Cavern of Light and Darkness
Background music Brutal Instinct
Home to Aeon Calcos (SCV)
"Two warriors meet in the altar of light and darkness."
— Narrator

The stage is set in a dark cavern with sunlight shining in and the triangle-shaped platform is surrounded by water completely. Bats are circling the combatants' heads. Stalactites and stalagmites add to the atmosphere. The stage's shape, a triangle, continues the tradition of the Palgaea Shrine stages throughout the series.

In ancient times, the cavern was used by a religious organization as a place of worship. Later on, it became a shelter for travelers. Recently, due to rumors of a monster living in the cave, very few dare to enter the cavern.




Cavern of Light and Darkness

Soul Calibur New Legends Of Project Soul 135

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