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  • Xho

    Hello, Soulcalibur Wiki.

    Over the course of time in the next few weeks I'll be powering through Soulcalibur II again to expand the content on this wiki for the game, particularly the Weapon Master Mode which I hope to add the entire mode in detail. As Soulcalibur II is my favourite game of all time I feel like the content on this game needs to be improved somewhat (specifically the Weapon Master article).

    I'll be starting this soon, as I will be adding to the wiki as I go along in the game itself.


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  • RuRuben Madrid


    November 15, 2016 by RuRuben Madrid
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  • IceLoverMei

    We all have our favorite character in the Soul Calibur series and we all hoping to see our favorite return in the upcoming Soul Calibur VI game. *Hoping for Talim to return* I know I am ready. But you then wonder for every game they made from SCII to SCV, They include some form of including a guest character. Either it be in form of a character creation or moveset or actual appearance like Link, Spawn and Heihachi (along with Kratos). You begin to think the possibility for who might be the next guest. Here I introduce 10 characters I think should be guest in the game. Note this is my own opinion and I hope I can make myself clear on it. Even if some of the character have the lowest chance of appearing.

    • Only 1 Character per series.
    • Characters that…

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  • ChrisWiltrout

    Hwang - Soulcalibur V

    September 4, 2016 by ChrisWiltrout

    I'm not sure if anyone has figured out how to make Hwang is Soulcalibur V? I know that he and Li Long are able to be fought against, and his page says that he can be easily created, but I have not seen a single formula to make him. Does anyone have one? Someone has masde Li Long in character creation, but it seems that no one made Hwang.

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  • Demon Sanya

    <<< The previous story

    The Fall Of Soul Edge And Soul Calibur

    Ending of Soul series...

    Soul Edge could actually turn the tide of the war between the good and the evil, but it swallowed three of the most powerful demons instead of strengthening the Hell. This case was noticed by Lily the demon Queen. Alas, it was too late when rumors about the fall of the Brotherhood of Demons and Alexander's betrayal reached her. Alexander betrayed his brothers using Soul Edge against them. He betrayed the Hell preferring to come to the world of mortals and to bring his vaunted justice there. But, which is the most important of all, he betrayed her - his Queen. The general stopped obeying orders and gone absence without leave. Most likely Lily had some person…

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  • JaseyJasee

    Hi everyone! This is just a little tutorial showing you how to create a custom metabox just in case you don't like the default Template Fanon Metabox () which looks like this:

    It's pretty simple really, just copy the contents of the box and change each section with your own information. (Except for text/headline which must stay the same). For a Metabox that will be used on all types of Fanon use:


    • The colours for the box itself are just colours I chose. You can change these freely by using HEX code. You do not need to put an hashtag first (#). If you don't know any colour codes then choose one here or make your own here.

    You do not have the right to make an individual Template for a custom Metabox. You must use the raw coding on your Fanon Artic…

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  • Demon Sanya

    <<< The previous story and the next story >>>

    Soul Edge versus Soul Calibur

    Soulcalibur V...

    17 long years had passed since the Soul Edge and the Soul Calibur showed the signs of life in the human world for the last time. But in the past few months the strange sickness spread over Europe. The people contaminated by the seeds of evil appeared in the different cities of the continent. Malfested... that was how they called those people. What served the source of the plague? The rumors about the new Nightmare, the seed brought to life with the forces of the Soul Edge, reached the ears of Alexander. Demon and his fellows rushed to the place where, according to the rumors the enemy got its place to be. They fought their way to the Denevér Castle. T…

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  • E4envygirl906

    So I saw this picture of this VOCALOID and I kinda thought that she looked like Leixia. Check it out you guys!

    What do you think? Yes or no?

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    Found this on 8WayRun.

    Someone asked him if SCVI was on the way, to which replied "Umm..". I'm a bit worried as to what it means, because that can also be interpreted as there being no SCVI. However, given that they said there would be big news "soon", perhaps this is alluding to an SCVI announcement?

