Exhibition Mode, or Exhibition Videos, is a mode which features a number of videos of characters from the Soul series and performing "katas" with their weapon of choice. They can be seen in Soulcalibur, Soulcalibur II and Soulcalibur III. Some of the stages in the Soul Calibur kata change depending on the time of day, or year in real life, such as Hwang's stage alternating between day and night. In Soulcalibur II, hardly any of the katas are set in the character's own stage (for example, Maxi's kata takes place in Yun-seong's stage, which he tends to use more than Yun-seong). Some character's katas are not of their fighting skills, but something else. Examples include: Raphael, who dances; Lizardman, who jumps off a statue in Soulcalibur; Charade, who assembles itself; and Olcadan who meditates. Some of these katas are identical, such as Kilik and Seong Mi-Na, and Mitsurugi and Yoshimitsu (despite the fact that Mitsurugi and Yoshimitsu don't have the exact same style).