Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Dec. 14

Height: 171 cm (5'7")
Weight: 60 kg (132 lb)
Blood Type: AB
Family: Parents (deceased).
Seung Han Myong (master)
Longsword "Blue Storm"
Style: Seung's Long Blade

 Hwang Sung Kyung, was born
in a poor, yet peaceful
family. He grew up strong
and healthy despite
the warlike age.

 His childhood memories of
his parents were of brave
people with a strong sense
of justice. However, their
righteousness was their

 His parents' death was
a painful experience to

 Now, he is a man.

"I was protected by a lot of
people. Now, it is time for
me to protect others."

 He enrolled himself into a
dojo to learn the long blade.

 He had an innate talent for
it. He practiced as much as
possible. It didn't take him
too long to become the best
student. At last, he could
have a private lesson from the
school's master, Seung Han

 Master Seung was happy to
have such a talented young
He had a child who was still
small yet very talented.
However, one thing worried
him about his child. It was
a she, instead of a he.

 Master Seung seemed to be
seriously thinking of adopting
Hwang as his son.

 Master Seung didn't get a
chance to talk with Hwang
about it. The world was
plunged into a dreadful
situation. Among the Asian
countries, Japan first
settled its civil war and
started invading the main

 It is not too late! People
rallied under the Sea Force
admiral Le Shun Jin and
prepared to defend their
mother land against the 
coming invasion.

 They started building
fortresses along the coast
lines. A Coast Guard was
formed and Hwang was first
to volunteer.

Those who were eager to
devote their lives to the
savior of their mother land,
were fervently talking about
the Legendary Patriot Sword,
"SoulEdge," that they had
heard of from the West.

 When the rumor spread to
every part of the country,
Hwang was ordered to search
for "SoulEdge."
"It is time for me to save

   The Pirate's Castle

 Noto Castle, belongs to
Noto-Murakami and Setonai
Pirates of the Mori Sea Force.
The island itself is formed
as a pirate castle and port.

 It is said that valuable
weapons are gathered and
are stored in this castle.

 As a member of the Coastal
Defense Force, Hwang was
ordered to investigate the
pirates. He stowed away in a
trading ship an d infiltrated
the castle.

 But, when he was leaving,
he was spotted by a samurai

"Name yourself"

Yelled the samurai as he
drew his sword.

 Hwang recognized the man
and knew he must fight!

Heishiro Mitsurugi
Age: 22
Born: Jun. 8
Weapon: Korefuji
Style: Mitsurugi

   The Lone Swordsman

 He is a well-known swordsman.
And quite a challenge!

 Beat him quickly before you
run  out of time! Others are

 Hwang defeated Mitsurugi
with his quick sword attack
and martial arts. He took
Mitsurugi's "Nippon Blade"
and escaped from the castle
before other pursuers came.

   The Old Temple

 The Chii Mountain is located
on the Southern edge of Korean
Peninsula. At the bottom of
the mountain, there is an
historical temple. The temple
was built in the 4th century,
and the huge stage in front of
it has been used for training
by Seung Dojo students.

 Hwang, ordered to search
for the SoulEdge, stopped by
to visit his master Seung Han
Myong before he left for the

 Han Myong said to Hwang,

"I am going to give you the
final lesson."

 Han Myong and Hwang stood on
the stone stage of the temple,
then calmly forced each other.

Seung Han Myong
Age: 46
Born: Mar. 31
Mountain Breaker
Seung's long blade

 The Master is the expert
of the long blade technique!

 Survive his attack within
the time limit!

 Hwang skillfully defended
himself against Han Myong's
constant attacks.

 "Well done! I've taught
you all I know. Hwang....
Take my sword and carry on
the long blade technique."

 Hwang was given the Seito
Sword "Mountain Breaker"
from his master. He then
left for the west.
He didn't know that Han
Myong's daughter, Mi Na,
would leave her home to
follow him a few days

   The Gorge

 San Kyo is the deep gulch
located in the middle reaches
of the great Chinese river,

 Hwang, on his trip in China,
reached the great river.

 Hwang was drifting down the
river when an arrow skimmed
his cheek!

"Ow! What the!?"

Hwang looked behind and found
a man standing on the edge of
his raft.

"That was just to weaken you.
Now I'm going to finish you

 Hwang's body numbed the
arrow's poison. The man drew
his weapon and attacked.

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct. 23
Snake Wind
Matchless Dragon

   Rage of the Executor

 He was an assassin sent by
the Ming Dynasty. To find
the killer of his lover Chie,
he returned to China and
is attacking every single
swordsman who passes through
the gulch.

 Before the poison spreads,
use your throwing techniques
to defeat him!

 After a heavy battle, Hwang
defeated Li and took his Curved
Sword "Thunderous Fire"
which was made in the Toh
Fortunately, the poison soon
wore off.

   The Desert

 The desert area spreads
throughout the middle of Asia.
It is the most dangerous place
for travellers who choose to
travel across the continent.

