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This page describes Raphael's Battle Style in each of the games in which he appeared.

Soulcalibur II

In Soul Calibur ll, Raphael's style is called "La Rapière des Sorel". This style is very graceful and somewhat dancer-like. He mostly attacks the enemy with quick attacks that sometimes involve multiple hits. Many of Raphael's strikes are vertical which can be a slight disadvantage, as the opponent can side-step and easily avoid the attack. However, Raphael does have many differing moves that can confuse a player unaccustomed to his swift style.

Soulcalibur III

In Soul Calibur lll, Raphael's style is still known as "La Rapière des Sorel". His gameplay remains largely unchanged as he still uses quick, generally vertical strikes to wear down the opponent. He does however gain different stances that can help to perplex the opponent. During one of these stances known as "Vurkolak Envelopment", Raphael gains a new throw move and many other stirikes. However since Raphael uses mostly vertical strikes, experienced players will easily evade thus putting Raphael at a disadvantage.

Soulcalibur III: Arcade Edition

Same as Soulcalibur III.

Soulcalibur IV

In Soul Calibur lV, Raphael's style is still known as "La Rapière des Sorel". His style changes noticebly as he now has the ability to confuse the opponent even more since his stances have more options to extend into. Still using his signature swift strikes, Raphael can switch into his "Preparation" stance and use many different attacks to gain an advantage over the opponent. He also gains a move that allows him to teleport around the enemy known as "Strigoii Envelopment". This can be very useful when used effectively. As always, Raphael's style can leave him vunerable to retaliation.

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Soulcalibur V

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