This expression refers to scream with high duration given by the character after dying in battle. Each character(with the exception of some) possess a death scream. Some have more natural ones, while some have longer, louder screams that go with on for a much longer duration. If characters are hit after their death scream, they'll scream once, while they squirm on the ground. In Soul Calibur 3, an effect was added to the scream so that when an opponent is hit with a rapid combo or move, their death scream will rapidly "stutter" as they are hit. In Soul Calibur 4, this is removed with character's screams only stuttering once in succession. In Soul Calibur 5, Characters will only scream once, probably for more realistic purposes, but if a character is KOed with a strong attack that destroys equipment, the character's scream will briefly "stutter" in a dramatic fashion, as the game slows down dramatically to show effects of the strong attack used. Also, if a character is knocked into a wall, they will grunt rather scream when KOed, but hitting them after they fall will make them scream as normal.


  • Soulcalibur V is the only game where death cry has a short duration.
  • Soulcalibur V some death cries were replaced by sentences like No!, Stupid!, You'll pay for this! among others.