Name: Taki

Age: 22
Born: ?

Height 170 cm (5'6")
Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Blood Type: A
Family Structure:
Parents & Siblings (deceased)
Teacher: Taki
Weapon: Rekkimaru
Dream-slashed sword

 Taki is a highly skilled
ninja working as a demon
hunter. As an orphan, she was
brought up by a ninja master
named Toki.
She is an expert spy and a
great schemer in this age of
the Civil War. Many military
commanders employed ninjas,
but Taki works for herself.

 Taki does not have a base of
operations for she is one of a
ninja clan now living in

 Among this ninja clan, many
have extraordinary abilities
that have been lost or
forgotten by the general

 Having been blessed with
supernatural powers, Taki
chose to travel throughout
Japan to conquer the evil and
vindictive demons who threaten
ordinary people.

 Taki forged her own weapons
which she did with great love
and care.

 Among all her custom weapons,
her favorite was "Rekkimaru"
which held supernatural powers

 However, "Rekkimaru's" power
had began to weaken and about
this time, rumors concerning an
"Evil Sword" began spreading
from southern countries.

The seal at the shrine which
confined the ancient Fury
demons was weakening. Taki
was called to solve this

 The shrine was full of evil
spirits, demons, and ghosts.
"Look at them all! Nothing
like a good challenge."

 She drew her faithful
"Rekkimaru" and sliced at
the demon leader.

"What's happened here?"

 The demon still stood before
her. After several attacks,
the spirit vanished. She was
extremely surprised.

"This can't be possible. I usually
kill these things in one

 Her sword "Rekkimaru" was
displaying an unusual loss
of power.

 After sealing the shrine,
Taki began to think about what
was happening. Something was
affecting her beloved sword,
but what could it be?

 She knew there was no such
thing in Japan.

"What of that rumor of the
evil sword, 'SoulEdge'?"

 "The sword must be close.
There's no other explanation
for this strange phenomenon."

 Taki decided to investigate
this evil sword.

 "If there's even the
slightest chance of saving
my favorite sword "Rekkimaru",
I would travel the world for

The Shrine of Confined Demons

 The Shrine of Confined
Demons is surrounded by
bamboo. It now contains
demons nad spirits sealed
in by Taki.

 Taki was told that her
seal had broken.

"So soon?"

"It is unusual for the seal
to be broken so quickly."

 When she returned, Taki saw
a demon different to the ones
she had previously sealed away.

" ... destroy Ninja .... "

 Taki realized that this was
a man manipulated by the evil
spirit which filled the shrine.

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon: Katar
Style: Own Style

   Hell Guardian

 Carrying out the will of
his deceased master, Vercci,
he left on a journey to find

 Upon reaching the shrine,
Voldo was possessed by the
evil spirit, his evilness
being magnified by the

 There is no way of defeating
him inside this shrine. Knock
him out of the Ring!

 After defeating the demon
Voldo, Taki sealed his spirit
inside her "Iron Fan."

 "What wonder!" Taki
noticed that the "Spiritual
Sword" used to seal the
shrine, was missing.

"Without it, those demons
will be released again. I
must recover that sword."

   The Pirate's Castle

 The headquarters, Noto castle,
belongs to Noto-Murakami and
the Setonai pirates (Mouri
sea force).

It is a pirate fortress that
occupies the entire island.
It has naval ports and serves
as a sea barrier.

 Taki heard of a Demon-Slaying
samurai, Mitsurugi. She went
after him, hoping to recover
the "Spiritual Sword."
She arrived at the castle.

"He must be the one!"

The samurai guarding the
castle had Taki's sword at
his belt.

"Who's there? Come out!" he

"You! Heishiro Mitsurugi!

Give me back the sword from
the shrine"

 Taki leapt to the attack.

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Weapon: Korefuji
Style: Mitsurugi

   The Lone Swordsman

 He is a great samurai with a
taste for collecting swords.
While planning a worldwide
search for "SoulEdge,"
Mitsurugi was hired to guard
the castle in exchange for
using Noto's ship.

