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Chained Flail
General Information
Wielder Ivy
Weapon Type Snake Sword
For sale in Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
Price 1,600 Gold

Chained Flail is one of Ivy' weapons in Soul Calibur II.

Weapon Gallery

Good offense and has powerful single strikes, but requires energy to wield.

Offense: 135% Defense: 100%

Note: Each strike, successful or not, drains health. Throws do not drain health.

Description: While its outward appearance is that of a spiked-ball mace, it is in fact an experimental weapon with a multi-jointed handle. Its reach combined with the destructive power of the heavy ball make it a devastating weapon, but wielding it is extremely difficult, and it is said to have caused more damage to allies than it has to enemies. It is considered a complete failure.

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