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Cepheus Seal
Wielder Hualin
Weapon type Staff (Hualin)
Dual Tambourines (Lynette)
Grieve Edge (Valeria)
Price Free
[[Category:Staff (Hualin)
Dual Tambourines (Lynette)
Grieve Edge (Valeria)s]]

Cepheus Seal

Cepheus Seal (Grieve Edge)

A pair of grieve edges used by Valeria for battle. The Grieve Edge are a pair of shoes with blades attached to their front and back. The ones used by Valeria are most probably lent by Cepheus himself. However, they don't have special effects.

Cepheus Seal (Staff)

A special telescopic staff used by Hualin. Normally, the staff would appear a small stick, but it has the ability to increase in size and thickness instantaneously. The one she has is most probably lent or given by Cepheus to her. This weapon is also balanced, so it has no special effects.

Cepheus Seal (Tamborine)

A pair of tambourines Lynette uses normally. They are most probably lent or given by Cepheus to her when she learned to dance. Other than boasting a unique design, they don't have special effects.

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