Sophitia Alexandra
Age: 18
Born: Mar.12

Height: 168 cm (5'5")
Weight: She would not tell us.
Blood Type: B
Family Background:
Father Ataros, Mother Niek,
Sister Kathandra, Brother
Weapon: Omega Sword
Style: Athena

 Greece, the birthplace of
Cretaceous culture. The
people's beliefs are starting
to change to the new ways, but
the ancient Gods live on in
their arts and mythologies.

 Sophitia is a tidy girl who
works in a small bakery in
Athens. She cherishes the
mythical world of her

 She often prayed to the
goddess Pallas Athena,
guardian of her town and
embodiment of wisdom and
prudent warfare. Her prayer
have not been ignored.

 One morning, as she bathed
in a forest spring, a dazzling
light shined in front of her.
The light formed the shape of
a man.

 As she stood amazed by the
sight, the man told her that
he was Hephaestus, the god of
Forge. One of the twelve
Olympian Gods.

" I'm only a mere mortal.
What can I do for you? "

" Do not fear. I only want
you to receive my oracle."

 "Among all the weapons that
mankind has created, one sword
has grabbed the attention of
the gods. The sword is true
evil. It was forged blindly
and now sucks up the hatred
and pain of its victims. Many
'deceived' seek this wicked

 "If any of them find it,
disaster will surely follow. I
will not let a creation of the
forge such as this ruin my
reputation. I want you to find
that wicked sword before
anybody else and destroy it."

 The importance of this task
was clear and she desired to
undertake it, but still she
was filled with self-doubt.

 "But I'm just a mere mortal.
Can I fulfill such a big task?"

"You are not as weak as you
think. Obtain a mighty weapon
and you can save your kind. I
have heard of you from Pallas
Athena. She says you still
believe in the Olympians.
That's why I chose you. No
other except you can hear our
oracles anymore."

" Do not worry. Come to my
temple. I will grant you the
best arms and Athena will
always be with you."

 Hephaestus then left. Silence
returned to the spring.

 Sophitia went home and
equipped herself for the
journey. She left home before
the rosy-fingereddawn arose.
May she have the protection of
the Goddes of Victory, Nike.

   Eurydice Shrine

 This temple was designed and
constructed by the god of
Forge, Hephaestus, one of
twelve Olympian Gods. It
recently lay in ruin, but due
to the power of Sophitia's
faith it has been restored to
its former glory.

 Sophitia arrived at the temple
and received the blessed sword
and shield from the god of

"Survive your first trial!"

The voice echoed in the temple.
Lightning flashed and another
Sophitia appeared before her!

Simulacrum Sophitia
Weapn: Omega Sword
Style: Athena

 She is a duplicate of Sophitia
created by the god of Forge,
Hephaestus to test her.

 She looks just like Sophitia
down to the armor she wears,
but Hephaestus controls her.

 Defeat her!

 Sophitia overcame the god's

"Well done, Sophitia."

"You eill travel the world
and waken the deceived with
your sword. Good luck..."

 She realized she had been
transported to a new and
strange land...

   Unknown Land

 A svanna in North America.
In the middle of a gigantic
crater, a mysterious group of
megaliths lie.

 The natives fear the area,
so nobody comes here. Is it a
site of power?

 In this strange place Sophitia
met a man. He gazed at her sword
and shield and then raised his
large ax.

"Put down your weapons!"

At the that momen, she heard
Hephaestus' voice. "Beat him!"

"Yes, Hephaestus..."

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Weapon: Battle Ax
Style: Own Style

   A Reckless Commando

 He was orphaned while a
child. He wandered about the
New World and acquired the
skills to survive in the
wild. He met a foreign female
swordsman and challenged her
to a fight for her beautiful

 He has amazing stamina.
Knock him out of the ring!

 Sophitia knocked Rock off
the megalith. The big man
fainted away.
The God spoke again.
"Sophitia, you are getting
better. I shall give you

 He gave her the "Gaea Sword"
which provides protection
from the goddess of the
earth. She headed West...

The Shrine of Confined Demons

 This shrine is surrounded by
bamboo. It used to hold in
"Fury-Demons." There was once
a ring of protection around
this place but it has since
been broken. These Demons now
prey on passing travellers.

 Sophitia came to this shrine
on Omi Isle to suppress the
evil that lives here.

 As she approached the shrine,
a foul creature materialized
before her. It breathed heavily
and reeked of evil.

"Gods, please protect me."

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon: Full Moon
Style: Own Style

   Hell Guardian

 To fulfill his dead master
Vercci's will, he searched for
"SoulEdge. As he approached
the shrins, he was possessed
by a Fury-Demon and has now
become one.

 He has incredible recovery
power. Beat him with constant

 As Sophitia beat Voldo, he
was freed from the spell. She
gave Voldo's evil weapon to
Hephaestus. As a reward, he
gave her the "Sword Breaker."

   Ancient Temple

 Mount Chii towers over the
southern edge of the Korean
Peninsula. There is a historic
temple at the foot of the

 It is said that the temple
was build in the fourth
century. The stage in front
of this temple is used for
training by the students at
Seung's school.

 A girl called out to Sophitia.

"You're not from these parts,
are you? I see you also carry
a sword. Can you use it?"

 The girl challenged her to a
fight with a long sword.

"Is this a trial?"

But the Gods did not answer her.

"I don't wish to fight without
a reason."

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Born: Nov.3
Weapon: Tiger Fang
Seung's long blade

   "Heart & Soul" girl

 She is the only daughter of
the martial art school teacher
and a master swordsman. She
has been in a foul mood since
she was rejected from the
coastal defense force and will
challenge anyone in a fight.