 You may notice the remains of
an ancient Chinese fortresses.
It is truly a deadly road.

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Born: Dec. 3
Weapon: Halbard
Seung's long blade

   "Heart & Soul" Girl

 As the only daughter of
Seung Han Myong, she was
eager to find the Legendary
Sword. She didn't listen to
her father who tried to
stop her and left to find
SoulEdge. After months of
following Hwang's trail,
she finally caught up with

 Even though it has been a
long time since they saw
each other, Hwang didn't
look happy to see her.

"Listen to me! Go back to
your father."

"Never! I'll never go back
without the Patriot Sword!"

"Well, if you defeat me,
you can go on!" Hwang said.

"Prepare yourself!" She cried.

 Knock away your enemy's

 It was a rigorous battle of
wills, but Hwang's technique
overwhelmed Mi Na.

 The young girl reluctantly
gave up on her dangerous
journey and returned home.

   The Colosseum

 The secret arena has
been rumored to have fighters
gather from all over the
world. It is said that the
winner gets a valuable weapon.

 Hwang went to the Colosseum.

 In front of the Colosseum,
there was a sign that said:

         WINNER GETS

 Defeat four fighters in a

1st Match
    vs. Heishiro Mitsurugi
2nd Match
    vs. Taki
3rd Match
    vs. Li Long
4th Match
    vs. Rock

 The battles lasted for a
long time but Hawng won all
of the matches.

 Hwang was rewarded with
the weapon "Falchion."

   Eurydice Shrine

 The Shrins is said to be
build by the God Hephaestus.
He was a blacksmith who forged
weapons and armor, among many

 Rumor says that a girl
received an oracle and was
given the sacred armor in this

 In the Shrins, Hwang heard
a voice coming from the sky.

"You, the warrior searching
for the evil sword SoulEdge.
Survive my test and prove
your worth."

 A female fighter appeared
in a flash of holy light.

"She is the rumored one!"
Hwang whispered.

Sophitia Alezandra
Age: 18
Born: Mar. 12
Weapon: Gaea Sword
Style: Athena

   Emotional Goddess

 The girl who receiver an
oracle from Hephaestus. She
prevents disasters caused by
those who are misled by the
evil sword, and travels the
world with the sword and
shield forged by the God

 Defeat all enemies with
crushing mid-air combos!

 Hwang, defeated both
Sophitia and his own illusion.
He was given the sword "Sword
Of Dawn" by the God.

 When Hwang held the sword
in his hand, he felt a warm
pulse and the will of
Hephaestus urging him to
"Destroy the evil Soul Edge."

   The Secret Treasury

 The secret treasury is
on an unknown island. The
millionaire Vercci hid his
treasure here. There are 50
meter deep pits, water traps,
and more to guard against
theft. It is the perfect
impregnable treasure island.

 Tales tell that there is a
tremendous amount of treasure
on this remote islan....

 Hwang heard the stories and
travelled to the island. He
was tormented by traps, but
finally reached the bottom of
the lair.

 There was a guardian in
strange armor blocking the
brightly sparkling treasure.

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon: Iron Claw
Style: Own Style

   Hell Guardian

 His only task is guarding the

 From living in the dark for
a long time, his eye sight and
sanity have weakened, but he
has killed all who have entered
into the pit with his cruel
assassination techniques.

 Defeat the enemy!

 After a deadly battle, Hwang
defeated the Hell Guardian,

 Although "SoulEdge" was not
among the treasure, he found a
solid gold sword, known as the
"Midas Blade" and an important
clue to the whereabouts of

   The Final Battle

 At last Hwang arrived at the
place he believed "Souledge"
was located.
A port harbor in Spain where
the great pirate Cervantes de
Leon was once based. The
pirate ship Adrian lay anchored
in the dock.

"There's evil all around...
I must be close!"

 Hwang prepared himself, then
stepped on the ship.

 On the deck, he found a man
who held ominously shining
swords in his hands.

"Ha Ha Ha! I've been waiting
for you. Your burning soul
will soon belong to my holy

Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48(Immortal)
Born: Jan.1
Weapon: SoulEdge
Style: Possessed

   The Immortal Pirate

 The great pirate was feared
by all who sailed the Atlantic
Ocean. Decades ago, he left
on a trip tp find SoulEdge for
the merchant Vercci, but
disappeared, never to be seen

 Defeat the enemy!

 Hwang defeated the ghost and
found "SoulEdge."

 However, in his eyes, the
legendary sword did not look
"Evil" was perhaps a better

 "How painful to discover the
Patriot Sword I was searching
is actually one of destruction."

 He raised the sword and
threw it away, never to been
seen again.

 However, his brave travels
in search of the Patriot
Sword were still the talk
of Korea.

 Even though he returned
empty handed, he received
a warm welcome, What he
had lost in hope he had
gained in strength and

 It was not long before
the war against Japan
finally began. He entered
battle to protect his
mother land displaying
great bravery, justice
and love.

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