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  • E4envygirl906

    Hi guys it's me. By the title you already know what I'm talking about.If not then what I'm saying is that I think I wanna stay away from the wiki for a little bit. So if you have any comments, comment now because I'm gonna be on the wiki on the first of January.I'll come by on christmas to tell you guys merry christmas.

    So yeah...I am really sorry that this has to come. But I'll still be online right now. So plz comment before I leave. Bye.


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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    They just released a 72-hour countdown clock for a "mysterious game"

    Occasionally there are lines that say that are posted in different languages:

    • "Can you feel the hunger?"
    • "We have cast us back"
    • "There is no way out"
    • "The architecture resonates among the weak"
    • "There is no escape"
    • "Is there still hope?"

    I hope this is SCVI or some kind of reboot. I don't know what else there is to announce, and I'll be pissed if it's something else after all this time.

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  • E4envygirl906

    Not much is known about her. She is Tira's older sister that later died because of her sisters rampage. Tira says that she was always her favorite sister but something told her that she must be dead. It was soul edge that brought this evil curse to Tira.

    She was 24 years old when she knew Tira was her sister. Then she died at the age of 32. Due to the fact that not much is known except for her name and age,her height,weight,and birth place and birth date are unknown. It was such a mystery.

    Tira was sorry because she had to kill her. Everything was turning upsidedown for her. She still couldn't forget about her sisters death,everything was just bloody and red and all the things she could see was turning black. Blacking out she wakes up to fin…

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  • DeniseOberg

    hello old friends

    September 10, 2015 by DeniseOberg

    Just gonna stop by and tell that I've been away due to intesne stress, some shitty drama and the fact I've got an own wiki for my original fantasy story that Ive pretty much spent my time on.

    I'm just stopping by to inform also here on wikia that the imogen project is shut down due to personal reasons that I´d rather just avoid thinking about at the moment. Also that I offecially leave the dawn of destiny project. I did enjoy working on both of these projects though, it was to bad we got stuck on the story in dawn of destiny, I really wanted to work on my SC character Afton but as time has passed I realised there are more important things in my life than the internet.

    I just started university and I'm studying to become a teacher in history …

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  • JefferyDante

    Dear old and new friends,

    I am finally back (oh my god nobody cares ^^) since I've heard the good (wonderful! fantastic!) news about the closure of Lost Swords (rest in peace pieces).

    People wonders what is happening after that. I am myself really eager to see if we are getting a Soulcalibur game worth the series (because, let's face it, V, LS and US are really really bad).

    Yet, Namco has teased with two more comments pointing towards an upcoming game.

    Glad to be back (if the series is reborn of course), and I'll need some time to get used to the new layout of the wiki (I've always preferred neutral themes haha)

    So, what do you think about these images?

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Wikia is kicking off an exciting bracket tournament based around Weirdly Awesome Characters. Fans from across Wikia can nominate and vote on characters from movies, TV shows, and video games until the final head-to-head battle to determine which is the ultimate fan favorite!

    Characters from Soulcalibur games would be right at home here. You can nominate them by visiting our Weirdly Awesome Characters Submission Blog and submitting their name in the attached form. Be sure to check back on September 15th when we'll compile the nominations and launch the first round!

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    It's been a long time coming, but Lost Swords will finally shut down permanently on November 30 of this year. Before that, it'll still be playable but the other functions will be removed. AP Potion and Tickets will stop being sold on September 30, and all other in-game items will be taken down on October 27. I'm sure we've been waiting for this for so long, but the dog days are finally over. Now Soulcalibur can return to being the fighter we know and love.

    The Japanese video on the right is called "Graduation", basically a goodbye message to Lost Swords. Two quotes from the video resonate with me: "Long live Soulcalibur" and "The warriors fade, but the souls will ignite again."

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    Soulcalibur VI?

    August 23, 2015 by Evil Cheese Wedge

    Is anyone else a bit disappointed by the lack of any news pertaining to SCVI? When they did the popularity poll back in May, I thought they were going to announce it at E3. It just seemed like such an obvious thing. But they didn't, there was nothing. Now Gamescom has passed and there is still nothing. Their Facebook is just more stuff about the Lost Swords crap...

