Name: Voldo

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25

Height: 183 cm (5'11")
Weight: 79 kg (173 lb)
Blood Type: A
Family: All deceased
Weapon: Katar
Style: Own Style

 After the Discovery of the
new world, Europ entered a
new era of trade, art and wars
driven by colonization and

 The time was right for
merchants to make a fortune.

 One such Italian merchant
dealt with the invincible
Spanish Armada and grew rich
from supplying weapons. He
became known as "The Merchant
of Death."

"You will bring me the
legendary swords, 'SoulEdge!'"

 This merchant, named Vercci,
heard the whispered rumors of
"an object that would satisfy
every earthly desire." He
started a scheme to find the
mystical weapons.

 Vercci's younger brothers
opposed his plan. Strange how
they were soon recruited into
the army and out of his way.
He promoted his right-hand
man, Voldo, to lead the search

 Vercci used every means
necessary to track down
"SoulEdge." Mercenary armies
searched the land for him,
and when that didn't work,
cut-throats and pirates
scoured the seven seas; but
to no avail...

 Growing furious with his
aides, Vercci decided to lead
the search himself and took
his fleet to sea.

 He took his fleet around the
Cape of Good Hope and headed
east. Along the way, he
acquiredrare exotic arms and
riches at Easter ports. Then,
he received the news.

"No! This cannot be!"

 In his homeland, war had
broken out between the two
great powers. "The Italian

 The flames of war had finally
reached the politically
unstable Italy.
Ironically, the target of these
invaders was the "Merchant
of Death" himself.
To return would be suicide.

 Vercci's home had been seized
and destroyed. All his wealth
was gone. All he had left was
his fleet and their treasures.
His anger turned into real

"I will not lose my treasure!
They'll never find it!"

 Vercci and his fleet sailed
to an uninhabited island. His
crew dug a massive pit.
A vault, guarded with deadly
traps, housed Vercci's
remaining treasure and
weapons. Voldo then executed
the crew, lest they give away
the vault's location. For his
loyalty, he was sealed alive
inside the vault.

 By the time the vault was
finished and sealed, the
"Italian Wars" had ceased.

 But Vercci never made it back
to Italy alive.

 Voldo went blind and insane
from his years in the pit. His
only reason for being was to
guard Vercci's secret treasury.

 Only Voldo's talent for murder
remained keen after all those
lonely years...

   The Secret Treasury

 This secret money pit is
where the millionaire Vercci
stores his fortune. Lying at
the bottom of a 50 meter pit
on a desert island surrounded
by deadly rip-tides, this
treasure island is indeed

 The ghostly voice of the
long-dead Vercci rung in
Voldo's ears.

"Voldo, protect my treasure!"

Sophitia Alexandra
Age: 18
Born: Mar.12
Weapon: Omega Sword
Style: Athena

   Emotional Goddess

 Sophitia received the divine
relevation from the God of
Forge, Hephaestus. She received
her sword and shield from the
God himself.

 Beat her!

 Voldo enjoyed slaying the
intruder Sohpitia. The voice
of his master spoke again.

"Well done, Voldo. Feel free
to use another weapon from my

 Voldo selected the razor-sharp
"Full Moon."


 Another foolhardy adventurer
made his way into the Money

 Voldo kneeld at Vercci's
throne and uttered a promise.

"Master, I will slay him."

Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Aug.8
Weapon: Blue Storm
Seung's long blade

   The Hero in a warlike Age

 An excellent student in
Seung's school, he has been
commissioned by the coastal
defense force to find the
"Patriot Sword - SoulEdge."
His travels have ended up

 Strike him while in the air
to win!

 The pieces of Hwang had not
cooled when the voice returned
to Voldo's mind.


Even to his addled mind, these
words have great meaning.

 Finally, Voldo recalls
Vercci's vain search for the
powerful weapon.

"Bring  me SoulEdge!"

"Master, I will not fail you.
I will find your 'SoulEdge.'"

 Recalling Vercci's information
on the legendary weapons, he
leaves the pit for the first
time in decades in search of
the swords.

   Capturing Ostrhinesburg

 The castle of the Knight
Stefan is being hard pressed
as he vainly defends against a
siege by Marquis Andre and his
powerful cannons.

 The castle is siad to contain
weapons from all over the

 Voldo carved his way through
the enemy's troops as he headed
for the front gate. The castle
shuddered from impacting

 A young swordsman with a huge
sword blocked Voldo's way to
the tower.

"Monster! You may not take a
step further!"

 Voldo snarled and muttered.


Age: 16
Born: Feb.6
WeaponL Faust
Style: Own Style

   Innocent Darkside

 Seeking revenge for his
father's death, he searches
for "SoulEdge." He presently
is the captain of the Stefan's

 The castle will fall soon.
Beat him within the time limit.

 After a vicious battle, Voldo
slew Seigfried. Stefan's armory
did not hold "SoulEdge."
Voldo took the "Iron Claw"

   "Cervantes de Leon"

 The Spanish port was once
flourishing but now lies quiet.
Voldo remembered meeting with
Cervantes, a pirate hired by
Vercci to find "SoulEdge."
Maybe he had the swords.

 On the foul ship, Voldo found
a man with a pair of curious
swords and a wicked grin. The
swords glowed intensely.

"Ah, yes. Vercci. I have his
swords. Too bad he is dead.
Now join him!"

