Name: Rock

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14

Height: 175 cm (5'8")
Weight: 81 kg (178 lb)
Blood type: unknown
Family: Parents: Whereabouts
Bangoo: His orphaned ward.
Weapon: Battle Ax
Style: Own Style

 He it a giant living on the
Savannah of the New World.

 He was born "Nathaniel
William Adams" in England.
He was nicknamed "Rock"
because of his strength. His
father ran a curio store
specializing in rare weapons
and was always taken with
strange antiquities. He had a
loving mother and with it, an
idyllic childhood; until that
fateful day...

"Rock, look at the "SoulEdge."
Isn't it a beauty?"

 His father's wish had finally
been fulfilled. He showed his
son the sword in the ship's
cabin. "At last, "SoulEdge,"
the hero's sword..."

 The storm that buffeted the
ship scared young Rock to the
point of tears. His Father was
too excited to even notice.
His mother, frustrated, led
Rock to the hammock. Just then...

 Cannon fire sounded and the
ship rocked from a direct hit!
Rock screamed in terror. His
Father and Mother held him
tight as the cries of the crew
echoed: "Pirates!"

 The Spanish pirate Cervantes,
confederate of Vercci, the
Italian "Merchant of Death,"
had started his attack. His
goal was none other than

 Father ran to the ship's
storeroom to hide the"Soul
Edge," After another explosion,
Rock's Mother ran after to
stop him.

"Rock, stay here until we

 His parents never did.
Before they could, the ship

 Rock awoke on an unfamiliar
shoreline, alone

 At first, Rock cried out,
looking for his parents.
Eventually he learned to live
off the land to survive;
discarding former habits and

It was at this point that he
first came upon other living
people, a tribe native to the
area. Afraid of the "white
giant," they would not approach
him. The child Bangoo, an
orphan of tribl warfare, was
the sole consolation for Rock,
who was now an adult.

 From the natives, Rock
re-learnt about the "people
across the ocean." Faded
memoires of his parents and
even "SoulEdge" returned.

 He remembered having heard
the words "SoulEdge." It was a
word he had heard often as a
child. At bedtime, mealtime,
while being held in someone's
arms ... a hazy image formed
in his mind. If he could find
the "SoulEdge," perhaps he
could recover his own past.
He might even find his

 With his giant ax in hand,
Rock set out for the land
across the sea.

   The Journey

 Savannah, the New Worl. A
mysterious forest of megaliths
stands in the center of a wide

 After taking leave of Bangoo,
he set out on his quest to find
"SoulEdge," the key to his
memories. Rockeventualyy came
across something strange.

"What's that?"

 In this sacred site, Rock
caught sight of an inhuman

 Suspicious, he climbed to
the top of one of the
monoliths, where he spied a
man holding a strange weapon.

 The man whirled as Rock
approached and assuming a
strange position, suddenly

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon: Katar
Style: Own Style

   Hell Guardian

 Carrying out the will of his
dead master, Vercci, Voldo set
out to find the "SoulEdge."
While his sight and mind have
decayed with long years of
lowless living, he still wields
a quick sword!

 Defeat the enemy!

Rock pushed Voldo from the
edge of the monolith. The
strange man dropped a parchement
as he plunged to his fate.
Rock picked up the piece of

 At first, the letters
appeared to be meaningless
Finally, he realized that
the letters were a language.

 "S-O-U-L Edge!"

He realized that this note
was an important clue in his
search for the SoulEdge.

 Carrying a "Stone Club,"
chiseled from one of the
monoliths, he immediately
set out in the direction
of the setting sun.

The Shrine of Confined Demons

 A haunted shrine stood in a
bamboo grove. It had been
built by Taki to imprison evil
spirits. A small shrine holds
the ghost's haunted weapon.

 Rock entered the shrine and
found the weapon at the altar,
as he grabbed it, he passed out.

 When he came to, many people
wielding swords stooed before

"Kill them, cut them down!"

A voice echoed in his head.
Rock had become a homicidal

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Weapon Korefuji
Style: Mitsurugi

 A young warrior who won
fame during the war. He
quells demons.

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Rekkimaru
Dream-slashed sword

 The female ninja who sealed
the shrine.

 Defeat all who appear!

"What has ... happened to me?"

 After defeating Mitsurugi
and Taki, Rock momentarily
recovered himself. Another
Rock appeared before his eyes.

"Let me become one with myself

 At the end of the fierce
fighting, Rock was released
from the ghost's spell. He
picked up the "Crescent Ax"
from the shrine's altar.

   The Desert

 A desert region in Central
Asia. For the traveller who
had avoided the perils of the
ocean journey to cross the
continent by land, this was
the most difficult passage.

 The ruins of an ancient
Chinese citadel lay behind,
but nothing else was to be
seen on this desolate road.

 Rock searched for the
legendary weapon in the ruins
of the citadel. However, the
weapon had already been
unearthed by someone else.

 Footprints led from the
excavation site. In the
distance he spied the images
of a man and woman.

Rock yelled.

"I need that weapon!"

Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Aug.8
Weapon: Blue Storm
Style: Seung's long blade

 Searching for the "Patriot
Sword" to save his homeland.

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Born: Nov.3
Weapon: Zanbatoh
Seung's long blade

 Daughter of a warrior
family, she left home to
follow Hwang.

 Use the throw technique
to defeat them!

 Rock defeated Mi Na and
Hwang, taking the weapon
"War Hammer" which they had
unearthed. But it was not
SoulEdge. Rock travelled on.