    They said they would have a big announcement "soon". When exactly is "soon"? How long do they plan to keep their fans waiting? I really hope they announce it by the end of the year, because it's been nearly four years since the last main SC.

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  • Witnessme

    Hola! Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our THIRD annual battle is coming up in a couple of weeks...and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate! Admins, I encourage you to rally your contributors to vote on one particular fantastical food before submitting your selection.
    Click HERE to submit a food from your community.
    The top 64 foods will be entered in Round 1, which launches on July 29.
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  • SoulGauger

    Where has the old editor been this new way of editing a page is just crap I want the old editor back as it was when I made my first pages

    That was a good editor

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  • SoulsSwords

    Sorry I've been gone for a year... with my parents divorcing and me moving states to go to college, I kind of lost track of this account. :P But I recently decided to sort the SC characters into Hogwarts houses... welp, here you go; any comments are appreciated.. and if you disagree with me, please be nice about it. I didn't include guest characters either.

    And for those who need help:

    Gryffindor House is for courageous souls: “Where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart.”

    Slytherin House is for the cunning and ambitious: “Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.”

    Ravenclaw is a house for the clever, wise, creative, and sometimes strange: “Where those of wit and learning will always find…

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  • JaseyJasee

    Forums have now been activated on this Wiki! Go here to start a new thread! Don't forget to read the Forum Policies before you start a thread. Speaking of Policies... Users can have a say on what Policies they want on the Wikia! Use the Policy Discussion thread to propose new policies or propose a change to existing policies. Please read this page before proposing any new/changes to policies! I hope you enjoy the new features of this Wiki and I'm glad to be making it a better place! - JaseyJasee (talk) 01:52, June 7, 2015 (UTC)

    Calling out to all the active Admins of this Wikia , JefferyDante, Arishimaru, Ericard, Oh Mario, Nightmare76, Lyrical Disparity and Users alike, I have a proposal.

    I think we should bring Forums to this Wiki! Forums ar…

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  • Jaydenyeah


    May 23, 2015 by Jaydenyeah

    I'm making this post out of poor boredom, I'm just playing Soul Calibur and hanging out, Just seeing how everyone is doing. And telling everyone how I'm doing.

    Yes, I'm that same Jaydenyeah who stupidly wrote that dumb fan page about my character. A page that sucks horribly. A page I should not mention again, A PAGE I GOT BLOCKED FOR, A page I'm still embarrassed about writing. Don't judge me, It was that bad.

    By the way, that particular character is who I currently have as my avatar on this wiki. 

    That's besides the point though, Nowadays, I'm just a regular guy, a guy who loves games such as Soul Calibur in itself.

    Well, that's all folks. 

    I'll see you people later. :)

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  • Kaihedgie

    The wiki and other gaming sites state that it's possible to play as an Unknown Soul version of the character you select, but no one is clear on how to do this in the Dreamcast version. And just a heads up, I absolutely completed the game (indicated by the gold title screen), so what's going on here?

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    Soulcalibur VI is approaching us, or so I believe. They've released the popularity poll and hinted at a big announcement in the near future. If that game is indeed Soulcalibur VI, what would you like to see? It's been three years since Soulcalibur V was released, which was notable for splitting the fanbase down the middle when it launched. Now, I don't see too many people defending the changes SCV made anymore, especially now that director Daishi Odashima is gone. It doesn't look like SC is going to follow the path Daishi had intended, so anything could happen with SCVI. Personally, I want all the old characters back (and I'm hardly alone on that wish).

    I'm not sure how they should do it, but I do have one idea. They could use time travel to br…

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  • JaseyJasee

    There has been a bit of a dispute going on between Neffyarious and Evil Cheese Wedge over Nightmare/Graf Dumas. Evil Cheese Wedge believes SCV's Nightmare should be separated from the main Nightmare page and be put on Graf Dumas' page as Astaroth and Yoshimitsu's page has been separated between them and their successors. However, Neffyarious believes that Nightmare is an identity, not a character as he is just Soul Edge possessing someone and not a distinct character with each host, otherwise it would need three splits. So, I have reverted Neffyarious edits upon request but the final decsion will be from the Community.

