Pyrrha mcm expo tournament
This page describes Pyrrha's Battle Style in each of the games in which she appeared.

Soulcalibur V

Pyrrha uses a small sword and a shield, both Sophitia's. Her fighting style is similar to the style of her Mother, with some attacks borrowed from Cassandra too. Due to Pyrrha's past and current status, she has less violent attacks than that of her Mother, some attacks causing much damage, others less. Although Pyrrha's fighting style is similar to her Mothers, her combos are unique (like 4B, 66B+ABK, 22B+ABK, or 22K, 236236ABK) and her Mother would not be able to perform them, this is a factor that makes her style unique and different from her mothers. Also, in battle, Pyrrha doesn't want to hurt the opponent, an is weary to fight. She hides behind her shield while performing some attacks in an effort to protect herself from any damage. She sometimes complains that she is scared to fight, or doesn't want to hurt anyone else (unlike Pyrrha Ω), she mostly finishes attacks by saying "I'm sorry". In all, Pyrrha is a quick character who can cause great damage with her combos, but she is let down by attacks that are easy to dodge/block and her weariness in battle.

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