Ellie is a non-playable character in Soulcalibur IV, although she can be easily created in Character Creation. She is found in the Tower of Lost Souls albeit only in the descend path. In floors 5, 25, and 35 of the descent, Ellie is a boss. She wears the cat costume found in Character Creation and is similar in looks to her relative Silvia. In floor 5 she fights alone, in floor 25 she fights alongside Silvia and in floor 35 she fights with Silvia and Tira She comes in a variety of colors depending on her fighting style. The colors she comes in are green, white, black, yellow, and red. She can be a really tough opponent. Her main weakness is the skill Evil Sword Berserk. This skill will randomly cancel an Ellie's attack and will damage Ellie's HP.

Fighting Styles

Ellie has five fighting styles. Ivy, Xianghua, Seong Mi-na, Voldo, and Maxi are the fighting styles of Ellie. Her main fighting style is Ivy's weapon style and her weakest style is Maxi's. All her weapons are joke weapons. Magical Sausage, Foxtail, Open-Handed Slap, Pasticcere, and Maracas are the names of Ellie's weapons.


Ellie has many different skills for each of her fighting styles. Evil Sword Berserk and Nullify Ring Out A are present skills in all of her fighting styles.


  • Evil Sword Berserk
  • Auto Counter A
  • Nullify Ring Out A
  • Auto Unblockable Attack A


  • Evil Sword Berserk
  • Venom Fang B
  • Nullify Ring Out B
  • Shave Damage B

Seong Mi-na

  • Evil Sword Berserk
  • HP Drain B
  • Nullify Ring Out A
  • Auto Grapple Break A


  • Evil Sword Berserk
  • Soul Gauge Recovery A
  • Nullify Ring Out A
  • Switch Speed Up


  • Evil Sword Berserk
  • Appeal
  • Nullify Ring Out A

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