    Poll Deadline is Monday 18th May 2015 (BST, UK Summer Time)

    Okay so the Poll is now over and the results are 8 votes for Yes, …

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  • JaseyJasee

    New Admins?

    May 13, 2015 by JaseyJasee

    I've been looking through the contributions recently and noticed that not many Admins have been active. The most recent activity from an Admin is Snowsfall which was from four days ago. I think some new Admins may be needed. So, basically this is my pledge for me to become an Admin.

    Here are my reasons why I think I should become an Admin of this Wiki.
    1. I use the Wiki often, from both my PC and my mobile phone. So I would always be available even on the go.
    2. I edit many pages and always make sure the information I add is real and explain my edit. If it's an important edit I will always link to a viable source of information.
    3. I am very educated on the Soul series, I even run a Facebook page called Soulcalibur Community HERE which has 350…

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  • Amandayan

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  • Amandayan

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  • Pyrrha Omega

    So, this might be kinda interesting, and a little late I don't know lol. Well, since Soul Calibur V has got ridden off half of the cast,especially most of the females, the only female that has came back and has appeared in SCII is Ivy. Of course you might all know that the reason why they did for most females is because Namco and Japan have an eye candy for young women. (which explains Leixia, Natsu, etc). But do they have to get rid most of all of them and add new young females?

    I don't know how the company runs and stuff, but I really don't see why get rid of them. I mean, you can add young females, I don't mind that, but still, why get rid of the others? Hilde is pretty the only accurate middle aged female to come back, but what if she g…

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  • JaseyJasee

    So Project Soul posted this on their official Facebook page!


    Calling all SoulCalibur Fans!

    Project Soul would like to hear your voice.

    They need to determine precisely who are the favorite characters of the community!

    Beware, you can vote only once so choose carefully and wisely.
    You still have time to think about it as this survey will last until May 31st.
    PC users:

    Mobile users:

    Project Soul is probably preparing something huge... Stay tuned and spread the news! Thank you. ‪#‎SCSURVEY‬ ‪#‎SOULCALIBUR‬

    It sounds like the most wanted characters will be in the roster for the next Soulcalibur game, so get your votes in! I voted for Sophitia!

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  • MikalTheWhiteKnight

    Due to some major changes in my story, I have to redo every single page about my characters. So for now, I going to constantly edit them till my mistakes have been corrected. Sorry :( I hope this isn't an inconvenience to anyone. 

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  • JaseyJasee

    Project Soul have been replying to comments a lot more lately. I noticed they specifically said that Lost Swords is a spin off and they have never once said it's non canon. Should it be counted as canon, despite how bad it is?

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  • Evil Cheese Wedge

    Found this on 8WayRun:

    So a Facebook user asked for SCVI on next gen, and they responded to it saying to be patient, and they'll communicate about it when the time is right. So basically, Hoshino just said SCVI is on its way. I'm surprised he responded now, since he's basically turned into an adbot since last year. What are your thoughts on this? Looking forward to SCVI?

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  • Nahkriin X

    The End of Soul Calibur?

    October 29, 2014 by Nahkriin X

    I don't know guys.

    Project Soul hasn't released anything newsworthy or to E3 for a while. I think this may be the end of Soul Calibur.

    I want to say goodbye to my master Taki, my (would be) girlfriend Talim, that damn lug Astaroth, and the comeback kid Siegfried. You guys kept me buying from Game 2.

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  • DeniseOberg

    Dont tell me youve all given up on this project? have you?

    Cause I know Im not around much because I got shool and some other things and Im really trying to find time but please dont pause everything just because I am not around that often. 

