A custom character using the Staff Discipline.

This page describes Staff Battle Style in each of the games in which it appeared

Soulcalibur III

The Staff discipline makes use of an "extendable" staff; this otherwise makes its moveset one of the more eccentric yet unpredictable ones around. It partially concentrates on using simple and combined hand movements and gyrations which, unfortunately, is justified with dealing minimal damage. However, these combos can be stretched to long-range combos with the staff, if the corresponding buttons are pressed and held down, instead of letting go of them quickly. It should be said, however, that most of the combos take a delay time to be executed; this becomes the ultimate Achilles' heel of the user. On the one hand, a dramatic increase in damage compensates for this.

Some moves are notedly borrowed from Street Fighter character Chun-Li. (This may be in reference to Hualin's uncanny resemblance with said character.) Otherwise, the other moves are borrowed from Soulcalibur veterans Seong Mi-na and Kilik.

The Staff discipline is represented by the Shopkeeper Hualin, and is exclusively found in the Saint, Monk, and Sage classes. Saint character use the staff by default, but to be accessible to Monks and Sages, players must level 10 and 20 times (respectively) with them.


  • The weapon and style itself is inspired by the Monkey King Sun Wukong, most notably in the fact that the staff can change its size and shape. The original weapon's name is the "Ruyi Jingu Bang" ("如意金箍棒" which roughly translates to "the obedient gold-hooped staff" or "the as-you-will golden-hooped cudgel"). In turn, the weapon's original name and design is shown in the Jingu Staff normally used by Kilik and Xiba. Such a weapon is used by characters inspired by the Monkey King such as:
    • Son Goku from "Dragon Ball"
    • The Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi from "Naruto" (his summon Enma transforms into the staff)

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