Fon Elden

the family emblem of Fon Elden

Fon Elden

The family Fon Elden is a fictional family in the 16th and 17th century. Runa is a member of this family although she bared the surename Andersdotter after her mother since her parents marrige was unkown to the family Fon Elden until her 15th birthday.

Memebers of the family

  • [ Lucas Fon Elden ]
  • Johannes Fon Elden
  • Runa Fon Elden
  • [ Hadrian Fon Elden ]
  • [ Ruben Fon Elden ]
  • [ Love Fon Elden ]
  • Doodles

    The Fon Elden Family (plus Henrietta Nordin and minus Johannes and his closer family)

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