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The Apprentice is a mix between Darth Vader and Yoda. He is almost as fast as Yoda but aggressive as Darth Vader. Using the lightsaber fighting style of Sith Shien, the Apprentice uses the Force in many of his very damaging combos. His Force Lightning is one of the worst unblockable attacks in the game as it takes up a long time to charge up (long enough for him to say "give up" in Japanese), uses up half of the Force bar and does not deal that much damage. The Apprentice is also capable of using Force Levitation to decimate his opponents in mid-air. Force Levitation can be activated manually or after performing the Star Divide or Force Blast, the latter being a Force-consuming guard break attack. He is best played as an aggressive fighter who does not give his opponent any time to recover. He is considered by the tournament community as a mid tier character.

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