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"Good to see you finally"
— Agathe

Agathe Otten (ガット・オッテン, Gatto Otten) is a character in the Soul series she makes her appearance in Soul Calibur IV.


Agathe is a tall young woman with a very pale skin, blue eyes and red hair. She has falling eyes and a perpetual smile making the harmony of her face innocent and a trustworthy blindness. She has freckles all over her body except on her face. She has an significant bosom despite an intensive training. Her posture refers to that of her grandmother, like that of a nun.


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Agathe is a benevolent woman and a loving mother. Dispite of her torment since her childhood and being Incredibly candid, she never took part in any violence and refuted quite acts of wickedness to whoever (To wonder how the desire to train for weapons came to her). Very introvert, she never parted from her mother, although a great desire to find someone who understands her was pushing her away from her. Agathe advocated down from her benevolence and her integrity by vowing to make better the days of the people she loves.

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  • Agathe is the french version of Agatha, a name derived from the Ancient Greek word ἀγαθός (agathos), wich means good.
  • Despite her Breton origin, she does not possess Breton first name because of the union of Brittany and France in 1532 which prohibited the Breton first names.
    • Her name is from her paternal great grandmother who bore the same first name, similarly given also in Germany. At this time it was common to have the same name as its grandparents.
    • Due to the union of Brittany and France in 1532, she's french and not breton.



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