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Spawn vs Talim

Spawn's cape can take the form of any object he has in mind, and to fight in this era he chose the form of a double-edged axe, known as "Agony". The cape itself is like an extension of his own limbs, and every weapon he uses is actually his cape mimicking the real weapon. Since it's like a part of himself, the weapon accommodates him perfectly. Due to the weapon, he has a small-medium range. He can also use his Necroplasm in a Fire Ball form on both the ground and in the air. He can also levitate, which he can also use another move such as: a kick, his axe or a necroplasm fireball.
SoulCalibur II Xbox Spawn's Command List06:54

SoulCalibur II Xbox Spawn's Command List

This would later inspire the Miser's Battle Style.

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