Birthplace Unknown (Raised in Shuri, Ryukyu Kigdom)
Birthdate April 12
Age 19
Height 5"5
Weight 119 lbs
Blood Type O
Weapon Bo Staff
Weapon Name Iron Bo
Fighting Style Gotan Ryu Style Bo

Partents, (deceased)

Damian, brother, (deceased)

Appears in

Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

First Game Soul Calibur III

What lies in her soul is Grief.


Danielle doesn't remember where she is from. All she knew was her name and her brother whom she cared deeply for. As they were young, they lived off of whatever they could find in the woods. Danielle saw a temple and snuck inside to steal food for her brother. While she was about to leave, she was caught by the master of the temple's daughter. They engaged in a heated battle with Danielle losing. The master, Tesuru, saw the whole fight and applauded her skill. He invited her and her brother to stay.

Over the years, Danielle became his top student, overshadowing his daughter, Mortikai. One night, Tesuru died in his sleep. Mortikai took over in his place.

When Danielle was coming home, she saw Damian, now with red clothes and his hair changed from black to white, and he had a glow in his eyes. He had killed half the village in an insane rage and she had no choice but to kill him before he killed someone else. Being caught in the middle of a sea of dead bodies, people automatically assumed that she was th one who did the killings, but she didn't care. She killed the only family she had. She ran away.

In her travels, Danielle, who now remains silent, found that Soul Edge was what possessed her younger brother. She sought out to find the evil power and destroy it so no one would suffer the same fate.

Soul Calibur III

Danielle came across a young samurai named Raizo. He sought out power to destroy his enemies. He followed her without her saying a word about it. In their travels, a young woman begins stalking them. The young girl, Tae, knew Raizo and wanted to kill Danielle because she started spending so much time with him. She seemed dellusional and created an image where she and Raizo were in love and Danielle was trying to set them apart. She tried to avoid her as much as possible. While they traveled to the west, Tae confronted her alone and Danielle knocked her over the edge of a waterfall.

Sou Calibur IV

Danielle had frequently been attacked by various warriors. All of them claimed they were sent by their "master". One of the warriors was a girl she remembered from the temple. The girl's name was Sayuri and she claimed, "You'll pay for what you've done." Danielle decided to go back to the temple and find out what happened. While there, everyone shunned her. She found that the whole village thought that she was responsible for her brother's ruthless killings. She went to Mortikai who she knew saw the whole thing.Mortikai claimed that she saw her kill everyone and engaged her in a battle, resulting in her killing Mortikai.


&nbsp Danielle is tortured by memories of killing her brother. She felt as if she had failed him and her only purpose in life was to protect her brother. She decided she would avenge him and make sure nobody would suffer the same as he did. Danielle remains silent due to the fact that she feels that she has failed. Although silent, she says small statements only to Raizo. She had fallen in love with him.


Soul Calibur III

Danielle and Raizo are standing in a field. Raizo wraps his arm around her shoulders.

Input Ending: Danielle blushes and moves Raizo's arm from around her. She clears her throat and says."We should get going." She walks away and Raizo follows after her.

No Input Ending: Danielle blushes and Raizo pulls her closer. She says, "Umm,w-we should get going."

"Not yet." He replies. "I want to stay like this for a little while."

Soul Calibur IV

She stands in front of Algol's body.

"Why do you hesitate? I don't need mercy. Not after what I have done." Algol says. She grabs Soul Calibur.

"I place no blame on you." she says. "Because I understand." She walks over to Soul Edge. Raizo runs to her but stops. "This power is nothing but true evil." She positions the sword. "It only brings pain to the ones we love. That is why I must destroy it." She swings at Soul Edge. the screeen fades to white. Danielle is heard saying, "Come on Raizo. Let's go."

A text-epilogue shows and says, "By her children, we know that she no longer lived in grief. And lived in happiness."

Fighting Style

Danielle uses a giant iron staff as a weapon. Most of her attacks are vertical and easy to avoid but deal a great amount of damage. However, her swinging attacks and her horizontal strikes are less hard to avoid. Her low attacks deal less damage but are easy to do. Some of her attacks lack speed, but her power makes up for it. She is a mid to high tier character.

Critical Finish

Danielle prepares for her critical finish with no words. She throws a few attacks at the opponent and stops. She spins the bo at a rapid speed and finishes with one final blow. She end by saying nothing, but if the critical finish is done against Raizo, she says, "I'm sorry."


Soul Calibur III

Nagoyaka Garden- Night

Set on a bridge looking over a river of water. Set underneath a red cherryblossom tree, petals fall onto the water and the bridge. The moonlight illuminates the water as it glistens and lights up the night. Legend says that on the night of the full moon, peace and tranquility comes over even the most corrupt man.

Soul Calibur IV

Nagoyaka Garden- Snow

Same as SCIII but it is winter and snow covers everything.


Soul Calibur III

"You sure you want to fight?"

"Don't take me lightly."

"All right."

"We should get going." - Said in Danielle's ending.

"I told you."

Soul Calibur IV

"Okay, let's go."

"You want to fight me?"

"Okay then."

"I told you."

"That's what you get."

"I'm sorry."

"I place no blame on you."- Said to Algol in Danielle's ending


-Older sister to Damian

-Rival to Mortikai

-Rival to Tae

-Love interest to Raizo

-Her signature color is navy blue

-She and her brother show signs of being Caribbean. They both talk with a slight Caribbean accent

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