 Survive her attack within
the time limit.

 Though Sophitia was puzzled
by this sudden challenge, she
engaged Seung Mi Na. Then...

" Mi Na! Stop that!"

"Uh-oh. That's my father. Now
I'm in real trouble!"

 Mi Na turned and ran away
from Sophitia. She shouted
back as she ran.
"I'll let you go this time!"

Surprised, Sophitia watched
her leave.

   The Desert

 There is a desert in the
central Asia. It's the hardest
part for the travellers who are
crossing the continent
overland. Nothing but the
ruins of an ancient Chinese
fortresses lay in the sand.


 Sophitia entered the ruins
of the fortress. She felt that
someone was sneaking up to her,
so she looked back. "Who are you?"
"Give me back the shrine's
sword." The stranger said.
"What are you talking about?"

 Sophitia was confused as the
stranger pounced upon her without
mercy. "It seem there's no
way to avoid this fight, is

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Rekkimaru
Demon-slashed sword

   The Underground Hunter

 She is a ninja who kills demons
for a living. She came to this
land following Sophitia to
retrieve ther weapon taken away
from the shrine. (The sword
she gave to Hephaestus.)

 Due to the hard trek across
the desert. Sophitia is
exhausted. Beat Taki with what
little energy you have.

 Sophitia repulsed Taki. She
took the "Fire Blade" that
the ninja dropped as she ran


 There is a secret colosseum
where fierce warrios gather
from all over the world.
Sophitia arrived at the
colosseum in time for the
contest. "Prove yourself and
win the prize." The God told

 Defeat all three fighters.

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Weapon: Water Moon
Style: Mitsurugi

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Born: Nov.3
Weapon: Morning Star
Seung's long blade

Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Aug.8
Weapon: Falchion
Seung's long blade

 In mortal combat, Sophitia
defeated the following three

First match
  Japanese Samurai,
  Heishiro Mitsurugi

Second match
  Tomboy, Seung Mi Na

Third match
  Hwang Sung Kyung, who's
  trained in the same fighting
  style as Mi Na.

 Sophitia got the "Blue
Crystal Rod" as a prize.

   The Secret Treasury

 The secret treasury that
hids the Italiam Vercci's
treasures. It was built on the
unknown isolated island at the
bottom of a huge pit, 50m deep.
It is truly an impregnable
"Treasure Island."

 Sophitia avoided the pit's
traps and arrived at the secret
treasury. Something poked her
from behind.


"Hi, long time no see."

Taki, the Japanese Ninja stood
behind her.

 Sophitia realized she had
been poisoned as the strength
left her body. Taki leapt at
her with an unknown weapon.

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Jutte
Dream Slashed sword

   The Underground Hunter

 She is looking for the
"evil sword" in order to
strengthen her own beloved
sword. She still believes
Sophitia has the evil sword
from Japan.

 Sophitia is poisoned.
Overcome this condition
and beat her.

 Sophitia defeated Taki once
again. The Ninja fled in shame,
leaving Sophitia alone.

 She took the "Rapier" from
the treasury.

      The Capture of
   Ostrhinesburg Castle

 Sir Stefan is at war with
the Marquis Andre.
His "invulnerable" castle
is suffering heavy damage
under the Marquis' modern

"There is a young man here
who has a deep attachment to
the wicked sword. Save him
from being pulled into the
dark side."

 Sophitia was led to the
castle by the god's voice,
where she found Siegfried,
a young swordsmann...

"Listen to me! You are under
the wicked sword's control.
I can wake you!"

"Maybe I don't want to wake

Age: 16
Born: Feb.6
Weapon: Faust
Style: Own Style

   Innocent Darkside

 He is looking for the
invincible sword "SoulEdge"
in order to avenge his
father's death. Presently he
is the chief mercenary of the castle guards.

 Wake him up with a throw.

"Huh, what? ...Fa..father..."

 Siegfried's addled mind
cleared as Sophitia freed him
from the dark side.

 She received the "Apollo
Sword" that grants protection
from the sun god.

   Decisive Battle

 Sophitia tracked down the
location of the wicked sword
"SoulEdge." This Spanish
port is home to the pirate
Cervantes. Ominous silence
reigned all around. The pirate
ship, Adrian, lies anchored

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: possessed

   The Immortal Pirate

 Once he was the most feared
pirate on the Atlantic. Several
decades ago, he set off towards
the New World in search of
"SoulEdge" as requested
by Vercci the Italian arms

 A fould smell hangs in the
air. A thirst for blood can
be felt here.

"It's here as I thought. I
must be right."

 Sophitia felt an evil
presence emanating from the

 She trusted the gods'
protection and climbed
aboard the ship. A strange
man holding two gleaming
swords waited for her on

"The 'SoulEdge!'"

"I have been awaiting you.
You are the girl who received
the oracle. I can't wait to
feast on your pure soul!"

 Beat Cervantes and destroy
the wicked sword SoulEdge!


 Sophitia yelled and lifted
up her Omega Sword high.

 At that moment, a dazzling
light encircled her and a
thunderbolt shattered the
wicked sword "SoulEdge" into

 From the light, she could
hear the voice of Hephaestus.

"Than k you for destroying
the evil swords."

 As the light around her
diminished, her armor, shield
and sword shrank to the size
of her palm.

 Then, to the amazed Sophitia
the twelve Gods appeared before
her and thanked her for her
courage. Hephaestus smiled and
they all vanished.

 How long has passed since
Sophitia now bakes bread with
her sisters. The past seems
like a dream.

 But, she can still feel the
loving eyes of ancient gods
upon her.

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