 Defeat the enemy within the
time allowed.

 Taki defeated Mitsurugi and
repossessed her sword. The
other guards chased her but
she eluded them and returned
to the empty castle where she
took "Mekkimaru," the treasure
sword with power to break
evil spirits.

 She returned to the shrine
and re-sealed it, then headed
off to find information on the
evil sword.

   The Narrow Gorge

 The deep and narrow gorge
called "San Kyo" is located
in the middle reaches of
Yangtze River, one of the
great rivers of China.

 Arriving on the continent,
Taki heard further rumors of

 Traveling down the river on
a raft, surrounded by sheer
cliffs, she heard a man's
voice echoing in the deep fog.

"You! I heard you're looking
for 'SoulEdge.'"

 The next opponent, a man with
a fearsome smile and strange
looking weapon jumped on the

"Sorry, but I must find that
sword first!"

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct.23
Snake Wind
Matchless Dragon

   Rage of the Executor

 He is a royal assassin who
was sent to Japan.
He returned only to find his
lover, Chie, murdered.
He searches for "SoulEdge"
hoping it will lead him to
her killer.

 Defeat the enemy using the
Throw technique.

 Taki defeated the skillful
Li Long in battle.


 Li Long uttered as he threw
himself into the river and
disappeared. "A very skilled
opponent. I guess he was more
than just a thief."

 Taki continued her journey
to find evil sword.

   The Fighting Arena

 This is a secret fighting
arena attracting strong men
from all over the world.

 Taki arrived here during
her journey and entered the

 Gain victory over every

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Weapon: Iron Slasher
Style: Mitsurugi

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Born: Nov.3
Weapon Zanbatoh
Seung's long blade

Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Aug.8
Mountain Breaker
Seung's long blade

More opponents to be announced.

 First match :
    Heishiro Mitsurugi

 Second match :
    Seung Mi Na

 Third match :
    Hwang Sung Kyung

 Forth match :

 Despite the odds, Taki
defeated all the swordsmen
and won the weapon "Jutte."

   Eurydice Shrine

 It is siad that this temple
was built by the God of Forge,
Hephaestus himself.

 There is a rumor that a girl
who received a revelation at a
forest lake was given a "Divine
Weapon" in this temple.

 The temple was tranquil
inside. In the center of
the stage, there was a girl
praying to the heavens.
Taki tried to sneak up on
her without being noticed,
butthe girl caught her.

"You too are searching for
"SoulEdge," aren't you?"

"What if I am?" Taki replied.

"If you want it, you must
challenge me first."

 The girl turned around
and her sword radiated
with powerful rays of light.

Sophitia Alexandra
Age: 18
Born: Mar.12
Weapon: Gaea Sword
Style: Athena

   Emotional Goddess

 Sophitia is the girl who
received the divine revelation
from the God of Forge. She
prevents misfortune caused by
the evil sword, and has
received her own sword and
shield tempered by the god
himself for the very
destruction of this evil

 Defeat the enemy using
the CriticalEdge technique!

 Taki defeated both Sophitia
and her double.

 As taki picked up Sophitia's
"Gaea Sword", she felt the will
of the God of Forge.

"Destroy 'SoulEdge!'"
A voice said.

        Attack on
   Ostrhinesburg Castle

 This is the castle where the
knight Stefan, who has been at
war against Marquis Andre
resides. He had bragged of
his invincibility but is now
suffering defeat from the
enemy's cannon attack.

 It is siad that he has
collected weaponry from all
over the world.

 As the cannons continued
their bombardment, Taki
snuck into the enormous
Ostrhinesburg castle.

 But, a young swordsman
holding a huge sword blocked
her way from the main tower.

"No one is allowed past this
point!" the knight said.

"I have no time to play with
a kid like you." Taki

"Why you impetuous female...!"