"SoulEdge!" Voldo growled and
sprung like a panther to
the attack!

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: poosessed

   The Immortal Pirate

 Once he was the most feared
pirate on the seven seas. Upon
taking up Vercci's search for
"SoulEdge," he was never
heard of again!

 The enemy takes pride in his
invincible strength. Survive
his attack to win!

 Voldo fought Cervantes to a

"If I can't kiil you,"
the pirate said;"I will banish
you to the ends of the earth!"

With a roar and a flash of light
Voldo suddenly disappeared!

   The Unknown Land

 In a savannah in North
America lies a gigantic crater.
Mysterious megaliths cover
the area.

 The locals fear this holy
area. Nobody ever comes here

 Voldo awoke to find himself
in this strange place. Where
was Cervantes?

 Voldo wandered around and
eventually met a small boy.
The boy led him back to his
home and to a big man.

"Bangoo! Stay away from

 The man shouted and lunged
at Voldo.

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Weapon: Stone Club
Style: Own Style

   Reckless Commando

 He was orphaned as a child
and grew up in the wilds of
North America. Voldo's strange
appearance with his adopted
son Bangoo filled him with
fear. He lunged instinctively.

 He has amazing stamina. Beat
him with a ring-out.

 Rock plummeted off the edge
of the megalith.


Rock groaned and passed out.

"Rock!" The boy ignored Voldo
as he ran to Rock's side.

 Voldo left this strange land
and headed east...

   The Pirate Fortress

 Noto castle is the
headquarters of Noto-Murakami
and the Setonai pirates. (also
known as the Mouri sea force)
The fortress occupies the
entire islan. Naval ports act
as a sea barrier as well as
keeping the pirate ships well

 It is said that rare arms
are collected and stored here.

 Voldo arrive by trading ship
and sneaked into the castle
under the cover of night.

 As he left the armory, he was
discovered by the guard.

"Wait!" A samurai leapt out to
block him.

"What kind of monster are you?
I will find out with my sword!"

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Iron Slasher
Style: Mitsurugi

   The Lone Swordsman

 He is a samurai who won fame
as a master swordsman. He was
planning on travelling overseas
in search of "SoulEdge" and
was working as a guard to pay
for his passage.

 Beat him within the time

 Mitsurugi suffered a defeat
at the hands of Voldo.

 Voldo took the "Guillotine"
from the armory and left.

   The Canyon

 The gorge, "San Kyo" is
located in the middle reaches
of the Yangtze, one of the
greatest rivers in China.

 Voldo traveled down the
Yangtze on a raft.

 A man's voice echoed down.

"Surrender your raft and

 The man leapt down to the
raft, he brandished a strange

 Voldo almost avoided the
man's attack, but its blade
nicked his skin. A numbness
started to spread over his

 The man's weapon must be

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct,23
Snake Wind
Matchless Dragon

   Rage of the Executor

 Li is an assassin from the
Ming Dynasty. He was on his
way to Japan to kill Mitsurugi
and avenge the death of his
love, Chie.

 Beat him before the poison

 Voldo was weakened by Li
Long's poison, but still over
-came the assassin's attack.

 Defeated, Li Long gave Voldo
the antidote and the weapon
"Poison Arrow."


 There is a secret arena
where fierce warrios gather
to battle for rare and valuable

 Voldo stumbled upon this
hidden place in his travels.

 As Voldo entered the great
colosseum, his blind eyes could
not read the sign:


          A WEAPON!


 Beat all enemies!

 Voldo was victorious over
all four combatants.

 The prize was the "Buffalo

   The desert

 There is a desert in central
Asia. It is the hardest stretch
fro travelers to cross.

 Voldo stopped to rest at the
ruine of an ancient castle.

 He was suddenly attacked from

"I was here first! The sword
is mine!"

 Voldo reeled from the powerful
blow as he turned to face a
masked woman.

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Kunai
Dream-slashed sword

   The Underground Hunter

 She is a ninja who kills
demons for a living. She
believes her own magic sword
"Rekkimaru" is being affected
by the evil sword "SoulEdge."
Her search brought her to these

 Defeat the enemy in this
desperate situation !

 Against incredible odds,
Voldo still managed to defeat
Taki. The ruins didn't hold
"SoulEdge." but Voldo found
the weapon "Pata."

 Voldo headed for Spain where
Cervantes awaits.

   Decisive Battle

 Voldo, once again arrived at
Cervantes' Spanish port town.

 Nothing but silence greets
his return.

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: Possessed

   The Immortal Pirate

"Look who is bacl. Vercci's
lap dog. Your devotion to the
Death Merchant will only bring
you death!"

 Defeat him!

 "I was looking for these.
Only these were my regret."
Voldo found the swords at last
and kneeld down slowly.

 He did not remember how to
express joy, but he was sure
his master would.
Holding "SoulEdge" in his
hands, he pressed the swords
to his cheek lovingly.

 When Voldo returned to his
"home," he set "SoulEdge"
into the place of honor. His
master's weapon collection was
completed at last. Voldo
felt a great sense of relief

Deep underground, there is a
throne made of glittering gold
and countless gems. On this
throne, sits Voldo, obedient
to the new command of his
long-dead master.

"Guard SoulEdge until the end
of time!"

 Voldo still sits...

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