Name: Li Long
Age: 34
Born: Oct.23

Height: 168 cm (5'5")
Weight: 55 kg (121 lb)
Blood Type: B
Family Structure: Parents
deceased, Mimi (sister),
Chie (Lover)
Weapon: Falcon
Style: Matchless Dragon

 After the death of th
great Eirakutei, the Ming
Dynasty suffered plundering
by Southern Japanese pirates
called the "Wakou."

 The emperor finally took
action and sent Li Long to
assassinate the leader of the
pirates. The secret mission
also included an order to
retrieve the valiant sword,

 However, the assassin, Li
Long, did not care about
"SoulEdge." Taking advantage
of war-torn Japan, he decided
to not only target the Wakou
leader, but also the Daimyo
feudal lords.

 This action was, of course,
outside the limits of his
mission, but he had no doubts
as to his success. His iron
will would see him through.

 However, man is not made of
iron. His attack on the head
of a powerful family in Honshu
went awry, leaving him badly
wounded. Fortunately for him,
he was rescued by a beautiful
girl named Chie.

 Chie was a daughter of the
innkeeper Yahei. As a child,
she was traumatized by her
mother's death and lost
her ability to speak.

 Even without words, Chie
is capable of understanding
people's sorrow. She devoted
herself to the care of the
wounded man.

 Li Long gradually opened
his heart to Chie and the
two began to love each other.
Li Long stayed with Chie
even after his injuries

 But, destiny did not treat
him kindly.

 While he was away, a fight
broke out at the inn. In the
confusion, his lover was
thought to have been killed.
"Who! Who did this? Why?"
The wounded Yahei told
grief-stricken Li Long that
a wandering swordsman had
started it, then fled.

 Eyewitnesses thought it
might be the lone swordsman,
Heishiro Mitsurugi. However,
Mitsurugi was not the only
swordsman wandering the land.

"When I find who did this, I
will show no mercy!"

 Remorse filled Li Long
until he had a revelation.
"I will not rest until I
have hunted down every
single swordsman."

 Li Long discovered that
Heishiro Mitsurugi was
searching for "SoulEdge,"
and decided to follow him.

If I find "SoulEdge," first,
Mitsurugi will come to me and
his death. If Mitsurugi is not
Chie's murderer, I'll just
continue hunting criminal
swordsmen. I will also have
the sword for Eirakutei.

 Li Long started to pack
up for a journey to trace
Mitsurugi hoping to take
revenge for his dead lover

The Shrine of Confined Demons

 This Shrine is surrounded
by bamboo. It was built by
people with supernatural power
to seal off the "Fury-demon"

 Mitsurugi had plans to
exterminate the demon haunting
this shrine.

 Li Long decided ambush
Mitsurugi at the shrine. But
the samurai did not appear.
"Where can he be? Wait!"

 Suddenly, Li Long realized
he wasn't alone!
"Someone's coming. Could it

 He reached for his nunchaku
in anticipation.

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Weapon: Crescent Ax
Style: Own Style

   A Reckless Commando

 Rock was possessed by an
evil spirit when he entered
the shrine, and has now turned
into a demon, attacking people

 Attack and defeat the
supernatural foe!

 Li Long defeated the demon
Rock and seized his weapon.

 He modified it to make a
new weapon, the poisoned
"Snake Wind."

   The Pirate Castle

 Noto castle, belongs to
Noto-Murakami and the Setonai
pirates (Mouri sea force) It
has naval ports which supply
the pirate ships between
raids. Valuable weapons,
stolen by the pirates, are
kept inside the castle.

 Mitsurugi had already left
this place and has gone to the
new continent.
"I have no business here
anymore." Li Long said.

 Li Long took the weapon
"Titan" from the armory. A
swordsman in a suit of armor
blocked his way.

"I saw you take that! Come
with me! You are under arrest!"

 Li Long raised his weapon
and entered a fighting stance.

Age: 16
Born: Feb.6
Weapon: Faust
Style: Own Style

   Innocent Darkside

 He is a young mercenary
lookin to avenge his father's
death. Because of his great
swordsmanship, he was employed
as a mercenary captain
quarding the castle.

 Others are coming. Defeat
him within the time allowed.

 Li Long quickly defeated
Siegfried and with his
"Titan," he left the castle
and escaped his pursuers.

 A few days later, Li Long
boarded a ship for his home
country in pursuit of

   The Narrow Gorge

 The gorge, "San Kyo" is
located in the middle reaches
of the Yangtze, one of China's
great rivers.

 Li Long burned with vengeful
thoughts, concluding that
Mitsurugi would have to
pass this main  section of
the river on his travels.

 Li Long had never seen
Mitsurugi's face.

It was impossible for him to
recognize the samurai. But, Li
Long with his iron will had not
doubts that he could find his

"I'll attack every swordsman
traveling on this river!"

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
BornL Nov.3
Weapon: Zanbatoh
Seung's long blade

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Rekkimaru
Dream-slashed sword

Age: 18
Born: Mar.12
Weapon: Gaea Sword
Style: Athena

 Defeat every opponent!