   The Arena

 Veteran fighters from all
over the world gather here.
It is said that victors are
awarded with a priceless
weapon. Rock found his way
to the arena and took place
in the contest, hoping
win SoulEdge.

 Defeat all three oponnents!

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct.23
Weapon: Steel Dragon
Matchless Dragon

Sophitia Alexandra
Age: 18
Born: Mar.12
Sword Breaker
Style: Athena

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun.8
Weapon: Korefuji
Style: Mitsurugi

 After a fierce fight, Rock
was able to triumph over three
opponents. Li Long who used a
nunchaku; the swordswoman
Sophitia, who mounted a stout
defense with her sacred sword
and shield; and Heishiro
Mitsurugi, with whom he had
crossed swords as a demon at
the Shrine.

 The victorious Rock was
awarded the "Twin Ax" as a

   Ostrhinesburg Castle

 Castle of the knight Stefan,
at war with Marquis Andre. It
is now the height of battle
and the castle is about to
fall. Apparently, weapons
from around the world are
kept in the castle.

 As a mercenerary of Marquis
Andre. Rock participates in
the siege of Ostrhinesburg
Castle, defended by Sir

 Rock, whose goal is the
weapons stored there, breaks
into the huge castle. Mounting
a furious charge against the
enemy, he heads for the main
tower where the weapons are
"Barbarian! So the invasion
has come this far!"
Suddenly, a young soldier in
armor blocked Rock's way.

Age: 16
Born: Feb.6
Hard Steel Blade
Style: Own Style

 A young mercenary searching
for the "SoulEdge," with which
to defeat his father's enemies.

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct.23
Weapon: Snake Wind
Matchless Dragon

 An assassin searching for
the "SoulEdge" with which to
hunt swordsmen.

 Take down the two foes
within the alloted time!

 Upon defeating the mercenary
castle defender Siegfried
and the assassin Li Long
from the East, who sought
the weapons in the castle;
Rock obtained the weapon
"Cross Ax," just as the castle

   The Secret Treasury

 A secret storehouse hiding the
treasure of the millionaire
Vercci is located on a nameless,
solitary isle. Booby-traps such
as 50 m deep pits and water
traps are set everywhere to
repel invaders. It is an
impregnable Treasure Island.

 Rock proceeded to the island
to find Vercci who wrote Voldo's

 Following the instructions
in the note, he avoided the
booby-traps, at last arriving
in the Secret Treasury at the
bottom of a pit. In addition
to glittering treasure was a
mountain of rare weapons.

 A sharp pain shot through
him as a woman's voice came
from behind.

"If you leave quietly, I'll
spare your life."

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapn: Kunai
Dream-slashed sword

   The Underground Hunter

 She, who fought Rock at the
shrine in Japan, had been
secretly tailing him.

 Although wounded, you must
defeat the enemy.

 Rock defeated Taki despite
his wounds. He took up the
"Double Tomahawk" from the
weapons storehouse.

 Rock discovered a journal
kept in the storehouse.

 The journal contained a list
of the people commissioned by
Vercci, the owner of the
storehouse, with the search
for the "SoulEdge."

 The lsit contained the name
of the msot feared pirate in
history, Cervantes.

"Pirates ... "

 He recalled "that night," a
faint memory of which had
remained in the back of his mind.

 A sudden explosion, the jet
black sea, the skull and
crossbones flag approaching
the sinking ship ... "Could
it be the same pirate?"

 He decided to track down

   The Final Battle

 Cervantes... the pirate who
had terrorized the Atlantic.
While gathering scraps of
information, Rock visited the
Spanish port that had been
the pirate's base in search
of more reliable leads

 The area was quiet, with
no sign of people.

 As he walked around the
port, Rock was overcome by a
strange sensation he had not
experienced before, His mind
became hazy and his body
naturally led him towards a
certain ship ....

 When he camee to his senses,
several ships rocked before
him. Upon seeing a flag on
one ship, Rock's eyes opened

"Could it be ... THAT flag?"

Rock recalled that nightmare
night he could never forget.

"Could it be, this very ship
... me, my parents ...?"

 Rock climbed onto the deck.
Suddenly, a voice boomed from
behind, seeming to shake the

"I've been waiting for you.
I'll sacrifice your innocent
soul to my sacred swords!"

 A man grasping a strange
sword in both hands stood
there. In contrast to his
glittereing eyes and sword,
his pallid face showed no
sign of life.

"Pirates ... Cervantes ...

 Rock, with a war-cry,
sprung upon the man!

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: Possessed

   The Immortal Pirate

 This great pirate was feared
by all who sailed the Atlantic.
Several years ago, after
stealing SoulEdge for Vercci,
the Italian arms dealer, he

 Defeat the enmey!

 The pirate lay dead. His
parents were avenged. As his
large hands grasped SoulEdge,
the memory of a child terrified
by the storm came vividly

 His mother's smiling face,
his father's strong arms.
Warm food and a soft bed.
Memories of his parents'

 His memories melded with
those of the orphan Bangoo.

 Rock remembered the small
hands grasping his fur
sleeves, alleviating his own
sadness. Through the small
child, he had forgotten his
own pain.

 Perhaps his own parents
were still alive somewhere.
But Bangoo's father and
mother were not.


 Rock chose future happiness
over past memories.

"I must look after him. I must
return to Bangoo!"

 Thinking of his "family,"
Rock started his long journey
back to the New World.

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