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Dverger is an NPC character in Soulcalibur IV. Dverger is a bandit that works with Gargantua and his crew. Dverger wears a brown colored hood and uses Yun-seong's fighting style.


  • Dverger appears in Chapter 1 of Rock's story mode, Chapter 2 of Voldo's, and Chapter 1 of Astaroth's.
  • Dverger appears with his crewmates in the PS3 Exclusive video, he tries unsuccessfully to attack Darth Vader.
  • Dverger makes a minor appearance in Voldo's ending - he tries to take Soul Edge, but is killed by Voldo.
  • When fought in Story Mode, Dverger seems to have Character Voice #4 (which is also used for Auguste, who ironically also fights like Yun-seong), but in the Darth Vader video, he appears to have a different voice (even though he only makes fighting sounds).


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