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The Jyuri is an organization of characters in Soul Calibur V . ==Members==* Trudy (Master of The Katana)* Chester (Prospector of Foundation)* Jessica Ran (Sorcerer of Creation)* Jyua (Shaman of Origin)* Setsuka*Jessie (Servant of Setsuka)==Various Members==*Viola*Rudiger*Oichi*Chiyome and other unnamed membersThey do not have a stage itself, but in two stages in which you battle them these stages has its effects.
Trudy has the effect of all attacks are Guard Break the first time you face and the effect of all attacks are Unblockable the last time you faced.
Chester stage is the purpose of slippery, wet, combined with his title "Prospector of Foundation". Jyua has the effect of "wind", where you are pulled to the side of the stage, rising the chances of a quick Ring Out. Jessie has the effect of an earthquake, which begins a countdown to the ground shaking and, if you don't jump, you stop what are you doing and shake, opening chances to take damage. When you face her in the last time, she uses the earthquake and the same power Keres (In Tale of Soul), Abelia in chronicle 18 and Girardott in chronicle 15. ==Weapons==* Japura (Jyua)* Kingslayer (Chester)* Juzumaru (Trudy)* Nakuine (Jessie)* Moonlight (Setsuka)==Trivia==*All of them consider themselves family and protect each other in battle.*Setsuka is also part of The Jyuri. She is the leader.*The Jyuri contains only male and female characters.

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