Age: 16
Born: Feb.6
Weapon: Flamberge
Style: Own Style

   Innocent Darkside

 He is a young mercenary who
participates in one war after
another. He too seeks
"SoulEdge" hoping to avenging
his father's death. He is
currently the mercenary captain
guarding the castle.

 The castle will fall tonight.
Defeat the enemy before sunset.

 After defeating the young
Siegfried, Taki discovered a
weapon traditionally used by
the ninja called "Kunai."

   The Money Pit

 In an isolated island, there
is a secret storage place
where the millionaire Vercci
keeps his fortune. It has a
50 meter deep pit and some
under water traps for
preventing invasions. This is
indeed an impregnable treasure

 Knowing of the island from
Voldo, Taki landed on shore
and penetrated the secret
storage place.

 She was attacked from the
behind and injured. Gradually
she felt her body grow numb.

"What's happening to me?" she

"Time for you to take a nap."

 There, stood a familiar man.

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct.23
Snake Wind
Matchless Dragon

   Rage of the Executor

 After his humiliating defeat
by Taki on the Yangtze
river, Li Long has thought of
nothing but revenge, trailing
her here even past all of the
perilous traps!

 Defeat the enemy before the
poison takes full effect!

 Li Long's attack was more
furious ever. Though poisoned,
Taki still won with her awesome

 Taki found and took the
antidote. She searched for
"SoulEdge," but found the
weaon "Tanto" instead.
The, she left the accursed

   The New continent

 In a savanna in North
America, there is a huge
crater with a forest of giant
stones in the center. The
natives called it "sacred,"
but were afraid to visit
the place.

 Taki had heard of the story of
the pirate who some thirty
years ago found "SoulEdge"
off the coast of the New World.

 To find out the truth, she
sailed across the Atlantic and
arrived on the continent.

 After wandering about, Taki
encountered a man. He reacted
violently when she uttered the
word, "SoulEdge?"


The man suddenly attacked Taki!

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Weapon: Stone Club
Style: Own Style

   The Reckless Commando

 An orphan, wandering around
the new continent, Rock
learned skills for survival
in the wild. Rock is looking
for "SoulEdge," the key
to regaining his lost memory.

 The enemy's strength is
miraculous. Knock him out
of the ring to win

 Taki used her ninja skills to
knock the giant Rock off the

 After talking with the
locals, Taki found that the
pirate had not been seen on
land. She started back for

   The Final Battle

 Not finding him in the
New World, Taki decide to
investigate Cervantes' Spanish
port base.

 Taki had never seen
"Rekkimaru" had been growing
more and more fragile.

"This time I must be close!"

 After searching the port,
Taki saw a man holding two
swords on the deck of an
anchored ship.

"You've finally found me!
I'll take your sword's power
and your soul!"

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: Possessed

   The Immortal Pirate

 He was the pirate once
feared by all shipping on the
entire Atlantic Ocean. He has
not been seen since he uner
took a mission to find
"SoulEdge" on the order of
Vercci, the Italian weapons

 This was the cause of the
disturbance. "This man,
Cervantes, doesn;t look alive.
 What an awful smell! If he
is not a mortal man, the what
is he?"

 Defeat the enemy!

 Her sword, "Rekkimaru",
which she created and
dedicated her life to,
shattered into pieces!
Not even a powerful
enemy like a Fury-Demon was
that strong.

 The demons rejoiced
at the destruction of
Taki's sword and swarmed
after her to avenge
their humiliation at
her hands. Taki grabbed
"SoulEdge" and with a
simple wave, the demons
quickly disappeared.

"Now this could be useful!"

 Taki realized that she held
a powerful weapon. But to
wield great power requires
control, lest she become like
Cervantes. Within a half year,
she was able to forge the
weapon into an obedient
servant, melding it with her
beloved "Rekkimaru".

 Not long after, the ultimate
challenge arose as the
Fury-Demons once again tried
to come forth into the mortal's

 Taki, with new weapon in
hand, met them in combat and
destroyed the demons once and
for all!

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