Cervantes de Leon
Age: 48
Born: Jan.1

Height: 177 cm (5'9")
Weight: 80 kg (176 lb)
Blood Type: 0
The "rethen of the sea"
are his family now.
Wicked Sword "SoulEdge"
Style: Possessed

 The mighty Spanish armada
held supremecy over the
Atlantic Ocean. But sometimes
they were not enough. That is
where the privateers came in.

 Phillip Leon was one such
privateer. He commanded a
proud ship with a special
commission from the Spanish
King to loot in the name of

He once told his son,

"A sailor must always be
strong and gentle."

 Young Cervantes was proud of
his father. He was devastated
when his father died at sea.
Phillip's ship had moved
alongside an English ship in
order to plunder it.
Unbeknownst to him, it was a
ruse; an English warship in

 Their cannon shells shattered
the Spanish galleon. wiping
Captain Leon from history

 The young man received his
father's hat,his only remains.
He swore:

"This is where his allegiances
to the crown have gotten him!
I will be against all
countries! I'll become a

 And thus, Captain Cervantes
the pirate, was born.
He started a reigne of terror
across the Atlantic in his
ship, the Adrian, showing no
mercy to anyone, even those
in the invincible armada.

 One day, a messenger of the
"Merchant of Death," Vercci,
entered Cervantes' haunt, an
inn called the Black Tail.

 He told the pirate of Vercci's
search for the legendary
weapons, "SoulEdge."

"This Vercci wants my aid,
does he?"

 The messenger promised an
exceptional reward for the
recovery of the swords. But
the pirate did not like the
idea of working for anyone.
What to do?...

 Cervantes finally accepted
the offer as a lark. For a
year, he searched for Vercci.
Finally, he came across some

 At a secret antiques auction,
an English man made a
successful bid on a "strange

 The ship carrying the man and
the article was setting sail.
Cervantes made plans to
intercept the ship.

 There was no conclusive
evidence that this was
"SoulEdge," but then why
should a pirate pass up
such an oppurtnity?

 The sea was stormy as the
Adrian set sail after the
passenger ship.

"Get ready, me hearties!
There she blows! Helmsman,
hard to port! Ready the!"

 The boom of cannons echoed
across the stormy sea.
Columns of water surrounded
the passenger ship.

 The Adrian came alongside.
Cervantes raised his cutlass,
rallying his bloodthirsty

"SoulEdge is our prize!
All else goes to Hades!"

Mysteriously, the pirate
Cervantes has neither been
seen nor heard of since...


 The Adrian, Cervantes' pirate
galleon, lies anchored in a
Spanish port.

 The town is deserted.
Nothing stirs even in the

 A man appears. Could he be
the pirate Cervantes?
Then who are you?

This is an evil place where
strange things happen. Who
knows where these evil swords
will lead you?

Your double smiles.

"HE has returned. 'SoulEdge'
will at last be mine."

Bogus Cervantes

    No details
     are known

 His mask has yet to be
uncovered. Is he a swordsman
who seeks the "SoulEdge?"

 Tear this imposter apart!

 The battle was short. The
wicked swords drank heavily
on the imposter's soul.
Cervantes took his "Main
Gauche" as a prize.

   Eurydice Shrine

 The shrine was built by
Hephaestus the God of Forge.
He was a sculptor who built
many things.

 Rumor had it a young woman
who received a divine message
in a forest spring was later
given a sacred weapon here.

 Cervantes entered the shrine,
feeling the vibrations from
the sacred weapon.
A Voice boomed out.

"You come to challenge me?
Fine! It shall be champion
against champion."

 Lightning arced and formed
a young woman armed with the
sacred weapon.

Sophitia Alexandra
Age: 18
Born: Mar.12
Weapon: Gaea Sword
Style: Athena

   Emotional Goddess

 Sophitia received the divine
revelation from the God of
Forge, Hephaestus. She battles
disasters caused by those who
were lost to the wicked swords.
Hephaestues himself made weapons
to aid her in battle!

 Crush all your enemies!

 The woman lay crumpled at
his feet.

"Ha! Is this all the mighty
God can do?"

 The shrine became corrupt
with evil energy from the
wicked sword. As a token of
his victory, Cervantes tool
"Defender" with him.

   The Desert

 The desert stretches through
the middle of Asia. Travelers
use it to avoid the dangerous
sea route, but the overland
passage can be just as deadly.

 Along the route lie the ruins
of an ancient Chinese fortress.

 In the past, the wicked sword
had seen blood shed many times
in this place. Cervantes was
led by "SoulEdge" to this
desolate wasteland.

 Today, however, someone is
among the ruins. The swords
sing out and hunger for them!

Cervantes attacks!

Hwang Sung Kyung
Age: 25
Born: Dec.14
Thunderous Fire
Seung's Long Blade

 He is searching for the
"Patriot Sword - SoulEdge."

Seung Mi Na
Age: 16
Born: Nov.3
Weapon: Naganaki
Seung's Long Blade

 She snuck away from home
to follow Hwang.

 Beat them!

 They were highly skilled
opponents, but still no match
for Cervantes and the magical
He too "Jirotoh" from Hwang's
body and left it cooling in
the desert sands...

   The shrine of the
    Confined Demons

 The Shrine on Omi Isle is
surrounded by bamboo.

It was built for the purpose
of containing horrible Fury-

 It is said that in the shrine
rests a weapon capable of
manipulating the human spirit.

"I feel a kindred spirit here."

"SoulEdge" tells Cervantes
as he arrives at the haunted

 A great man, who had been
touched by the evil sword,
stepped into the light, ready
to attack.