    I have finished the Maleficent Elysium art and I hope you understand that since I got school and other things art takes time. I would apprecitate if anyone else here who draws could help me out. Anyhow, I also want to ask if you guys are still even working on this project because I dont see a reason to be drawing for it if no one else is working. It just seems nothing happens when Im not around and I feel like iVe been gone for such a while something should have happened right. so tell me if youre still …

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  • Comix77

    Listen up, folks

    October 10, 2014 by Comix77

    I just stumbled upon petition with a great goal, but little support. If anyone is interested in getting an HD remake of SoulCalibur III, then go ahead and join the cause.

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  • JefferyDante

    Dear wiki users,

    First of all thank you for keeping this wiki alive. I have been absent for a long time since I have been busy with many (and sometimes unpleasant) things in my life.

    Lately I was surfing on 8WayRun and found out something really interesting... A petition.

    Not any petition: this one was about the whole communities (French, American, Japanese, German, etc.) uniting under the same motto, "we want something".

    After all, they had time to release outfits (or rather bit of cloth so tiny that even Ivy would find outrageous), they had money to create massive additions to the game (and soooo many things that were out of place, even Star Wars guests suited SC more than these things), but they don't have time to pay attention to the commu…

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    September 27, 2014 by NICHOLAS-MARK-AMOS

    Just thought I'd show off one of the characters I made called MOCKINGJAY.

    Ps. If anyone can tell me the three special equipments equipped to my character I will permenently list you on my profile as "my favourite user". Two are reasonibly easy to see, one will only be noticible to the trained-eye who's done a lot of CAS.

    Hint: Links from images go out to the Photobucket pages where I have them hosted, where you'll be able to view much larger versions of the images, which may be required to find the third special equipment, though, knowing where it is, it's also quite easy for me to see even on these smaller images.

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  • DeniseOberg

    just to let you know

    September 25, 2014 by DeniseOberg

    To short things up Ive been away due to a headache problem which kept my time spent online limited, therfor I had no time to come over here. I had to prioritise things above this site. Anyhow, just wanted to check how everyone is and if anything special has happened?

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  • Jayking116

    Has anyone else ever noticed that the weight of some of these people is just straight up ridiculous? Here are just a few examples of some people who you may of never known weighed as much as this person.

    Siegfried (5'6", 50kgs/110lbs) > Hilde (5'3", 50kgs/110lbs) - Siegfried is a whole 3 inches taller than Hilde yet they're the EXACT same weight!! How is this even possible? Siegfried must look like Jack Skellington behind all that armor!

    Natsu (5'5", 52kgs/115lbs) > Xiba (5'5", 51kgs/114lbs) - Okay, I can bypass the whole Siegfried situation but this is just straight up ridiculous... Not only is Xiba way more buff than Natsu is, but they're the exact same height too! This just doesn't make sense! How can someone so buff weigh not only as muc…

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  • Jayking116

    Okay, so. I'm kind of new to this wiki and I've noticed that out of all the encyclopedia's out there that have information on soulcalibur and it's characters. This is the ONLY wiki that seems to treat bonus characters as if they are apart of the actual roster. Well, personally, I don't think they deserve to be because they rarely ever stay for more than one game and don't even get a mention in further games or a wave goodbye (excluding Ashlotte and sort of Angol Fear in BD, but come on. That was obviously a joke. I mean, Yun-seong getting kidnapped by aliens? come on xD)

    I'm mainly referring to the ones in SCIV since I remembered them the most. And don't bother bringing up the whole relationship chart nonsense. Ya know, the one that looks l…

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  • Pm58790

    Future Soul Calibur Game?

    August 30, 2014 by Pm58790

    With Daishi out of the picture for "ruining" Soulcalibur games, it's time to focus what's going to happen next for Soulcalibur series.

    Even though Lost Swords is a critical failure for loading time and lack of ring outs, and Unbreakable Soul recieves a mixed reaction as usual, what is your prediction for the next Soulcalibur game?

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  • DeniseOberg

    Okey so I was speaking to my friend about poking soul edges eye, which this idea isnt about but anyhow, then in that conversation it hit me like gold that there used to be two soul edge blades.

