepare to die!
  • Burn in hell.
  • Fear my wrath!
  • DIE, WRETCHED CUR! (Said when Critical Finish is activated)
  • Is that all? (Said after winning with a perfect)
  • Die!
  • Fear me!
  • Your soul has been eradicated.
  • Even hero kings can bleed. (Said when winning against Algol)
  • Only one to go... (Said after beating a character using any form of Soul Calibur or Soul Edge)
  • You should have stayed away.
  • Time to... die!
  • Feel my... anguish!
  • Perish... Fool.
  • How?
  • What?

Soulcalibur V

  • I shall paint the ground with your blood.
  • Time for fun.
  • You! Stay dead this time! (Said when fighting Cervantes)
  • Another beast stands before me. (Said when fighting Aeon)
  • Die hellspawn! (Said when fighting Raphiel, Voldo, Ivy, Tira, Maxi, or Kilik)
  • Another marionette that left its strings... (Said when fighting Astaroth)
  • YOU! WILL! DIE! (Said when fighting Nightmare, Elysium, or Pyhrra Omega)
  • Time for your sins to be punished. (Said when fighting Siegfried or Alpha Patroklos)
  • You caused this suffering... DIE HERO KING!!! (Said when fighting Algol)
  • Bleed.
  • Die.
  • Scream.
  • Dance for my amusement!
  • I WILL GRIND YOU TO DUST! (Upon activating Critical Edge)
  • DAMNIT! (missing with Critical Edge)
  • DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! YOU WRETCHED CUR! DIE! (Upon Critical Edge connecting)
  • What the?
  • That was cheap!
  • Burn in Hell!
  • That was fun!
  • That was pathetic.
  • Another bloodstain on my mantle
  • One less monster in the world... (Said after beating Raphiel, Voldo, Aeon, Ivy Tira, Maxi, or Kilik)
  • Only one left to go.... (Said after beating Nightmare, Alpha Patroklos, Elysium, or Sigfried)
  • HahahahahaahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA (Said after beating Algol)