Age: 35
Born: Dec.14
Crescent Ax
Style: Own Style

   Reckless Commando

 Orphaned as a young boy,
he learned to survive in the
wilderness. His body was
possessed as he entered the
shrine for shelter. Now he
is half-man, half-demon,
attacking all who pass by.

 Knock this monster out of the
ring, before your power is
drained by the Fury-demons!

 The battle between the two
possessed men was climatic!
However, Cervantes was "one"
with his swords and eventually
the victor.

As he subdued Rock, the wicked
sword siphoned up the evil
energy swimming in the air.
Rock's evil sword drained
dry, leaving "Katana" behind
for Cervantes.

   The Canyon

 The Yangtze, one of the
greatest rivers in China,
flows down the "San Kyo"

 It serves as a watery
passageway for travellers.

 After wandering through the
wildernessm, Cervantes ended up
travelling down the Yangtze.
He was driven onward by the
wicked swords to perform his
next horrible deed.

A man on a bridge above,
spied the unusual swords with
desiring eyes.

"These swords. I must have

Li Long attacked Cervantes
without realizing that he
held the wicked sword

Li Long
Age: 24
Born: Oct.23
Weapon: Titan
Matchless Dragon

   Rage of the Executor

 Li is an assassin from the
Ming Dynasty. He returned to
find his leve, Chie; dead;
Hoping to trap her murder,
Mitsurugi, Li Long waits in
ambush along the Yangtze.
He cannot resist the lure of

 Use a throw to defeat him!

 Cervantes found li Long's
nunchaku attack curious, but
it was not enough of a novelty
to keep him from destroying
the assassin.

 The "Three Bladed Edge" served
as an adequate reminder of
Li Long's foolish and vain

   Ostrhinesburg Castle

 The castle of the Knight
Stefan is falling as he vainly
defends against a siege by
Marquis Andre and his powerful

 The castle is said to contain
weapons from all over the world.

 Cervantes cam to this land,
attracted by the smell of
blood and warfare. The castle
was on the verge of collapse
as men slew each other in
combat. The fields ran red
with blood. Cervantes looked
truly satisfied.

 He strode through the carnage
to the castle's gate. A young
man in armor barred his way.

"Go no further! It will mean
your doom!"

Cervantes smiled...

Age: 16
Born: Feb.6
Weapon: Flamberge
Style: Own Style

   Innocent Darkside

 Seeking revenge for his
father's death, he searches
for "SoulEdge."
He presently is the captain
of the Stefan's mercenaries,
Little does he know he faces
the weapon that he seeks!

 Defeat all enemies within
the time limit!

 Cervantes felt a twinge of
sympathy for the insane young
man as he cut his head from
off his shoulders. But it soon
passed. After searching the
decimated castle, he tool the
"Heavy Lance" with him for
his growing collection.

   The Secret Treasury

 This secret money pit is where
the millionaire Vercci stores
his fortune. Lying at the
bottom of a 50 meter pit on
a desert island surrounded
by deadly rip-tides, this
treasure island is indeed

 "Vercci..." Cervantes thought
about the man who lead him to
this fate. He decided to visit
the treasury of his former

 The elaborate system of traps
were no challenge to Cervantes
as he reached the vault.
Inside he heard the tortured
gasps of Voldo, Vercci's loyal

Age: 43
Born: Aug.25
Weapon:Buffalo Horn
Style: Own Style

   The Hell Guardian

 Carrying out the will of his
long-dead mster, Vercci,
Voldo has been guarding the
treasure vault for most of his
life. His sight and mind have
deteriorated in the dark pit.
However, that does not seem to
have dulled Voldo's talent for
killing, for no intruder has
ever escaped alive!

 Strike him in the air to
defea him!

" Ver..cci..."

 The guardian didn't even
make a death cry as Cervantes
finished him off. After a
couple of moans he stopped
moving completely.

 The sight of dead Voldo
caused Cervantes to chuckle
with laughter.


He called out.

"I have the swords you and
your servant have been
looking for! Ha Ha Ha!"

 Taking the sickle weapon,
"Serpent's Tongue" with him
Cervantes left the island.

   Hot Soul

 Cervantes returned to the
Spanish port town he had loved
so much. The anchored Adrian
lay waiting for his return.

 Evil energy filled the air
but no one was around to sense

 Cervantes had let the swords
be his guide as he traveled
the world. But now the wicked
swords were calling him home
to Spain. It looked like some
hot-souled men were searching
for him.

"I shall gladly take all their
burning souls!"

 Defeat all enemies!

 "SoulEdge" took their souls,
each and everyone of them, not
even leaving destroyed husks

 Cervantes felt that he was
regaining himself, the more
souls he took. But he realized
in horror what he had become.

"Must I follow the will of
this cursed sword? No! I must
finally become its master!"

 Cervantes has regained
control. If he is to survive,
he must destroy the wicked
"SoulEdge" who has controlled
his body for so long!

Time and space warped as the
two met for a decisive battle!


Weapon: Himself

"Ultimate Wicked Sword"

 Everything about him is a

 The power of SoulEdge
manifests itself and takes
from. Do not wait long.
Your strength may not last!

 Cervantes was finally freed
of the power of SoulEdge.
He was finally its master now.

"Get ready to sail me

He shouted!

"We shall change this world
into a hellish paradise!"

 As he spoke, the skies split
open, letting in a mighty fleet
crewed by undead pirates,
ready to terrorize the world
with destruction and murder.

 The fleet set sail against
a black wind filled with the
smell of death...

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