In Edge Master Mode, the player unlocks weapons for the character by playing through a sort of alternate story mode. They are obtained by defeating enemies, usually under specific conditions. The weapons usually have no abilities, but increased stats instead. Rarely, there is usually one weapon with effects per character (such as recovering health or damaging through block) and it's usually hard to obtain as well. Through Edge Master mode, you can also unlock new costumes, such as Siegfried!. To obtain the ultimate weapons, the player must first defeat Soul Edge and Cervantes. After that, they must go to a place adjacent to Spain and complete the fight there. If they win but do not find the weapon, it will stay in the place it was in the first place. If the player loses however, the weapon will move to a place adjacent to the place it was before the person lost. In other words, to find the ultimate weapons, the player must repeatedly run around defeating enemies. STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION


Episode 1: The Pirate Castle

Opponent: Mitsurugi

Weapon Used: Korefuji

Condition: Defeat him within 35 seconds.

Weapon Received: Nippon Blade

Episode 2: The Old Temple

Opponent: Seong Han Myeong

Weapon Used: Mountain Breaker

Condition: Survive his attacks for 20 seconds

Weapon Received: Mountain Breaker

Episode 3: The Gorge

Opponent: Li Long

Weapon Used: Snake Wind

Condition: Defeat him using throws while poisoned

Weapon Received: Thunderous Fire

Episode 4: The Desert

Opponent: Seong Mi-Na

Weapon Used: Nagamaki (The book says Halbard, but it's incorrect)

Condition: Knock away her weapon

Weapon Received: None

Episode 5: The Colloseum

Opponents: Mitsurugi, Taki, Li Long and Rock

Weapon Used: Kojiro's Sword, Kunai, Phoenix and Twin Ax

Condition: Defeat all of the opponents

Weapon Received: Falchion

Episode 6: Eurydice Shrine

Opponents: Sophitia x2 and Hwang

Weapon Used: Gaea Sword x2 and Sword Of Dawn

Condition: Use air combos to defeat the enemies

Weapon Received: Sword Of Dawn

Episode 7: The Secret Treasury

Opponents: Voldo x3

Weapon Used: Iron Claw, Poison Arrow and Buffalo Horn

Condition: Defeat all of the opponents

Weapon Received: Midas Blade

Episode 8: The Final Battle

Opponents: Cervantes and Soul Edge

Weapon Used: Soul Edge x2

Condition: Defeat both of the opponents

Ultimate Weapon: Phantom


Episode 1: The Journey

Opponent: Voldo

Weapon Used: Katar

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