 Li Long fought several
swordsmen, but Mitsurugi did
not appear.

 He crafted the weapons
seized from swordsmen on the
river and made "Phoenix,"
a new nunchaku with shackle
attached. Frustrated by
Mitsurugi's absence, he left
the gorge.

   The Desert

 There is a desert area in
central Asia. For people who
travel across the continent
avoiding the dangerous sea
route, this desert is the most
dangerous part of the overland
Except for the ruin of an
ancient Chinese fortress, the
area is barren.

"You! What do you want from

 The man addressed Li Long.
His height and size were the
same as Mitsurugi's but this
was not him. He was no Japanese

"You are not who I thought you were."

 Li Long readied his nunchaku
and stepped closer to the

"But, I'm not one to turn
down a challenge!"

Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Aug.8
Weapon:Nippon Blade
Seung's long blade

   The Hero in a Warlike Age

 Hwang is the swordsman who
was ordered to find the
"Patriot Sword" to save his

 Having already been ambushed
and followed by bandits, Hwang
was constantly vigilant.

 Use an Air-Combination
technique to defeat him.

 Li Long defeated Hwang Sung
Kyung, seized his weapon,
"Steel Dragon" and a map of
the world.

   The Fighting Arena

 This is a secret fighting
arena which attracts warriors
from all over the globe.
"A Japanese samurai is
fighting furiously at the

 Li Long heard this and
immediately rushed to the

 At the arena, the following
schedule was posted:

       TODAY's FIGHT

 Li Long applied for the
match at once.

 "I will continue fighting
until I defeat Mitsurugi!"

 After a long fight against
his lover's attacker, Li Long
finally defeated Mitsurugi.
He tried to find out about the
terrible incident by
questioning him. "Confess!
You killed the daughter
of an innkeeper in
Honshu!" Li Long yelled.
" are mistaken. I would
never... kill a woman."

 Although Li Long wanted
justice, he did not think
Mitsurugi was lying. The
mortal wound to Chie could
not have been made by
Mitsurugi's sword.
"If not him, then who?"

 That night, Li Long set off
for "SoulEdge" taking the
prize weapon "White Tiger"
with him. The desire for
revenge still burned in his

"When I get 'SoulEdge' in
my own hands..."

His anger was his only solice.

   Secret Treasury

 In an isolated island,
there is the secret storage
place where the millionaire
Vercci keeps his fortune. It
has a 50 meter deep pit and
some under water traps to
prevent against invasion.
This is truly an impregnable

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon: Guillotine
Style: Own Style

   The Hell Guardian

 Carrying out his dead
master's wishes, Voldo has
been guarding the treasure
in this secret storage
place. His sight and mind
have deteriorated due to
his prolonged seclusion
in the dark pit. However,
thanks to Voldo's great
skill, no man has ever
lived to see Vercci's

 Defeat all who enter!

Age: 22
Born: ?
Weapon: Jutte
Dream-slashed sword

   Underground Hunter

 She is a ninja whose
specialty is conquering
demons. She has been looking
for the evil sword hoping to
strengthen her own weapon.
She trailed Li Long into the

 In the depths of the pit,
Li Long defeated the guard,
Voldo, and the ninja, Taki.
But, could not find "SoulEdge"
among the treasures.

 Taking information from
Vercci's notes, Li Long
seized the weapon "Asura"
and left the island.

   The Pirate Ship

 Li Long traced the location
of "SoulEdge" to a port where
the pirate, Cervantes once had
his base.

 Li Long looked at the pirate
ship, Adrian, at anchor in
the port.
It was a menacing place with
no sign of life.
"I have finally found it."

 Having been unable to find
his lover's attacker, Li Long's
hopes were now pinned on the
heroic sword, "SoulEdge."

 Li Long climbed on board
the Adrian. There stood a
man holding two brightly
glowing swords.

"Come to me! Your soul will
be as sweet as that of your

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 43(immortal)
BornL Jan.1
WeaponL SoulEdge
Style: Possessed

   The Imoortal Pirate

 He was the pirate once feared
by all shipping on the entire
AtlanticOcean. Dozens of years
ago, he disappeared while on a
mission to find "SoulEdge"
as requestd by Vercci, the
Italian weapons merchant.

 Defeat the enemy!

 Falling to his knees, Li
Long saw that the ground was
covered in blood. Losing
consciousness, he did not know
whether the blood was his own
or his enemy's.
He began to realize that the
evil man with "SoulEdge" was
lying dead in front of him.

 With heavy sighs, slowly he
tried to reach "SoulEdge,"
but he was only grabbing the


 At a monastery in Honshu,
Chie slowly opened her eyes.
It was a miracle. There was a
large sword scar on her back,
but she was going to live!

 Since Li Long left on his
journey of revenge, nearly a
month had passed.

 Chie knew in her heart that
Li Long had died. She wept
for months.

 Half a year later, Chie and
Li Long's love was producing a
new life. Dreaming about her
lover, on a continent far
away, Chie whispered her first
words in years...

"Please Li Long, protect our

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