    If I remember right Sophitia destroyed this blade. But if Soul Edge can be reborn like ten times over, why cant this blade be?. Now you remember when I before I left here some weeks ago said I wanted to add my character Gwendolyn? I was thinking she would learn to know about this second soul edge and try revive it. If Mal Elysium finds out about this she might want to obtein that soul edge as well, or get Gwendolyn to join under her command.

    Now Im not a master on the topic so if anyone know if there is a logic reason to why this blade havent been rev…

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  • Nkstjoa

    Greetings, fellow Soulcalibur fans. Ever since I've joined here, I've noticed that a lot of us here have had different ideas of how the next canon Soulcalibur installment would go... many of which we can agree to disagree on. This idea presented here is no exception.

    So disagree as you might, but respectfully I hope, these are the three reasons why I want the next Soulcalibur to be a prequel, as opposed to a sequel.

    I will definitely be updating this, whether it be adding more stuff or clearing up a few things.

    Soulcalibur V took many risks, from replacing some beloved characters with a new cast, certain characters not even getting a mention, and perhaps what I consider the biggest of them all... a conclusion to the endless cycle of conflict …

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  • Insert Rupee


    August 14, 2014 by Insert Rupee

    As one creates and customizes a character, how do you feel they are represented? What shapes their mindset as well as their actions, reactions, speech? What gives your character/creations, their soul?

    I've decided to add what has driven a few of my original characters into creation as well as what currently shapes their mentality.

    I added the character name to the left, and their respective theme to the right. some pages are still in progress while others need to be revised, however, they will be completed eventually.

    Aliyah Ruel Halteese - Theme of Aliyah

    Annebella Williams - Theme of Annebella

    Arrai - Theme of Arrai

    Dawn Larrieux - Theme of Dawn

    E'laura Riga - Theme of E'laura

    Garrett Mulls - Theme of Garrett

    Kusanagi Ky - Theme of Ky

    Raiko - Them…

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  • Pm58790

    Greetings, Soulcalibur fans and members of Soulcalibur wiki. I have a announcement to make.

    The project I made is called Soulcalibur: A Crack in Time. The participants I made so far are Demon Sanya, DeniseOberg, Hyper Zurgling, JackD791, JaseyJaee, JeffreyDante, myself, SoulGauger, and Xlr8rify.

    Anyone who likes to participant in my Quick Battle article, please comment.

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  • DeniseOberg

    I am back :D

    July 27, 2014 by DeniseOberg

    okey so I am back from the con. So what have I missed? Someone who can sum it up for me?

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  • DeniseOberg

    I know maybe most of you already know but just to be on the safe side: I am leaving for four days. I am going on my first con event so yay this is gonna be fun. but Im afraid I wont be able to logg on until sunday. So just telling you to be sure.

    Also, I´ll try think of some ideas for Soul Calibur: Dawn of Destiny while I'm away ^_^ maybe I´ll find inspiration. Take care everyone

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Few games embody the spirit of competition better than fighters; you and your opponent sit down, pick a character, and duke it out to see who's best. And in the process of beating up your friends, it's hard not to have a few favorite characters. Which is your favorite? Ryu from Street Fighter? Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat? Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury?

    We've assembled a massive lineup of the 64 strongest, fastest, most popular fighting game characters ever, to duke it out and see which warrior will emerge the Ultimate Fighting Game Champion!

    There will be rounds of voting until just one fighter is left standing, so be sure to visit Wikia's Games Hub every week and vote in the new rounds! Share this contest on social media to help get more vote…

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  • ExcaliburAlice

    Soooo... a lot of us are participating in making a game called Dawn of Destiny, am i correct? There is a slight problem though, us members never have the time to converse in a giant group, we always post our comments on a blog post at many different times. When someone is in need for help, the others might not be there and you will get a late reply leading to no progress on the actual game. I do not think that we will be able to get together either due to the fact that we are all in different parts of the world and have different time zones. Do any of you members have ideas on how to discuss the game story and that stuff? If not, my i have you guys' emails? ( unless you don't have one ) Thank y'all! :3

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