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This page describes Z.W.E.I.'s Battle Style in each of the games in which it appeared.

Soulcalibur V

Z.W.E.I.'s moves are mostly short-ranged, but his E.I.N. attacks are mostly mid range, and also hold juggle potential as they often throw the opponent. However, E.I.N. cannot be summoned repeatedly, and the player must wait 1 second after E.I.N. spawns out to summon him again during combos, the only exception being Z.W.E.I.'s Critical Edge, which will recall E.I.N. to preform the attack regardless of if he is off-screen or in the middle of an attack.

Z.W.E.I. players can hold down the correct button during certain E.I.N. moves to delay E.I.N.'s part of the attack for up to 2 seconds, allowing the player to set up devastating counter hits and combos, with the downside of being left almost completely open during the recovery frames of summoning E.I.N. and setting Z.W.E.I. himself up for the chain. Z.W.E.I.'s "Toughness Contest" (A+G) also allows for a small combo, or allows E.I.N. a free hit if being delayed when the grab connects. Z.W.E.I. also gains SERIOUS momentum during combos and juggles, especially at the wall, where his powerful yet slow attacks cause heavy damage and enough stun to get E.I.N. in for a Critical Edge.

Z.W.E.I.'s main downside other than his short range and 'Cooldown' time on his E.I.N. attacks is his speed, being below average, and as such should be played relatively defensively and take advantage of every counter hit that can be landed, as most allow a long enough stun to begin a small combo at the least. Another downside is that he can't do many decisive combos without Brave Edge/Critical Edge attacks, most of which are also E.I.N. attacks themselves, and yet another being if E.I.N. is Guard Impacted, Z.W.E.I. take the stun, but he should be at a good enough range to (hopefully!) avoid anything too bad.

Overall, Z.W.E.I. is a slow and somewhat powerful character, with high combo ability, and most likely ranks low to mid-tier, possibly high if played correctly.

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