Battle in the Strait
Battle in the Strait
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The Murakami Navy became famous during Japan's Sengoku jidai. But when the country was united under Toyotomi Hideyoshi and he issued his proclamation against piracy, they were slowly robbed of their power. The final resistance put forth by the Murakami forces of Noujima was met by the Kuki Navy, who had suffered in the past at the hands of the Murakami. Both sides fought fiercely in a series of sea battles. While originally holding the advantage, the Murakami forces of Noujima were eventually pressed back by the Kuki forces. The Kuki forces were backed by Hideyoshi, the effective leader of Japan, and in the end, the Murakami finally yielded.

In the records of this conflict, one can find the name Heishiro Mitsurugi. At the beginning of the conflict, he had supported the Murakami forces.

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